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The wonderful "Le Saint Amour" in Culver City reportedly (hopefully just temporarily!) closed

just revivng this old thread. any updates? St. amour was our favorite spot to sit outside, drink wine, and take our time with life. Have not yet found a replacement for it.

Sep 16, 2012
blantant in Los Angeles Area

San Juan, Puerto Rico report

Tasca el Pescador next to the Plaza del Mercado, a traditional farmers’ market. Looks touristy because of the tacky Henekin logos plastered outside, but restaurant was packed with locals. This is the best food i had in San Juan. Fresh fish entrees, delicious sides like the yucca frita. Highly recommended.

As for the Worst restauruant-- i also HATED La Mallorquina. Just aweful in every way possible. ?No idea why it was even mentioned in an NYtimes article.