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Any cider mills (or something similar) in metro area?

Hi there fellow Michiganders and MidWesterners! I've yet to find a proper cider mill with donuts in the DC corridor but this weekend I stumbled onto something almost as good. Distillery Lane Ciderworks in Jefferson, MD. Its a cider mill for adults! The grow heritage apple varieties, press fresh cider and make a full range of barrel aged hard ciders. 5 bucks gets you a tasting of 4 varieties of hard cider. The ciders are very dry (the opposite of Angry orchard, Redd's, or Strongbow). Afterwards pop into family meal in Frederick for some donuts and cocktails :)

Any cider mills (or something similar) in metro area?

I love all the Michiganders searching for the Franklin Cider Mill experience out east. An industrious person should open a proper cider mill here.

Where in DC/MD/VA can I find Pink Flesh Apples?

I would also like to find a cider mill that has fresh baked donuts like in the Midwest :)

Baltimore/Washington DC Large tequila selection

Looking for a place that has a large tequila selection. I have tried Perfect Pour and Corridor Total Wine and Liquor. Looking for Tequila Ocho and Maguey. Saw Maguey Pechuga at Corridor but not much else.

Georgian restaurant in DC area

Theres a MariVanna outpost in DC now. There is also a great Georgian Restaurant in Owings Mills, MD called Kavkaz Kebab

Alphonso mangoes?

Costco :) Pack of six for 5.99

xmas stollen?

Wegmans, they make their own and they also have a boxed marzipan stollen in the commercial bakery section


Gorman Farm in Laurel has locally grown chestnuts

Cider mill: Cider and donuts please

Looking for a cider mill that has hot old fashioned doughnuts near HoCo

Howard County, Montgomery County Tortas

UPDATE: Went to R&R Taqueria. Its at a gas station; how could ya'll leave out this very important tidbit!
Barbacoa Torta was great, the huaraches were not so great and the melon agua fresca was very nice.

Howard County, Montgomery County Tortas

Looking for a place to get mexican Tortas (sandwiches)

Thursday night dinner in Reston VA

Looking for a moderately priced dinner for 4 near the airport. No chains and must be some what vegetarian friendly. Really craving some good Thai food...

The Indian Chipotle Exists Right Now in San Francisco at Tava

There is a place with a similar concept in DC called Merzi. Yum Yum!

Jan 16, 2013
interplanetjanet in Features

Not to Miss Markets Aventura/ Hallendale/ Sunny Isles

In Miami for about a week. I am interested to try La Estancia Argentina and Graziano's; any other ideas? Looking for food markets off the beaten path.

Romantic Dinner is DC or Baltimore for $80. Can it be done?

We are not big drinkers at all. Do you know if there is parking near Dino?

Romantic Dinner is DC or Baltimore for $80. Can it be done?

Celebrating 1 year anniversary. Looking to go out on friday or saturday night. No chains please. No shell fish or pork for the husband and no shellfish, pork or beef for me.

fiddleheads at trader joe's [moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board]

I bought a little bag of fiddleheads yesterday at Trader Joes (in pikesville) and I must say that they were delicious. However, I made the mistake of eating a handful of them raw. Fiddlehead Ferns should be at least be cooked lightly. Raw they have a slight toxicity and can make you sick (like i am now) if you consume a large amount raw.

Baltimore's Newest Restaurants

Hersh's Pizza in Fed Hill. My husband and I tried it the other night and thought the pizza was fantastic. IMO Baltimore is a pizza desert, this place is the only decent slice I've found in a year of living here. Hersh's serves Neapolitan style pizza, the crust is very thin, crispy on the bottom and tender in the middle. My husband have the traditional margherita pizza and I had kale and pistachio. The food was great, the service was a bit awkward and it is SO difficult to park in that area.

Sosa products in Dallas?

I'm looking for hazelnut paste in Dallas. The silky smooth kind that is used by pastry chefs and in modernist cuisine. Haven't been able to get it from whole foods

a facebook group i can really get behind.

Eat it Detroit is how I keep up with the up and coming detroit food scene remotely.

Apr 23, 2012
interplanetjanet in Great Lakes

Where in Baltimore can I get coconut sugar?

where are you getting your lamb??

Where in Baltimore can I get coconut sugar?

I just saw it at wegmans in hunt valley yesterday :)

Baltimore or DC Restaraunt Seder?

Looking for a place that is doing a Seder on April 6 in Baltimore or DC. 4 adults

Afternoon tea in Baltimore?

Gertrude's at the BMA has an afternoon tea thurs-sunday the first weekend of every month. The website says they're having one for st. patty's day too.
I went with friends to the holiday tea in December and it was sublime.

Delicious organic bread made in baltimore and the surrounding area?

Since you're from Detroit, I have to ask; Is your handle a reference to the scrummage band "Benny Stoofy".

Delicious organic bread made in baltimore and the surrounding area?

As a Detroit transplant I am spoiled by the likes of Avalon International Breads and Zingerman's Bake House which produce delicious bread made with honest ingredients. I am at a loss for this in Baltimore; any leads?

Vegan/vegetarian friendly under $100/person total ?

what about something vegetarian not vegan?

Jan 19, 2012
interplanetjanet in Manhattan

Vegan/vegetarian friendly under $100/person total ?

Coming to town for the Just Food Conference on Feb 24. My friend is a vegan leaning vegetarian and I'm a vegetarian leaning omnivore. We'd like to spend around 100 dollars each. Blossom and Candle 79 are on our radar but I'd like to know what else is out there. Thanks!

Jan 17, 2012
interplanetjanet in Manhattan

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

try putting a tiny ball of peanut butter in the core of your cookie ball before rolling in powdered sugar. Amazing!

Dec 14, 2011
interplanetjanet in Recipes

Restaurant Impossible Detroit

the cupcake station in birmingham! i've never had anything worth the calories from there. irvine needs to teach them about FRESHNESS

Dec 09, 2011
interplanetjanet in Great Lakes