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Salem MA seafood [moved from Site Talk board]

Almost forgot a place called the Lobster Shanty....

Salem MA seafood [moved from Site Talk board]

Try a place called Dubes on Jefferson ave. If you need to stay downtown it will not be cheap. Finz and Capt's are good but expensive..... For lobster try a place called the anchor pub and grille just over the border in Beverly, MA.

Going to Blue Ginger

wow thanks for the responses.... I will post again and let all know what I think

Going to Blue Ginger

I have reservations for dinner at Blue Ginger (Ming Tsai Restaurant). I am very excited, just wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions. Thanks!

Blue Ginger
583 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482

Dinner near Fenway

to clarify Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar

Dinner near Fenway

I second Island Creek Oyster Bar or Publick House. both not cheap but very close to Fenway Park. Show up early and have fun!!!!

Fenway Park
82 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA 02215

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

healthy/light dinner in Salem

I agree with the others that 62 on wharf has great food with a nice small plate menu. Also nearby is Capts which has a lot of grilled seafood selections that are excellent. checkout the website @

Weekend in Boston with kids

Great reply ... Kids always love Pizzeria Regina and I also recommend Penang!
Maybe China Pearl could be good for you in the Chinatown area.

Adriatic - North Shore gem - Italian/Continental - talk it up!

I am also a big fan of dining on the north shore. Love 62 on wharf ... I live in Salem so I have walked by the Adriatic, maybe my wife and I will stop in an try it some time. Thanks for the tip

North Shore (ish) recommendations

I agree with the others .... Ready to help but too many options. However I would recommend hopping on Route 1 north lets say near the wakefield/saugus line starting at the Kowloon. Lots of choices and quality restaurants there further north.

Sundrop appearance

FYI,this product should be available in all Shaws/Star Markets. I work for Shaws and Sundrop is on promotion I believe for the next couple of weeks. It is distributed through Polar Beverages.I tried it and also felt that it was lighter and refreshing than it competitors!

North Shore rehersal dinner ideas?

I had my rehearsal dinner at Capt.'s Waterfront Grill in Salem. Everybody had a great time from young to old and land lovers too.(filet mignon) Nice view of Salem Harbor, ask for access to the 2nd floor deck area.

Pho/Good Vietnamese on North Shore?

Try Sugarcane on main st. in peabody. they are not strictly vietnamese but I have had great pho and vermicelli dishes there. I highly recommend this restaurant.

May openings and closings

Santarpio's in peabody cool... did not hear about this where abouts?

June openings and closings

Does anybody know anything about a new restaurant on Walnut st. in Peabody. Drove by it looks now open, it used to be an excellent portugese restaurant called O Fado. I think it is now a Brazillian Steakhouse.

Help me find a GOOD Bakery on the North Shore

Wow thanks all.... looks like I will have to try A&J King Bakery ,here in my hometown of Salem.... I will be heading there soon..... to be continued........

Decent place to eat/drink on Rte. 1 in the Saugus area?

I have been to Jimmy's several times and I highly recommend it. I also like the Border Cafe just after the Kowloon. ( they moved) They make the best margaritas.... yummm!!!

Help me find a GOOD Bakery on the North Shore

Just came back from a vacation in Europe and I could not believe how much better fresh baked bread is there.So I am curious if others have noticed this difference as well. Does anyone know of any really good bakeries around the Salem, MA area? I am specifically looking for european style bakeries and ones that focus on bread and not pasteries. I am a big fan of the italian pastry shoppes in the north end, but thats not what I am looking for here. Thanks for the help.....

Best sushi in Boston?

I agree with others .... its all about Fugakayu in Coolidge Corner.... trust me it is fantastic