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Where can I go to take a class on decorating cakes and cupcakes?

Sur La Table is offering cake decorating classes in San Francisco:

I recently took a hands-on Vietnamese cooking class which I enjoyed.

Tante Marie is also fantastic, but pricey.

A rare night out

I love Canteen. Definitely worth the trek.

Two days in a row at Turtle Tower

The Geary location is great too!

Gyros - where's the best one?

I LOVE this place. I always go there when I visit my parents.

SF - Anything better than Frankie's Bohemian in that nabe?

I would try Eliza's on California and Broderick. They have inexpensive lunch specials. Service is very efficient.

Eliza Restaurant
2877 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115

SF for one week—how are my choices?

I finally went to Canteen recently (end of August) and had a wonderful experience. I would definitely add it to your list. Nopa is also fantastic.

Pizzeria Delfiina is great, but I would sick with Delfina if you have reservations. I put my name on the waitlist for both last month, and ended up being seated at Delfina first. It was wonderful - it made me wonder why I hadn't been there for awhile.

Finally, I would check out Universal Cafe for brunch. You may find a wait (especially on Sunday), but I think it's worth it.

Enjoy your trip!

Dinner at the Cheese School

Thanks for the info! My husband and I are signed-up for the Basic Cheese Primer class at the end of the month. I agree that it's difficult to know which cheeses to buy. Hopefully this class will help - I'm really looking forward to it!

A16 or Delfina's Pizzeria for Pizza?

Both are tasty, but I like Delfina's. My favorite is Pizzetta 211, but it sucks when they run out of dough.

Pastores (Mission)

I've been here for dinner a few times - delicious! The space is clean and bright. The service is warm and friendly. Definitely give it a try!

Best Croissant in SF/Bay Area?

Bay Bread is amazing. I dream of their croissants!

any interesting spots near Bolinas/Stintson/Pt Reyes

The Olema Inn is fantastic. Highly recommended. Love the atmosphere, the food (OMG, the oysters) and the staff.

Also, I ate at the Station House on Saturday night. I think it was the worst pork chop of my life - very dry. Altho the mussels were OK.

Nice brunch near deYoung

Park Chow is OK. I'm not a fan of Q.

I went to Namu recently for lunch and really enjoyed it. They have delicious mango mimosas too. It's on Balboa between 4th & 5th Avenue.

Sunday Brunch

For something different, I love Dosa.

Universal Cafe is fantastic too, but the wait can be long.

Any preferred *brands* of olive oil here ?

I love Bariani Olive Oil. It's available at Whole Foods.

Speaking of, I just read an interested article about adulterated olive oil in the New Yorker:

Aug 16, 2007
citygrrl in General Topics

Modern Florence

This is fantastic! I'm traveling to Italy for the first time next month - thank you!

Apr 13, 2007
citygrrl in Features

In Defense of the Cookbook

While I love the convenience of the internet, it does not replace my cookbook collection. On the weekends, I love stacking them up on my coffee table and reading them for new meal ideas/inspiration. Plus, nothing can replace the joy of browsing the cooking section in my local bookstore!

Feb 27, 2007
citygrrl in Features

Missing Vik's - Anyone eat there today?

Not today, but I finally went there for the first time this past Saturday. It definitely lived up to the hype. Delicious! My husband and I shared:

Battura Cholle
Chicken Biryani
Masala Dosa
Mango Lassi

We weren't quite able to finish it all, but we'll definitely be back soon to try again!

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

The receipes I have tried from Everyday Food (PBS) have been very successful. Seasame Orange Shrimp is one of my favorites:

And I love the Barefoot Contessa! Her turkey lasagna is tasty (not to mention huge) and the leftovers freeze well (perfect to take for lunch and zap in the microwave):

Feb 01, 2007
citygrrl in Home Cooking

Mark Bittman's review of Tartine

I completely agree about the croissants. The ones at Bay Bread are amazing - my favorite in the city.

But I did nibble on an amazing tart from Tartine. Someone brought it for a birthday party and I found myself going back for seconds.

Universal Cafe in SF (Mission)?

Universal Cafe is my favorite brunch place in the city - hands down. Their food is always fresh and inventive. And the coffee is strong -always a plus!

If you don't want a long wait, I would suggest going there on Saturday morning/afternoon. Sundays are typically crazy. But, honestly, I think the food is worth the wait.

Dinner is on my list to try.


looking for szechuan/sichuan peppercorns

Try Richmond New May Wah Supermarket on Clement & 8th. I bought some there a few months ago.

Asian in the Inner Richmond

Burma Super Star is fantastic and definitely worth the wait. ( Just try the green tea leaf salad.)You can leave your cell phone number on the wait list and have a drink directly across the street at the Blue Danube Cafe or walk a few blocks to one of the best bookstores in the city, Green Apple Books.

I also love Marnee Thai in the Inner Sunset on 9th near Lincoln. Just across the park.

A question for ladies... food that makes you get "stimulated"

What about a special family recipe? My now husband made his Italian great-grandmother's spaghetti and meatballs. Not a first date meal, but it was a touching and memorable gesture...not to mention tasty!

Aug 07, 2006
citygrrl in Home Cooking

Gourmet magazine's August issue

I've only read a few stories thus far (great size for the bus), but I'd recommend it. Monique Truong's story was very touching, and I'm a huge fan of Ann Patchett. With all the great writing, I didn't even notice the ads!

Aug 04, 2006
citygrrl in Food Media & News

Looking for the best and cheapest....please help!

I agree - Ti Couz is an excellent choice for dessert. If you are interested in trying something from Citizen Cake, stop in at their sister location Citizen Cupcake (3rd Fl of the Virgin Megastore near Union Square):

The cupcakes aren't cheap, but I think they're tasty (lots of opinions on this one). A interesting view of Market Street too.

looking for a dinner place for anniversary?

I enjoyed a special anniversary dinner last August at Quince. It was a lovely experience - from the ambiance to the service to the food. The dinner rolls are addictive, and it's the best pasta I've ever eaten.

Here are more reviews:

Great lunch at Myth Cafe

Thanks for the review! I'm new to the area and love this place.

Also, try the house-made sorbet - a great afternoon treat that hits the spot on a sunny day. I thought the portion was large so you could even share with a friend.