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Manhattan restaurants with great bar areas

Triomphe in The Iroquois Hotel on 44th street has a great bar area with big tables you can sit at and have a nice drink and some nibbles

2 days ago
carlylecat in Manhattan

Keens Steak House, NYC

I eta there once a week for lunch - perfectly reliable, great food, solid service, don't know about the wine list because I don't drink at lunch but impressive bottles seem to be on those tables who do imbibe....really cant go wrong - the mutton chop is HUMUNGOUS

Apr 15, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

Wolf & Subzero

They only hire people with the first name of Richard?

Apr 15, 2014
carlylecat in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Italian in midtown east or upper east side?

Il Gattopardo on 54th Street

Apr 14, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

Tavern on the Green accepting reservations

Very odd - I was able to make one yesterday


You're dining at Tavern on the Green!

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Date: Friday, April 25, 2014
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Tavern on the Green
1 Tavern on the Green New York, NY 10023
Cross Street: Central Park West between 66th St & 67th St
(212) 877-8684

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--- A Message from Tavern on the Green ---

Thank you for choosing Tavern on the Green.

Please be reminded that have a 15-minute hold policy. We hold tables for 15 minutes past the reservation time. In the event you are running late, please call the restaurant at 212.877.8684 so your reservation may be updated.

Should your plans change, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.

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Apr 08, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

Tavern on the Green accepting reservations

Opening Thursday April 24th - 30 day advance res from open table and link from the TOTG web site - what was the Crystal Room is now called the central Park Room

Apr 07, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week April 4- 13

Had the $30.14 1 1/2 Lb broioled lobster w/ shrimp cocktail and desert (key lime pie) at Rooney's on Saturday night

Great lobster, shrimp cocktail was ok, desert was great - service was fun,efficient and and relaxed

I know it is far from one of us 'hounders favorite places but this was a good value and the view is still the biggest attraction here

Placed was packed to the walls, we went early (6 PM) and there was a line out the door when we left

Apr 07, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

good, cool reasonably priced place not too far from penn station to eat and hang out

Mooncake Foods on 30th street between 7th and 8th - definitely for that age group "comfort" Asian food - awesome food - hip locale - good music - $16 dinner specials

Mar 26, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

La Grenouille owner Charles Masson splits from restaurant

Heading there next Wednesday night - will report any obvious changes

Mar 26, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

Wedding Reception in Jersey

Best wedding/event last year for us was Beacon Hill Country Club www.beaconhillcc.org

amazing views of NYC right in Monmouth County

Jan 30, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Private Party for 40-50ppl Monmouth County

second on Christine's - sausage egg rolls are amazing - what a great spot if you could have it to yourself - and a byob to boot - we did a private thing like that at Anna';s Kitchen in red bank a few years back that was great as well

Jan 16, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Private Party for 40-50ppl Monmouth County

we went to a private birthday dinner at beacon hill country club in Atlantic Highlands in November - about 60 people - it was tremendous - the chef cooked eggplant rollatini and veal saltimbocca - not a BYOB but our friend said it was competitive to having it at local restaurants - and we had a gorgeous room all to ourselves and there was not a rush to move us out - we all sat around over coffee for hours talking about stories of the birthday girl - my wife booked our daughters sweet sixteen there right afterward I think the lady who helped us is Katheryn


Jan 16, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Four Seasons Restaurant??

The duck is wonderful - as are all of the old "continental cuisine" standbys (the caviar service is perfect, steak au poivre done with a flair, duck carved tableside, etc.) it just seems old - the cotton candy surprise ending is so old it is new again, but very refined dining -not the buzz or the flash of other NYC institutions (Grenouille, or Luger's) but a very solid very predictable meal with attentive if not a bit gruff service that is well worth trying if you have never been

Jan 13, 2014
carlylecat in Manhattan

Dinner contract includes 22% gratuity

In absolutes (either accept or decline) or in a discussion like I did in the above example?

Jan 08, 2014
carlylecat in Not About Food

Dinner contract includes 22% gratuity

it was the restaurant owner/chef's wife

Jan 06, 2014
carlylecat in Not About Food

Dinner contract includes 22% gratuity

restaurant agreed to 20% on food and 10% on wine - the server just lost about $60 (10% on 6 bottles of wine @ $100 each) - I would have agreed to 20% on everything - the 22% number just rubbed me the wrong way - thank you for pointing out that you would not have been affected by it - I will make sure the server gets the extra dollars - just did not like the automatic extra tip

Jan 06, 2014
carlylecat in Not About Food

Dinner contract includes 22% gratuity

Just asked for a reservation at a restaurant for a group of 15 - they wanted a credit card form filled out in advance to hold the reservation- no problem with that - they asked for a $200 cancellation fee 24 hours in advance - ok with that - then in the small print it says a gratuity of 22% will be added to the bill - I have never seen that - I have seen 18% and normally up that to 20% but has anyone seen an establishment ask for a 22% service charge?

I am awaiting a response from the manager - I have requested a reduction to 18% on food and 10% on beverages - normally I would have paid 20% on everything but think they are being obnoxious asking for 22% - what do you think?

Jan 06, 2014
carlylecat in Not About Food

Blue Willow Cafe and MarketPlace - New Vernon

We have been going here for breakfast for the past year every odd Sunday - the place is unusually bright and clean with warm polished farmhouse paneling and country tables and chairs and a huge high ceiling that makes a comfortably sized room feel spacious.

Breakfast has always been good - highlighted by home made sausage patties and on site made jams and fresh juices and different coffee offerings. Basic fare but some interesting gluten free offerings (french toast and pancakes) which help a friend we eat there occasionally with.

They have been promoting dinner service on Wed to Sunday night and we tried it for the first time on Friday.

