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Tommys Tavern + Tap in Sea Bright

Limited menu right now - the PLACE IS HUGE and very comfortable - plans for an outdoor tiki bar on the river are in the works, food was ok, drinks the same - could be something very special....had a burger and a coors light ... not incredibly challenging but it was good, people were excited to be there, saw lots of friends trying it out as well

Jul 30, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Birthday dinner with "wow factor" within 30 minutes of Long Branch?

Mr. C's in Oceanport - best beach view in NJ

Jul 21, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

AMA- worst meal and worst experience EVER- anywhere in the world!

In the Driftwood Cabana Club on Ocean Ave in Sea Bright - it used to occupy the space that now houses Christine's on First Ave in Atlantic Highlands and moved there a few years ago (the small to big comment referenced above)

Jun 12, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Pat La Frieda vs NYC steak houses

oh - new thought - should I put a salamander in my new kitchen at my house - I have never seen one in anyone's home - thoughts?

Mar 20, 2015
carlylecat in Manhattan

Nicoletta Pizzeria, Bernardsville

Thanks I agree - I think it is a winner but amazing see there is so much pizza around- thanks for the heads up on the caesar will try that next - had the eggplant rollatini on Sunday and thought it was outstanding

Jan 28, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Nicoletta Pizzeria, Bernardsville

Here is the menu

Jan 16, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Nicoletta Pizzeria, Bernardsville

I think there is liquor and it comes from OM - definitely not BYOB

OM and the pizzeria are connected by a hallway and a private dining room that holds about 20 people

Jan 15, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Nicoletta Pizzeria, Bernardsville

I ate there last night - it has been open all this week - the pizza is very good - I stopped in and ordered and went to the OM bar and had a drink and they brought in my to go pizza to me right at the bar in about ten minutes or so....very reminiscent of the pizza that osterio marinni use to serve, the tomato sauce is chunky, the cheese very thick and well done, the crust is doughy but crisp , they serve 2 sandwiches including chkn parm and also have salad, meatballs and sausage on the menu as appetizers - I took a menu home and will take a photo and post

Jan 15, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Bernards Inn Winter Menu

Thx - going to jockey hollow in two weeks and looking forward to postinmg

Jan 14, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

DQ that serves burgers?

I have had several over the last 25+ years, never seen one in NJ but they have a really charcoal taste to them, relatively thick patty and sweet yellow mustard, would not stand up to shake shack or even 5 guys by any stretch of the imagination

Jan 14, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Ridgewood restaurant week

Looking forward to your Latour review

Jan 14, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Bernards Inn Winter Menu

Went Friday night and was just blown away by the food, service and overall experience.

Just 2 of us, started with our usual cocktails and received an amuse of pickled beets with macadamia nuts, interesting combination that I had never tried before and it worked quite well.

The wonderful other had the suckling pig appetizer with coconut puree, pineapple, semolina polenta, cashew and cilantro; she shared and it was really good.

I was much more decadent and had the foie gras appetizer, it was two types of foie Gras, on one side of the plate there were two small pieces of seared foie gras and on the other side one big jar of pate served with pickled veg, prickly pear & citrus marmalade they gave me small garlicky cristinis to spread all of this rich velvety goodness all over, I needed more quickly and they brought them just in time! - it was just an amazing way to start a dinner - thank God, or I guess Pfizer for Lipitor!

For dinner the other had the chicken pot pie, which was ingeniously served as a roasted french cut chicken breaston one side of the plate served next to an amazing little crust topped pie that had rich chunks of dark meat and root vegetables in a winter beating country gravy that we finished eating watching football yesterday.

After the foie gras I went for the duck which had a maple glaze and was served with pomegranate and a foie gras sauce! Talk about over the top!!!

Too much for desert but we had coffee and they brought some cookies and candies at the end of our meal. I had a glass of wine with each course that the server helped me choose from a list of about 50 wines by the glass.

All in all a great start to 2015 fine dining - one of the richest and more fun dinners we have had in a while, the "scene" was pretty cool as the round bar area was packed and the piano player started singing around 9:15 accompanied by another gentleman with a french horn. We could have listened to them all night, we were in the other room from the music but it was still great to listen and enjoy ourselves, no one rushed us out and they would have let us stay but we ended up leaving when they took a break.

$165 with tax and tip and worth every penny.

Jan 12, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Monmouth County - Best of Last Year?

