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ISO buffalo wings around Som/Camb/Med

Thanks for the suggestions...ended up at Wings Over Somerville and both of us thought the wings were above average at the least. Tried mine with the level 4 hot sauce. It was hot but not super hot...will try the level 5 next time. Fries were ok but didn't travel well in those containers.

Indian (Goa) restaurants?

Looking specifically for Goanese Indian restaurants in and around Boston (say within rte 128). Does anyone have any recommendations?

ISO buffalo wings around Som/Camb/Med

Looking for decent wings in this general area...willing to go to Malden as well. Don't want breaded wings...just traditional and very hot.


Open kitchen restuarants?

Thanks folks. I'll add these to our list. Where is Sportello located?

Open kitchen restuarants?

Looking for input as to what Camb/Som/Med/Boston/JP restaurants have open kitchens. I know that EVOO is one but I'm having trouble coming up with others. It doesn't have to be a specific cuisine or price point. Lately, I've become enamored with actually seeing what the kitchen is doing with my food. Call me a nervous nellie but sometimes I wonder what really happens back there...

Valentine's Suggestions?

You could check out Sandrine's, EVOO, Radius and Dante's.

New Year's Eve

Same to you.

Sandrine's, Radius come to mind but staying home is probably not a bad idea either.

Help! Help! Help!

Glad you took my advice Birdy30 and that you enjoyed your time there...

Help! Help! Help!

The Hardcover is a little up RT.1. They are decent for what you're looking for. Shouldn't be super busy on Wednesday either. Afforadable American type cuisine.

ISO Reading area decent eats

Thanks for all the good suggestions. We ended up getting Fuddrucker's at the venue (ran short on time) and bringing it into the theater. Decent but sloppy burger. Movie wasn't that great though.

ISO Reading area decent eats

A friend and I will be taking a movie at the Reading Jordan's IMAX theater tonight and looking for a decent regular food type of establishment in that general vicinity. Any cuisine is fine. Not looking to spend more than $20 per head.

Looking for Something a Little Exotic

Along the same lines...Cuchi Cuchi on Main St. in Camb.

Catered Christmas dinner ideas?

On second thought. I am willing to look at Boston area restuarants and caterers as well.

Catered Christmas dinner ideas?

We are thinking of having family over for Christmas Day but we do not want to cook. I'm looking for suggestions for either a restaurant or caterer that does high quality full dinners and delivers. Greater Boston area.

Thank you

Whatta Wings in Arlington?

Noticed this place as I was driving down Mass Ave. yesterday. It's in the old Neillio's place. Has anyone tried it out yet? Any good?

Your Top 5

Trattoria Toscana (Fenway)
EVOO (Camb/Som line)
No. 9 Park (Beacon Hill)
Dante (Sonesta Hotel Cambridge)
Sandrines (Harvard Sq)

ISO best wings around Som/Camb/Med

Can anyone recommend some really good Buffalo wings in the Somerville/Cambridge/Medford area? Not looking to break the bank.

Dining in general downhill due to economy?

We went to the Oak Room last night to celebrate a birthday. In speaking with the one of the long time employees, he stated that business is down 20-30% since last year at this time. The place seemed busy enough but the Oak Bar was much more occupied than the dining room. I also think agree that Christmas parties and cutbacks on business expenses will implace high end places like this. 2009 may be a lot worse than people currently believe.

Office Lunch

Not in Kenmore Sq but but not too far in Park Sq. Maggiano's seems to meet your criteria for the most part. There is pay parking in the same building so walking in bad weather is accounted for. If you've never been, they have huge portions of fairly bland Italian cuisine at your price points.

Best Source for New England Cheeses

Not sure how much NE cheese they carry but you could call Wine & Cheese Cask in Somerville.

B-Side to be sold? Say it ain't so

I'll add Gargoyles in Davis Sq. to the list.

Dining in general downhill due to economy?

We went to Hungry Mother for the 1st time on Friday night. We had 6:30 reservations. It was somewhat empty when we sat down but was busy by the time we left...approx. 8:30. Given it was Halloween night, we thought they wouldn't be very busy but it appears they are not hurting due to the economy at this point given the 80% table occupancy as we were walking out.

BTW, the menu/drinks/service lived up to the CH opinions. We will definitely be going back soon.

Trata-Harvard Square, Pleasant Experience!

Hi. It's located next to Daedulus (sic?). It may have been the old Tommy's Lunch.

where to go for birthday dinner

EVOO on the Somerville/Cambridge line may fit the bill. They have "American Eclectic" type cuisine that usually offers something to everyone. Seating for 6 shouldn't be a problem if you make a reservation. The entrees may be bumping up against the $25 limit but you should be ok. Special orders are ok also. Free parking next door too.

Steak House To Open In Medford Square there's a flashback to the 60's 70' least. I remember the old Carroll's place. My dad worked there for a short while back in the 70's.

Steak House To Open In Medford Square

Thanks for the tip. I live fairly close to Medford Sq. and wouldn't mind a decent and affordable steak house in that area. I like Frank's in Cambridge but that's pretty much it without driving into Boston and paying a fortune.

Report: Meritage

We have been to Meritage once and really enjoyed the cuisine, views and professionalism. It's not a place that gets a lot of attention...I think it's a hidden jewel in Boston proper but the $$$$ is in the No. 9 and L'Espalier price point...perhaps that's the main reason it's 2/3 empty. We would like to go again for a special occasion and when we can afford it .

new place in old Tir Na Nog site

I believe it opened last week but the kitchen is not up and running yet. Drinks only for now.

Late Summer/Fall 2008 openings and closings

Also happy to hear positive news about the Paddock. I've been to it pre-post management change and did notice a drop off in quality but I'm willing to give it another try.