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I - 95 SC,NC,VA

Find anything good? im going md to sc in a few days, need some suggestions

Dads Birthday

Want to take my dad to dinner in Charleston Area, within an hour. We are all big foodies and eat everything. Whats the best the area has to offer?

Korean BBQ in SC/Savannah?


Jun 25, 2009
photographicality in Southeast

Annapolis to SC, I-95 Eating

On the way down south, need dinner between Annapolis and SC, maybe a little less than half way. Don't want to go to far off 95.

Also need breakfast and lunch recommendations for a Saturday on the way back.

Please help :)

Baltimore to Charleston, SC. Anything good?

Im doing this in a few days, did you find anything good?

Japanese Okanomiyaki and Chawanmushi in DC/VA area?

Not in the same area, but Famous Yakitori One in Baltimore does have okanomiyaki on the menu.
I ordered it and didn't like the flavors, but I think its more an issue of me having a boring palate, rather than that it is not authentic, or not good. My friends, who are very adventurous eaters, loved it. Might be worth a try.
Does anyone know if it is authentic?

DC/ N VA Picky Eater and Foodie Wed Night

I live pretty far outside DC and I try to take every advantage of any chance to go into the city to eat good food. I know there are hundreds of delicious restaurants in the DC/ NVA area that are foodie paradise.

I am meeting my sister for dinner this week. Unfortunately, she is a little bit picky but will find things but I don't want to loose the opportunity to eat someplace delicious!

Any recommendations for something exciting that will also cater to a more simple palate? Something with vegetarian options would be good. No Indian food, or moroccan.

Please help!

Making Burrata at Home


Zhongshan - Chinese returns to Baltimore - Dim Sum too!

where is asian court. Will you post your fav dim sum restaurants in the area?

Michel Cluizel Gelato

Last year when I was in NYC, I was walking around near the shopping area at Broadway. Outside one of the shops there was a Yellow Ice Cream truck selling gelato made with Michele Cluizel Chocolates. Can anyone tell me what company it was? I cannot remember.

Feb 01, 2009
photographicality in Manhattan

Where to take non adventurous new BF in Baltimore?

Brewers is good, they have huge delicious burgers (tend to cook a little under done which I like, but you can ask how you want). There is also much more fun and adventurous food there for you. Go early if you dont have a reservation. The same food they serve at the table you can order at the bar.
Iggies Pizza is good, fancy pizza toppings for you, simple ones for him. He might like Zella's more though, their crust and toppings are more traditional, but they offer fun and funky stuff.

Where would you take Anthony Bourdain?

one of my goals in life is to go to inn at little washington. my parents went there years ago and they have been to some of the top rated restaurants in the world. Their take is that the service and atmosphere alone make it worth the while.

Where would you take Anthony Bourdain?

mmmm Lebanese Butcher? More info please

Eggs Benedict in Bmore

When you find it let me know. Until then, I have a great recipe for hollandaise, make it all the time. Let me know if you are interested.

Place to buy sichuan peppercorns in the Baltimore/DC area?

Best place to buy any asian food is off route 40 in Columbia. There is a great Korean BBQ in the same shopping center called Shin Chon.

Best Cheap Eats Inside Baltimore City

I live in Baltimore, and it seems to be difficult to find decent, cheap food thats isnt at a bar.
Don't get me wrong, I love Ale Mary's and they are fairly reasonable, but I'd like something new. Any suggestions

Looking for International Cooking Classes

I am looking to travel abroad for a few months, beginning in late May or early June of 2009.

I would really like to take some cooking classes on different cuisines, cooking techniques, and in different countries.

I am considering classes at Le Cordon Bleu, but I also want to travel in Germany, Vietnam, Italy and other interesting locations.

Does anyone know of good schools that offer classes which may be a week to a few weeks long?

What about places to stay?