Soft Shell Crab Meuniere - Angelica's Sea Bright
Italian Egg Roll - Christine's Atlantic Highlands
Spicy Alaska King Crab Legs - Woody's Sea Bright
Barber's Reserve Cheddar Cheese - Nicholas Middletown
Kung Pao Lobster, Fromagerie, Rumson
Duck Confit, Avenue, Long Branch

Jan 06, 2015
carlylecat in New Jersey

Morristown - Blue morel or Jockey Hollow for First Night

Blue Morrel good food but not very exciting - Jockey Hollow new and exciting, not even a fair question right now -

Dec 31, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Ryland Inn in the last year?

Yes twice - once before Craig and once before - the before was a night the lights went out and they handle "crises dining" quite well - the food was exceptional in both occurrences, the reservation holding was disappointing in both - both had 8:30 reservations and did not get seated until well after 9 PM, once after 9:30 - totally inexcusable...the dining room is quite comfortable and the servers knowledgeable - I would recommend highly

Dec 22, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Late Night Sea Bright / Highlands

Sea Bright Pizza was closed up tight at 11 as I drove past - Barnacles seems like the answer -what abuo0t dive in sea bright? - windmill closes at 9 PM

Nov 18, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Late Night Sea Bright / Highlands

Was driving home late from the airport and was starving - passed through Sea Bright and Highlands on the way to Monmouth Beach - I noticed Dive looked open - does anyone know if they serve food after 11 PM? Web site infers they do and no one picks up the phone...

Ended up at 7/11 and got a banana and some chips - does anyone know if anyone serves food after 11 on weeknights around there?

Nov 14, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen

anyone been?

Oct 20, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Jersey City suggestions

Great sushi just a few steps away at Honshu

Sep 29, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Sea Bright Fish Co.

Stopped in last night at 7:45 – never tried before and was a bit taken back by how unbelievably poor the décor was, cement flooring and odd wall fixtures, hard metal chairs and tables. Big blackboards on the wall and an unlit dismal looking deli case dominated the room.

As we stood agape, not really sure we were going to stay, we were greeted by an incredibly cheery and very good looking young woman who told us to make ourselves comfortable wherever we would like. She said she would take our order in just a minute or two as she was about to run some orders out from the kitchen.

My wife and I looked at each other and nodded, silently agreeing that wow, was that refreshing and candid. It was so well done that despite the impossible directive to become comfortable in this clean but stark environment we sat down and strained our necks at the menu boards. One board was full of standard fried seafood on one side (clams, oysters, shrimp, flounder, combo) offered as a platter or sandwich ($12 to $22) and then side and other dishes to the right including fries, onion rings, clams, shrimp cocktail and a lobster roll.

The other board was really hard to see so we had to stand up and stand by the counter to review the salmon, mahi mahi, soft shell crabs, swordfish and scallops. Most were listed as broiled with summer vegetables.

We watched as food was served in baskets to the three other tables. Once they were settled, our new favorite server came by with plastic cups of tap water and ice and took our order of a fried shrimp platter and a broiled mahi-mahi.

I popped out to the liquor store next store and grabbed a bottle of wine and was back before my spouse finished up her post work email on her iPhone. I returned to find a chilled wine sleeve and two very acceptable wine glasses on the table and poured two glasses while we watched the enterprise at work.

The kitchen is hidden behind a wall with the only glimpse from the dining room showing shelving holding pantry items. A gentleman behind the table was constantly working on writing things down on pads and a notebook. He answered the phone and took a phone order or two and constantly asked the server questions about what she had logged on pads that he stared at. A small lcd TV on the back wall showed the pre-season Eagles-Steelers game and we actually relaxed and enjoyed ourselves for a few minutes before our food baskets arrived.

The food looked great – the mahi-mahi was glistening with seasoning and the mix of onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, green beans and asparagus that surrounded the fish created a bright and colorful palate. The fried basket was divided into a heaping stack of deep brown 16 count shrimp on one side and a bunch of golden brown French fries.

The food tasted even better than it looked. The mahi was surprisingly cooked perfectly, moist and tasty, no fishy taste or odor, and the vegetables seemed “Flash sautéed” and seasoned just right so they snapped in your mouth and had just enough salt to produce a little smile on my face. The shrimp were expertly fried, just enough to make the batter crunchy, but still leaving the shrimp moist and seemingly fresh.

