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Lobster Roll

Thanks Elyssa and Jongchen! Somehow, I am just seeing your replies now, or I would've replied sooner!

Nice Date in Claredon

Personally, I think Me Jana is okay, but not great. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for a second date because many of the tables are super close together and you don't have much privacy for conversations.

I think Liberty Tavern would really fit your bill.

Lobster Roll

While we're on the topic of lobster rolls, does anywhere in this area do a hot buttered lobster roll? It just a grilled hot dog bun, fresh hot lobster meat, and butter. Nothing else. This is how I always ate them growing up in CT. We called it "lazy man's lobster" since you get all the hot meat without any of the work :-)

Two S. Arlington Diners - Report

I've eaten at Luna twice (when friends chose the location) and both times I felt that I could have made my meal cheaper & better at home. Why go out somewhere if that is the case? Thumbs down!

Roasted Root Vegetables

Try the cafe at the Native American Museum (on the Mall). They had great, simple roasted root veggies. They also had a bunch of other dishes using root veggies. Mmmm!

Cheese Curds in Wash/Balt

I love the cheese curds from the man at Courthouse farmers' market. He usually has plain, herbed, and onion varieties. But no squeaking. The only squeaky cheese curds I've had were at the Tillamook Creamery in Oregon (we were at the factory and they were fresh off the production line).

Where to buy real Tim Tams (Arnott's, not Pepperidge)?

They definitely sell multiple varieties of Arnott's Tim Tams at World Market. We always see them at the Bailey's Crossroads store. My boyfriend is a big fan!

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

There was a big whiteboard menu (or was it a chalkboard?) above the registers, but the problem was just as Mike the time we were close enough to read the whiteboard, we were at the register and there was a long, long line behind us, so we were trying to be speedy. There were supposed to be print menus on the shelf by the door (we looked), but they were out. A lot of them had been piled up right next to the register (which we saw as we were ordering), so they just needed someone to pick them up and take them back to the entryway. I think I saw someone do this as we were eating later on. So I guess we just had bad timing. Bad timing, but oh, great burgers!

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

Okay, thanks so much Daniel & Lori. Next time I go in, I'll have to scope out the sides. Some of them looked really great, but we were a bit disoriented trying to order without having seen the menu (they were out of print menus when we were there) until the last minute. Mmm, I'm getting hungry thinking about it :-) Thanks again!

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

I was excited to finally, finally get to try this out for myself, and I'm now a true believer. Had a perfectly excellent burger with VT cheddar, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. It was cooked perfectly, though a little crumbly. But I can't complain. The meat was just delicious.

My only disappointment was that it appears they no longer serve corn on the cob and watermelon (which I suppose is a bit passed season) for free. Some folks seemed to have orders of corn on the cob on separate plates, but all of the burgers just came out with a chunk of orange. Does anyone know if this is now standard?

Best Sliders in DC?

I love the raw tuna sliders at PS7's. I just had the blue cheese beef slider at Coco Sala and thought it was one of the best burgers I'd had in ages. I think Matchbox's are also pretty good.

Is Pupatella still around?

I tried one of the fresh made doughnuts this morning--strawberry. It was delicious. Fresh, hot, crispy on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside. I'm in trouble!

Great Brunch Options in DC?

Has anyone been to brunch at Coco Sala? I'm so curious!

Is Pupatella still around?

Oh good, I was missing them for a few mornings!

Any good Virginia/Maryland vineyards?

I hate to say it, but I did not enjoy a single wine at Breaux. My visit there was several years ago, so of course the quality could have changed since then.

Any good Virginia/Maryland vineyards?

I love both Doukenie and Chrysalis as well!

A great little gem in Arlington

Mmmm...the chicken schwarma fatteh (sp?) is reason enough for me to go there. It is an obscenly delicious mix of chicken schwarma, warm pita crisps, chickpeas, and sauce. Give it a try next time you are there :-)

Any good Virginia/Maryland vineyards?

I definitely also recommend Barboursville...their wines are very consistent and I really enjoy their cab franc. In the Leesburg area, I really liked Tarara (love the Wild River Red, especially when eaten with chocolate!), Lost Creek, and Hidden Brook. The latter two are right next to one another and I found their wines to be consistently good, and both offer an excellent rose (which is not my usual thing). I was just out that way two weeks back, and was extremely pleasantly surprised by Lost Creek and Hidden Brook.

Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

I really enjoy Akasaka, both the sushi and the lunch boxes have been consistently good. Sarinah, an Indonesian restaurant, is in the same plaza. I've had some great meals and some just okay meals there, but I really like it overall. And the price is right!

Chow lunch Report - Myanmar

Thanks Steve! I cannot wait to get out that way! Now I don't have to worry about getting lost ;-)

Chow lunch Report - Myanmar

Where exactly is it located? Thanks!

How is the food at Iota?

I had a portobello sandwich, which was not terribly good. That said, the fries were outstanding. Perfectly crisp with some nice seasonings. I wish I could remember what my BF ordered b/c he liked his meal much better than I did.

Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant?

Whenever we host Chinese guests at my office (which is fairly often), we hold a banquet at Peking Gourmet Inn, and it has always been excellent. They will wall off your own area for you using dividers (if you request it) and you can call in advance to work with the manager(s) to set up a custom banquet menu. The front area of the restaurant has a "George Bush" room (a section walled off using dividers, featuring tons of photos of George Bush (senior) and his family), as it is apparently his favorite Chinese restaurant. While this may not do much for some people, foreign guests seem to think it is fun.

Coffee Culture in NoVa

I saw this a few days back and have been laughing about it ever since!

The Very Best Brunch (not buffet) in D.C./NOVA/MD

I had the best ever brioche french toast there with a strawberry-raspberry-blueberry sauce. Totally rich and delicious. On another occasion I had grits with fried oysters, which were fabulous as well. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry.

Lunch in Clarendon/Ballston/Virginia Square

Many thanks!

Lunch in Clarendon/Ballston/Virginia Square

Okay, so it's actually in that same courtyard with Grand Cru? Now I have two reasons to head over there.

Lunch in Clarendon/Ballston/Virginia Square

Thanks a lot! That website sounds so dirty, I wonder if it will be blocked at work :-) hahaha

New gelato place in Clarendon -- how is it?

Okay, I finally made it to Boccato last night with a few friends and we LOVED it. We all got smalls (which is still two very rich scoops). I had one scoop of cake batter and one scoop of the peanut butter chocolate. Both were excellent. The cake batter flavor was a bit subtle but totally reminded me of fluffy vanilla cake. The pb-chocolate was outstanding. It was so rich and almost fudgy with a great blend of flavors. Neither the chocolate nor the peanut butter dominated.

My boyfriend tried the mafioso (strawberry gelato, organic strawberry preserves, and merengue) and the pomegranate-mint. I thought the mafioso was a bit too sweet, but it definitely grew on me after a few bites. The pomegranate-mint was very refreshing and had an "earthy" taste to it that made me very confident that it was made with fresh mint.

Finally, my friend got two scoops of pistachio, which was fairly subtle but in a very good way.

We were three very happy campers. I can't wait to go back!

Lunch in Clarendon/Ballston/Virginia Square

Where is Big Buns in Ballston? I've never heard of it, but am always willing to try a new burger place!