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no retail, just web or phone orders, sorry.


found it! its caled juliet mae, she is located in the presidio.


there is a new herb/spice store in the presidio, cannot recall the name but run by a very nice woman.

Boccalone salumi tasting (what'd you think?)

the head cheese with the pickled onions is called coppa di testa

Feedback on Mecca in SF?

2 of us dined at Mecca about 2 weeks ago. We shared the foie gras, baked oysters and a raw fish appetizer- all were good but the foie seemed over cooked and was not cheap- $24. I had "last nights red wine braised short ribs" $24, good but not as good as my partners filet-$36, the filet was the winning dish of the night- perfect. I had a glass of wine and my partner had a cocktail, it was an expensive meal, $162! I would not rush back as there are better places to spend almost $200 with tip. Eating at Mecca feels very 1980's but it was a busy sunday evening and the bar was packed.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Incanto on Church Street in Noe Valley is doing their annual "Feast of the 7 fishes" dinner, cost is $75/per the link follows:

Make your own Bloody Mary bars in the Bay Area?

Elixer aka jacks elixer does a sunday bloody mary bar, its located on guererro at 16th.

russian river dining suggestions?

since my last post was deleted due to an honest opinion, i still recommend The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville and The Applewood Inn in Guerneville. I would avoid K&L. (is that better moderators?)

Lambs' kidneys

Try Prather Ranch at the ferry building.

Incanto, SF report w/ pics

That was not the mystery flight, it was the Piedmont flight and it is $18.00 just to clarify.

Mission and Castro Area

We went to Sumi for the last time quite a while ago- food has gone way downhill, cute place, affordable prices but awful food.

seeking lark creek steak feedback

there are several reviews on, lark creek is open 7 days for lunch and dinner the menu is on the web site.

westfield centre. the horror. but korean food!

It was worth the price, we had the grilled gruyere with black trumpet mushrooms and truffle oil- yum, and the hot coppa with roasted pork and onion confit- yum. It is not a place to go if worried about cost. 2 sandwiches and 2 bottles of water were around $24. with tax, not cheap, but i am not eating there everyday either. tom colicchio was there also.

HORRIBLE experience @ Bar Crudo

Delfina has alot more seats than Bar Crudo and they always hold a few tables for VIP's and regulars even when they say they are fully booked. but what a nice touch to send you something when you go back.

Chicken Fried Steak in SF

Orphan Andy's diner in the Castro has excellent, cheap favorite breakfast in town.

offal and game meats in sf

you can dine solo at the bar at incanto, there are many offal dishes on the menu now including a grilled lamb trio with heart, liver and kidney and tripe with orange and tomato. they are serving roasted lamb neck with polenta also. good luck.

Liverpool Lil's not open until 1 am as advertised

Craving one of those "club burgers" we treked across town lastnight to Liverpool Lil's on Lyon near the Presidio. Knowing they were open late we even checked their website to make sure. It clearly states they serve until 1 am. Well when we arrived at 11 they told us the kitchen was closed. The waitress said they started closing at 11 on sundays and mondays...humm... i called this morning and spoke to a manager and he said they started doing this about 5 months ago so be warned. He also stated he didnt agree with the decision and apologized but we wont be back. Just thought i'd pass it along....