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Southern BBQ in Mississauga! Blue Sage

First read about this place on rfd and figured it deserved a chow bump.

just an update on the place - they're tweaking the menu. on friday i had the beef ribs which are currently not listed. Finally a spot that has awesome beef ribs ever since Master Steaks stopped making it (yes, i realize how dingy that place is, but still, the ribs were awesome there).

the owner also has a new bbq sauce. i *think* he said it was Kansas City style - thick and sweet. Really good if you like your BBQ sauce on the sweet side.

Also, i didnt see it mentioned here, but they also have a hot sauce made in house, Razorback. I can handle a bit of heat, so it was okay for me, heat wise. but flavor wise it was really good. not sure if it actually matched the food though.

so all in all, i've had the beef ribs, beef brisket - both with nice smoke flavor, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, regular fries and corebread. All was awesome - except the cornbread which i thought was a bit too dry for my liking. i'll mos def be back.

Blue Sage Catering & Event Management
980 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W1K3, CA

Master Steaks
5895 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W1E8, CA

Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ontario

hit up the mississauga one today (in clarkson) and i was the second in line. it seemed right when i got there, a lot of people came in right after, so good timing for me i guess ^_^

i got at small Oreosomething for $5.07. it had sweet cream ice cream, chocolate chips, oreo and chocolate sauce. and it tasted... just like ice cream w/chocolate chips, oreo and chocolate sauce. its okay, but i think a bit expensive for me.

lots of flavours of ice cream as well as toppings.

i did over hear the person mixing say that the ice cream is made fresh everyday, so that's a plus.

Looking for Yap

does anyone know where to find this bread?

cloud type ice cream???

Hi all,

i read a couple months ago (i think it was on a video game website) about this fancy new ice cream/shaved ice thing. all i can recall is that it was some new machine that makes these ice shavings and the result is a really light and airy product. there was a line formed even though it was raining/cold there.

does anyone know what i'm talking about and where i can get some?

Mar 18, 2007
chinwhat in Japan

Woodbridge: Dim Sum???

Is there such a thing? Any place worth checking out? I'll be up there this coming weekend and would like to know if there's any good to great chinese restaurants up there that have dim sum.


Looking for: Ferro Rocher Pocket Coffee

JACKPOT!! Million thanks ComeUndone! I went to my friendly neighbourhood T&T (Mississauga) and they had 10 boxes buried under the cherry ones. FYI they come in a box of 5 and go for $1.99. Better believe i scooped up all 10! Ah, its a week past her bday, but its better late than never, right? All I hope now is that she shares! :D

Looking for: Ferro Rocher Pocket Coffee

update: i got a lead saying that they were available at pusateris' north location. i checked it out and they said they *used* to have them around the holidays but are now sold out :( i also checked out their yorkville local, but nada. also checked out a bunch of random italian bakeries, shops in little italy and yorkville and all i got was a big goose egg. this is so depressing...

Looking for: Ferro Rocher Pocket Coffee

well, VDay is quickly approaching and i'd like to get these for someone. She mentioned she had them when she was in Italy last year and they were awesome. I've never even heard of them before, so i don't know if anyone here sells/imports them. Anyone know where i can score some ferro rocher pocket coffee? I'm willing to go (almost) anywhere to get them, but Mississauga side preferred. Thanks!

snacks for a road trip

yes! that's an awesome idea! thanks. :D

Dec 23, 2006
chinwhat in Home Cooking

snacks for a road trip

hi all,

i'm going on a little 4 hour road trip and i'd like to prepare some good eats for our little adventure. i'd imagine i'd like to make something that could be eaten in 2-4 bites, not messy (ie. no crumbs), preferably enclosed (like a pizza pocket type of thing) and wouldn't need heating (can be consumed room temp). I can prepare these the morning before, but considering we start at 6am, i'd prefer to have them made the night before... anyone have any suggestions? maybe little sandwiches? empinadas?

Dec 23, 2006
chinwhat in Home Cooking

Decent Shawarma

no, its not downtown, but if you're ever out in Mississauga - or more specifically, Streetsville, you gotta check out Osmo's. By far, the BEST i've ever tried. egyptian style. soooooo good.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

i co-sign this statement!

Nachos in T.O

don't clown me, but i'll have to nominate The Keg's (the one in the financial district). It seems like the fry the nachos per order because all the chips come out hot and crispy - you can even see the oil too!

Lucy's Seafood

fyi: there are at least two in The Saug. One at McLaughlin and Bristolish. The other at Derry and GlenErinish.

Best Walnut Cakes

Hi All!

I had a hankerin for some Korean Walnut Cakes (redbean) and was wondering if there are any shops that sell them (make them too, prefered) out here in Mississauga. Sadly, making the trek down to KoreaTown isn't that feasible. >sigh<