While we ate a slow stream of 3 or 4 take out patrons came through as our server stopped by often asking if we needed more tartar sauce or lemon while bringing us replacement glasses of iced tap water. We ate quickly, sharing a taste of each to more how much we enjoyed both dishes. As our plates were taken away we sat back and watched the TV, chatted and finished up our wine - kindly declining a pass at desert when offered.

The total bill before tip was $33 and we loved the food and the service. The interior design is horrendous though and not being a big fan of take away seafood we will really have to be in the mood to come back. But we will be back; the food was good enough and the server was nice enough to make us follow that play.

Aug 22, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Restaurant / Hall for 100-125 headcount for a 1 year old birthday

Aug 20, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

North Beach grille in Long Branch

Agree with fershore - been eating here for years, very functional, when Gary owned it we liked it better - but the outside tables for a sunday brunch when the weather is fine is a great alternative to pier village - the weekday early morning (6;30 am) crowd is extremely interesting - former local mayor and food service owner and crew of about 6 guys talking daily events - very entertaining if you want to listen in on some local color - would be my third call in the area after My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach and Alice's Kitchen in Sea Bright

Aug 19, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

mccloones rum runner was just leveled

Zero percent interest loan for 2 years to support improvements plus "working capital needs"....this was done under the Stronger NJ Business grant from the EDA...specifically designated for small business (defined as restaurant companies having less than $7.5 million in annual revenue ) to promote job Mr. McCloone's 10 restaurants qualify as a small business seems confounding - they would have to average less than $2,000 a day in gross revenue ... just makes it harder for smaller restaurants to compete when the taxpayers are funding the big guys, especially when we lend them free money for working capital...

mccloones rum runner was just leveled

McLoone’s Given OK To Rebuild Sea Bright Restaurant

By: Chris Sheldon Published: April 14, 2014

"A loan from the Economic Development Authority will allow the restaurant to be rebuilt at a cost of between $3 million and $4 million" to rebuild Tim McCloone's

Your tax dollars at work


was $100 tax and tip included for 2 people, brought our own wine

Jul 23, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey


Did a Yumi stint last night - place was packed - on a Monday - Crazy Tuna roll was almost perfect - spicy tuna outside of rice with cucumber and seared tuna inside, had the miso black cod that was brilliant and finished with a large plate of sushi - yellow tail, shrimp and tuna.

Jul 22, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Friday night dinner @ My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach

We had dinner at My Kitchen Witch on Friday night - the place was packed and we were thankful we had a reservation as a large group of people were waiting outside when we arrived - we were seated right away, inside the restaurant as we thought it was too clod to sit out, but those tables were all occupied... - Dinner menu included an appetizer, entrée and dessert - choice of Carrot Ginger Soup or Beefsteak Tomato w/ Mozzarella for a starter, Flank Steak or Crab cakes for a main and Strawberry Shortcake or Chocolate Brownie for desert.

The Soup was amazing, served cold it was full of flavor and was really refreshing. The Tomatoes were big and ripe and the salad large from a portion perspective.

Both the flank steak and the crab cakes were served with sides of asparagus, brown rice as well as sweet potato "fries" that were no fried but baked, long thick strips of potato were flavorful and a top discussion point around dinner. Two of us had the crab cakes which again were not fried, very healthy they had a seed type crust with huge chunks of fresh lump meat inside. The flank steak was served medium as ordered and had a hint of a tangy citrus and tomato glaze.

The deserts were nice and freshly made, but nothing outrageous. Coffee was hot and STRONG, finished off the meal nicely.

The ambience was exciting and fun, not a romantic eatery but certainly a good night out after the work week. mostly couples in their 40's and some families.

Dinner was $25 per person and we brought a special magnum of cabernet that we all enjoyed! Tax, tip and all in at $130 for a dinner for four, really good!

Jul 14, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Private party for 50-60 people in Monmouth County

Beacon Hill Country Club in Atlantic Highlands, big outdoor deck with views of NYC Skyline

Jun 30, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Delicious Hot-Dog's, Southside Johnny & Charity for the Food Bank....a great day at the Jersey Shore !!!!

No idea on the tech stuff - looking forward to stopping by on Friday and see if a crowd draws here

May 21, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey

Woody's In Sea Bright

It was a special - came with two legs cut up into sections and was $17.95

May 12, 2014
carlylecat in New Jersey