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Looking for best examples of Italian pasta, pizza, innovative sandwiches and salads

I have a culinary consulting company, and we're planning to tour some of our clients around Chicago for 2 days checking out the best examples of Pasta dishes, particularly Baked pastas, but anything interesting is good. Pizza, thin crust preferable, but anything good is appreciated, and sandwiches served on interesting bread or in new portable forms.
Thanks and feel free to email directly.

Jan 10, 2009
TheCulinaryEdge in Chicago Area

Best Bread Pudding in the Bay Area

I'm searching for the best bread pudding in the Bay Area. Any recommendations?

The Counter Burger -- Anyone tried? [moved from SF Bay board]

I've been to the Counter in LA (Santa Monica) a few times. While the meat is good, I'm not a big fan of many of the sauces/toppings. They are really trying to do too much there and the quality is spread thin. There vegetable side was inedible too. The decor is great and the concept is fun. They are selling franchises now, so this is what the Palo Alto location is.

Aug 05, 2006
TheCulinaryEdge in Chains