It is BYOB and we brought a nice bottle of cab - the wine glasses were stubby thick affairs - but our server opened up our bottle pleasantly and served us some great warm home made bread and water immediately. Room was about half full but we showed up at 9 PM - they said they were full earlier and the stay open and serve until 9:30.

Menu special was a Prime Rib, and they had Salmon fish tacos on the nightly menu - we ordered both as well as a greek salad to start along with a special appetizer of red peppers and asparagus served with a caeser dipping sauce.

The appetizer of peppers and asparagus was bright and fresh, the asparagus snapped fresh and the roasted red peppers were wrapped around them - food was tasty and fun - caeser was tangy but seemed bottled and we probably would have preferred a ranch dip but it was fun to have something different.

The Greek salad was dressed with a tangy red wine vinaigrette - ample kalamata olives, onions and feta, cherry tomatoes and chopped romaine - it was substantive but not too large - it was done very well.

The prime rib special was HUGE, cooked just as ordered, medium rare and accompanied with fresh string beans, mash potatoes and a horseradish sauce. It was perfect and there was more than enough to make a second meal when we brought it home later.

The Salmon tacos were even larger than the prime rib - Two huge salmon steaks were placed inside huge burrito sized flour taco shells and mixed with pea shoots and black beans, not enough to smother the fish , just enough to compliment it. sour cream and a mild bottled based salsa were served along side. The fish was firm and seemed very fresh, roasted with just some salt and pepper on top, it was great on its own and fun to roll up in the huge shell mixed with the sides.

We passed on desert and coffee as it was getting late but we never felt rushed, they brought us cookies and to our surprise a pint of mushroom soup the said would go great with the left over prime rib the next day (they were right!).

Overall a very nice BYO experience in a very friendly environment - we will go many more times to come. The bill amounted to $58 before tax and tip.

Nov 26, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

Good place for a breakfast meeting?

The Hyatt 48 Lex has a great breakfast and is right there, tables are big and have space so you can have a conversation - if she needs a "power scene" - The Brasserie is on 100 E 53rd street -

Oct 29, 2013
carlylecat in Manhattan

Great Caterer for Rehearsal Dinner

Karen at My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach - she is amazing, has catered for Oprah and The Pope - doesn't get better than that

Oct 08, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

La Grenouille vs. Daniel

And Brian the barman is a hoot!

LG +1

Sep 27, 2013
carlylecat in Manhattan

Best "old" school S.F. restaurant

Bix - Harris' - Tadich - Boulevard - Farralon

Sep 27, 2013
carlylecat in San Francisco Bay Area

Casual Italian with Good Food

Il Mondo Vechio in Madiosn

Sep 10, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

Most embarassing dinner party story

Some years back my best friend started dating a new girl, they were having a large dinner party to celebrate her birthday and my pal asked me to bring over a six pack of wine he was storing in my wine cellar.

Party was for 7 PM at the new girl's house and I turned up at 6:45 with the wine in my hand - her mother opened the door, took a look at me, without saying a word took the wine from me, thanked me for the delivery and shut the door upon me.

Upon ringing the bell again, she opened the door and asked me what I wanted, I explained I was her daughter beau's best friend and was actually staying for dinner - she laughed with embarrassment and said she thought I was the delivery person - she and I did not get along very much after I asked her if she did think I was the delivery person - why I was not worthy of a tip!

Sep 03, 2013
carlylecat in Not About Food

Some Sad News re: Joe from BAT:

Wow - quite a shock, I think we were all waiting to hear different news that he opened a new place here, not up in heaven - oh my, they will be eating great short ribs for a long time up there....

Aug 13, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

Authentic Mexican within 15 miles of Scotch Plains?


Aug 09, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

3 new seabright restaurants: Beach Burgers Grill, Billy G's bistro and Even Tide

Chuck McQuillan who owns Navesink Marina and is a partner in the eventide grille bought the old motel and restaurant that was Merriman's, Algarve and then Philomina's - they have rehabbed the motel and the outdoor deck tiki bar - from what I understand the restaurant may not open for quite some time as he is looking for an operator for that.

The old Quay is owned by a plastic surgeon I can not remember his name right now but when I met him last year he was interested in primarily operating the rental slips of the marina and waiting to flip the property ... since the storm I am sure that plan has changed quite a bit

Aug 08, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

3 new seabright restaurants: Beach Burgers Grill, Billy G's bistro and Even Tide

I went to Alice's for breakfast this past weekend.

Very nicely done, clean and comfortable, server was pleasant.

didn't spend much time looking at the menu as it was 6:30 and I was looking for a quick meal. - Had egg whites scrambled and wheat toast - the toast was fink thin bread, the eggs came on a large plate with both potatoes and fruit. The potatoes were the standout item, crunchy and complete with fried onions.

Good choice, certainly an upgrade from Steve's - I will go back

Aug 08, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

Christine's Atlantic Highlands NJ (Old AMA location)

Went to Christine's on Friday night with another couple - the egg roll is amazing - all of the food was served in HUMUNGOUS portions - veal chop was the size of the spare tire in my daughter's Prius

Veal Milanese was expertly done and could have served all four of us. Pastas were fine if not remarkable.

Service was solid, food was good if not great, price was incredible reasonable ($55 per head for (3) shared appetizers -egg roll, eggplant rollatini and tuna special over arugula (3) three entrees (ladies spilt a pasta, veal chop and a veal milanese) 4 deserts - tartufu for all and 4 coffee/espressos)

Heading back this week for another try

Jul 30, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey

Favorite Defunct Monmouth County Restaurant

His company is doing the renovation of our building and he has been incredibly visible, friendly, helpful and is really a unique and engaging individual.

Glad you have had the same experience I have.

Jul 24, 2013
carlylecat in New Jersey