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December Birthday Dinner

I vote for Buca too. I recently had a birthday dinner there with my boyfriend and it was lovely food. The selection of cheeses and cured meats especially. The next time we go, we will order a selection of small plates rather than mains though.

604 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, CA

Good eats at Bayview/Eg, Mountpleasant or Davisville area please!

the sushi place is called 'i zu'. love this place...especially since the reno's. along with making it bigger, they expanded the menu. prices are still about the same, and the fish has always been fresh and tasty.

also really enjoy the atmosphere at coquine. it can be a bit loud, but super for a night out with friends.

how do ya sweeten ur coffee?

a teaspoon of dulce de leche

Oct 29, 2009
cheeser in General Topics

How's the catering at Hart House?

I have not been to Hart House for a wedding specifically, but for various cocktail parties and faculty dinner/awards events. This is not exactly the student cafe as they offer a full catering service. And (!) not all students have poor taste in food! Catering is very competent and suitable for a range of tastes. The appetisers are very tasty. Don't expect tremendous ingenuity, but expect your fish or chicken breast to be cooked properly (i.e. not over cooked). Your other concerns re: students - it's a university! Hart House is a student hub...the gym opens late at night...students hang out. During August time...there will also be first years doing tons of campus tours. If you prefer to not have students roaming about your special event, perhaps Hart House is not your best choice. Good luck!

dim sum on baldwin

there are several chinese restaurants on baldwin (near mccaul). is there one that serves decent dim sum? i have been to rol san, bright pearl and sky dragon in chinatown, and the food is just ok. i'm looking for a place downtown, that is casual, inexpensive and has good traditional dim sum.

ISO really good General Tao chicken

I don't have a good reference point for General Tao chicken as I haven't sampled enough to really know. It's pretty much a North American invention. On the odd occasion, I will have lunch at the Kowloon Dim Sum Restaurant on Baldwin where they offer cheap Chinese take out for us lunch goers. Their General Tao chicken is pretty tasty - the sauce has a nice sweet and spicy kick to it, and the chicken chunks seem decently sized. The fry batter has a slight fragrant aroma to it...can't quite put my finger on it (I won't question it). Their rice has a nice texture, and everything is piping hot! (which I assume means it's freshly made). It's not haute cuisine, but decent for a $4.99 lunch.

who is the best chef in toronto?

2 categories only, style or origins of cooking doesn't matter

1. most ingenius
2. most delicious food

Best pub in the Yonge/Eglinton area

If you are looking for great beer selection as the main criteria, I would go with the Granite. The food is not awesome and I wouldn't say much about the atmosphere. If you are intending to enjoy your beers and focus on discussion with your friends, then food and surroundings don't matter as much. The Longest Yard has better food, but it's often really busy - crowded and loud doesn't make for good conversation. The Rose and Crown has a much more relaxed atmosphere but not a great beer selection. The Bow and Arrow is to be replaced by a place called the Twisted Kilt...can't wait until they open up!

too hungry, too tired

what do you eat when you come home from a grueling work day and are too hungry and too tired to cook a proper meal?

usually i put everything in a pot of boiling water and make some soupy noodle with whatever is in the fridge/freezer. it's not pretty but it is better than tv dinners, just cheese and crackers or canned soup and toast i guess.

Aug 25, 2009
cheeser in Home Cooking

who's makes toronto's best veal sandwich???

definitely the hot table kind at commiso's. i've only had it once. the taste was pretty good and the portion was huge. it was certainly soggy, and not quite the hot temperature i would prefer. good for a cheap lunch if you are in the hood (but it's pretty much in the middle of no where!) but i wouldn't go out of my way to get it.

Best selection of non-cow milk cheeses?

cheese emporium at mt pleasant and eglinton. lots of import cheeses and very knowledgable staff.

Any noodle experts out there? Can you identify what kind of noodles these are?

shanghai noodles have a much chewier, almost gummy texture compared to udon noodles, which are generally softer and more easily broken.

Aug 16, 2009
cheeser in General Topics

What Food Products Have Changed?

uggghhh...i was so disappointed (and angry). i bought breyer's thinking it was still the 'all natural' they used to make (which i loved)...and thought it smelled a bit funny. turns out they are now adding hydrogenated palm oil! among other things....yuck!!!

