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Heads up on a "No Name" Pizza place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

We are originally New Yorkers, so we feel like we've had access to good pizza
This is the best pizza we can remember ever eating. We had them reheat slices that were already made of the white pizza with dots of tomato. The toppings were great but incidental to the crust, which just crackles when you bite into it.

Not so fun eating standing up, but will go back at least once every time we're in Vegas to have this remarkable dinner for about $5.00

Sep 04, 2011
bucksgirl in Las Vegas

Need Diner Advice - Union Area

Thanks All -

Went to the Union Plaza, it was fine.

I understand your points about these diners, but it was a 1 year memorial service for my dad, and he was a Jersey diner kind of guy, so there we went -

Jun 11, 2011
bucksgirl in New Jersey

Need Diner Advice - Union Area

Thanks Curlz, will keep the Skylark in mind! Went to the Union Plaza, it was pretty good

Jun 05, 2011
bucksgirl in New Jersey

Need Diner Advice - Union Area

Hi All,

For a casual family meeting of 7 tomorrow, including kids aged 7-13, what diner is best food, cleanest, nicest?

Have it narrowed to these 3 for proximity:

University Diner
Union Plaza Diner
Kenilworth Diner


Union Plaza Diner
US Highway 22 N, Union, NJ 07083

University Diner
580 North Ave, Union, NJ 07083

Jun 04, 2011
bucksgirl in New Jersey

Montco or Bucks Local Ice Cream

oWowCow is opening another branch, supposedly in late May, in Wrightstown

May 08, 2011
bucksgirl in Philadelphia

Gluten Free in Paris??!!

I hav read that Macarons have no flour in them - anyone else verify?

May 08, 2011
bucksgirl in France

Chow-worthy places near Princeton, NJ?

Has anyone been to the new location of Da's Thai Kitchen and Catering in Hopewell?

Thai Kitchen
320 US Highway 206 N, Chester, NJ 07930

Jan 22, 2011
bucksgirl in New Jersey

What is your favorite tomato/marinara sauce in a jar?

For years was addicted to Rao's Marinara - decided to stop getting ripped off and stopped buying it. Love Copolla's Mammarella - very very close to as good as Rao's. My Safeway stopped carrying it though.

Nov 05, 2008
bucksgirl in General Topics

Can Pizza Be Better in Burbs than Center City?

Moved here from NYC 2 years ago, and the best pizza we've found in the Doylestown area (other than Jules which is a different thing altogether) is Pina's III on Swamp Road in Doylestown.

Sep 30, 2008
bucksgirl in Pennsylvania