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who loves verti marte?

Where I used to work - we would have Verti Mart delivered all the time for lunch. From the loaded baked potatoes that were almost the size of footballs to all the sandwiches and specials we thought it was great.
I have not ordered anything from Verti Mart since I saw the inside of it and the area where the food was served/prepared. I miss it still - lol. Indeed sometimes ignorance is bliss!

Nov 20, 2009
coffeebeanz in New Orleans

Anyone been to Le Foret yet?

We had dinner there a couple weeks ago and it was quite possibly one of the worst meals we have had in quite some time. Service issues (of which there were many) are expected and easily forgiven when a restaurant is new.
The menu looked wonderful - the dish and descriptions read beautifully - and we were quite excited about the meal to come. Unfortunately, why they are gifted with menu descriptors - they aren't able to back it up with their cuisine. It was quite possibly some of the blandest and unimaginative food I've been served in a long time. My Significant Other - who is not the pickiest of diners and tends to find the bright side of most experiences - compared his Quail Appetizer to the Breaded Veal Cutlettes his High School cafeteria served. The food, for the most part, was a *huge* disappointment.
The space and the restaurant are very lovely however - and it looked like they have a decent space for private events there as well.

Nov 20, 2009
coffeebeanz in New Orleans