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Outdoor cafe by the water?

Is there one in Boston somewhere? With the nice weather this weekend would love to chill ouside with a drink (coffee or alcohol, doesn't matter which :-)

Birthday lunch in or near Framingham?

Meat and Potatoes you say? What about Ken's Steakhouse? It's pretty much a land mark in Framingham. Metro 9 is good too, but little more upscale.

West Roxbury dinner delivery

I'll second the Phu Ket idea...FABULOUS Pad Thai and Mango Duck....also the dipping sauce that comes with the "Whale Tales" (basically shrimp wrapped in Won Tons then fried) is delicious.

Birthday Dinner for 6 on a Sunday?

So I went to CBC....Beer was really good, cute place, food was ok (not bad, not great) but the service was HORRIBLE! We had to wait 10 minutes to get someone to seat us. Once we were seated it took forever to get any sort of wait staff attention...there was even a time when all 6 of us at the table had empty beer/water/soda glasses.... We ended up going to Tommy Doyle's right next door be honest I liked Tommy Doyle's more!

Birthday Dinner for 6 on a Sunday?

Looking for something this Sunday night for about 6 people that's fairly casual. Dinner and drinks, but not too pricey, just want to hang out for a while with some good food and good friends....any ideas?

Best "Red Sauce" Italian in the city?

I second both Rino's in East Boston and Pagliuca's in the North End SUCH good sauce! (And I'm Sicilian so you know I'm not messing around...)

Visiting Boston - top choice?

I would highly recommend Kingfish Hall in Faneuil Hall. It's in a great location if you're looking for a hustling spot and the seafood there is incredibly creative and delicious! The restaurant is owned by Todd English who is known for his amazing restaurants and food, you wont be dissapointed!

Upper Crust in the South End

What's the best thing to get there? Also, is there seating at the Upper Crust in the South End?

Looking for a good place to have lunch during the weekday lunch hour in Framingham...

Any ideas for something that's not super slow in the Framingham/Natick area but has a good lunch?

Good Mexican Food in Bean Town?

Tried El Palon.....GREAT suggestions! Thanks!


Looking for a place that has a good chicken ceaser salad in Boston.

Could be a diner, restaurant, etc.

Hold the anchovy extract, please!

Moderately priced.

Any ideas???

Where to Buy Pumpkin Pie?

I'm feeling like I might get flamed for my suggestion too, but I really like the Pumpkin Pie's that Stop & Shop makes, they top them with a maple syrup glaze...MMMMM!

British Beer Company in Framingham

They have a good Beer selelction...the food is OK. I don't recommend getting any "American" food there like Nachoes. Good place to go if you're looking for an imported beer....lots of stouts!

Good Mexican Food in Bean Town?

Is there any to be found? Preferably close to a T stop as it's getting cold out there!

Best LOCAL Food Restaurant in Leominster, MA

Wow, sounds like you're use to a different kind of italian food than they offer. Growing up in an italian family I've found their food to be very similar to what my grandmother makes. I've been there many times and have always found their food to be consistent and good. Sorry to hear you didn't like it. Il Forno in Fitchburg has more of a garlicky flavored sauce if that's what you like....

Looking for suggestions: A good Rosé

Word on the street is they're back! Any particularly good ones out there?

Oct 01, 2008
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You can get a good Apple Cider donut at Bolton Orchard's in Bolton, MA. The guy makes them right there in front of you when you order and they're about 50 cents each. They have all kinds of seasonal food set up this time of year.

Looking for good pizza in the Chestnut HIll/West Roxbury area

I'm fairly new to the area and live on the Chestnut Hill/West Roxbury line. I'm looking for a good pizza place. I like a thin & sweet kind of pizza. Any suggestions?

Best LOCAL Food Restaurant in Leominster, MA

For Italian food go to il Camino! SO good! Their ambiance isn't too great, but they have homemade pasta that is to die for! I would recommend getthing the gnocchi with meat sauce. They serve it to you in a hot, large caserole dish so you'll have leftovers and the price is very inexpensive!