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can't decide (dinner & drinks)

I am looking for a place to eat dinner and then stay for drinks. I have decided on 3 choices. But I have never been to any of them so Ican't decide. 1. The Drake 2.Insomnia 3. supermarket
I did have harlem, orbit room and rivoli on the list. but i now think it's down to these three. Any thoughts of these places would be great. It is a "going a way" party. 30 something. Thanks

a place for dinner then drinks?

I am looking for a place to have dinner and then stay for some drinks. A place with some music, don't need it to turn into a club but a dj spinning some good tunes after dinner would be great. Like house, r&b, reggae, hip hope, jazz, funk etc. even a band would be great. A nice cozy, intimate place. it's a friday night. Anyone been to Harlem or Orbit room? or any other suggestions? Cheers

my birthday dinner

It's now looking about 6 girls, looking something small, cute, cozy imtate with great food. I love all foods!! Something reasonablely priced. Can Even be North of the city.

Best Dim Sum

I am looking for a good Dim Sum restaurant. I do like the idea of carts, but doesn't have to have. I am in Richmond Hill and I don't mind travelling. I want to take my dad, who doesn't eat pork. He thinks they have too many pork items. Looking for a variety and some vegetarian options. Thanks

my birthday dinner

I am looking for a place to go for my 32nd birthday!!! looking for a great, fun place to have dinner and maybe stay for a few drink. In the downtown area. Any suggestions?