Aug 16, 2009
cheeser in General Topics

Ottawa, near Byward Market - great food wanted

on recommendation of users on this board, i went to sweetgrass aboriginal bistro. i had a wonderful meal - the food was delicious, well prepared and creative. the service was attentive but not overwhelming. things were served in a timely manner by a very capable server.

looking for midtown pub

there's a sign up by the old bow and arrow saying the twisted kilt will be there soon. anyone know when the opening will be? and if it's part of a chain / group of pubs? thanks!

New Izakaya joint @ Yonge & Eg

my friend and i went today. we had the wakame salad, eggplant, hamburger steak, grilled calamari, and the tempura. overall, the place had a nice atmosphere. the staff were very pleasant. the food was ok, nothing super, but nothing horrible. i have not had proper izakaya in japan, and my only experiences have been in vancouver (guu, gyoza king, hapa), and ematei in toronto. i had the impression that izakaya food was to accompany drinks and therefore were tasty (and some almost intense tasting) small plates. what we had was very edible, but lacked a certain kick to it. it was almost bland. one of our servers described the food as japanese home cooking! that was a bit of a surprise to me. the selection of food (and ingredients) did not seem particularly creative....i think ematei does a much better job with their menu and the intensity and diversity of flavours for izakaya in toronto. and i think i also paid less at ematei. fin is in my hood, so i probably would go back, but i don't think it's a go-to spot for izakaya just yet.

Good Eats at Bay/College

agreed re: pogue. it's pretty hopping! the food is great for a pub. and i have been there a couple of times *just* for the liver special. there is something about the balsamic reduction and sweetness of the liver. yum!

New Izakaya joint @ Yonge & Eg

this place sounds interesting...and in my hood :) i will check it out soon.

on another note: toronto life says that guu is coming to toronto! the owners are apparently looking in the midtown area. as a former vancouverite and massive izakaya fan, that makes me very excited.

group dinner near university

on baldwin, the best on the block is probably matahari bar and grill and you could get by with $30 (dinner + 1 drink). if you have big drinkers in your lab/group, you might head over to another location after dinner. you might also consider rivoli on queen...nice mix of food and in the right price range. great atmosphere as well. congrats on finishing your post doc!

everyday coffee

what is the coffee that you buy for home everyday drinking? brand? type?

Jun 09, 2009
cheeser in General Topics


ooh! i have done this before...soft tofu mixed with ground beef, spinach and green onions in dumplings! the tofu makes for added softness to the dumpling filling. yum!

Jun 09, 2009
cheeser in General Topics

battle of the 鑊氣 (wok hay)

thanks for asking...i was feeling mildly alienated

Currently good sushi restaurants. ?

for midtown i highly recommend i zu at yonge and davisville. . they have a solid menu, fresh fish (have never been disappointed), friendly service and new reno's so the room is very pretty. midtown sushi restaurants we have tried: sushi supreme, echo sushi, sushi rock, sushi garden, sushi and tea, fukui, oisi oyster, takara... can't remember the names of the others...but i zu definitely comes up on top for food quality and tastiness.

Good lunch spots at Yonge and St. Clair?

agreed that takara is pretty standard by most counts, but i enjoy it since it has been consistent and predictable. and! for those who enjoy a sushi pizza every now and again, they make a very good one (maybe the best i have tried so far). the fried rice patty is warm and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. perfect thickness. and the salmon, spring onion, masago and spicy sauce combo is lovely.

Dinner suggestions near U of T, Mississauga

my boyfriend works at UTM, and recommends the apricot tree cafe

Gluten free restaurant options

we went to beer bistro recently. they have 1 gluten free beer. also, we were told by our server that the owner's daughter is gluten intolerant, and they are testing new recipes for gluten free dishes there...don't know what they have come up with since, but my friend had the rice based crust pizza and said that it was very decent. looking at this thread..(full of pizza recommendations), i hope they have created more offerings for our gluten free friends.

Best Party Sandwiches

probably a bit late...but i have had sandwiches ordered from sage cafe on mccaul st. and they were really great!

i think the pricing is similar to lesley's but i can't quite recall.

bialetti replacement rings

Thanks for the links Paulustrious!

Lee Garden on Spadina / North of Dundas

I have only been to Lee Garden once, and I don't think I will go again. I have had some exceptional Chinese food and blah Chinese food before...and my opinion is that it is equivalent to food fair Chinese. If I wanted food fair standard, I would prefer to go to the Grange, and for a proper sit down Chinese meal I would wait and go elsewhere. And not all stir fries are greasy! I also found their deep fried food to be over fried in old oil. Ick!

bialetti replacement rings

i have a bialetti stovetop espresso pot, but the rubber ring has disintegrated...where can i buy a replacement? thanks.