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IN search of good cheap Peking duck???

Mission 261 serves a decent Cantonese peking duck, buns and all. As I remember, it's 14 dollars. While not as heavenly as Elite's, I found Mission 261's peking duck to be pretty good. And have ordered it multiple times when grabbing dim sum there.... Haven't been to Mission 261 since August... Been on kind of an Elite kick for Cantonese lately....

Mar 05, 2008
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

Noodle Shop on La Brea from Bon Appetit?

In the January '08 issue of Bon Appetit, they mention a noodle shop on La Brea that seemed to have opened recently. Anyone know the name of this place? -Thanks

Jan 07, 2008
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

Milwaukee - BBQ - Caterer for Parties? w/smoker?

Is there anyone in the Milwaukee area who does BBQ catering for parties? I need to find someone, hopefully with a portable smoker, who can do some mindblowing 'cue this weekend. Pulled Pork! Brats! Brisket! Thanks, Nuggets

Research: Korean BBQ - Westside - Japanese owned (not gyu-kaku)

Thank you everyone... Appreciate the help very much.
Can't wait to try this place! - Nuggets

Apr 22, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

Research: Korean BBQ - Westside - Japanese owned (not gyu-kaku)

Foodies and/or gluttons,
A sushi chef, formerly of Kiriko on Sawtelle (Daisuke), once told me about a korean bbq place a few blocks east of Sawtelle (on Olympic or Pico I believe) that was Japanese owned. He said it was one of the 3 best beef places in the U.S. and wouldn't open if they weren't happy with the quality of their meat. In my heart, I believe this place exists.

Anyone have any idea what he may have been referring to? I need to know a westside place for k-bbq that doesn't involve me having to go to woo lae oak... (Woo Lae Oak is fine, but you know, fine doesn't cut it when I seek the sublime).

Thanks, Nuggets

Apr 20, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

Lu Din Gee: what to order?

The duck can be very good. (The one at Mission 261 is my fav). The konyakku dishes really are good. I got a cold one, where it looked like green&yellow noodles. The eel with rice is the best dish, but mind you, is quite subtle in flavor.

P.S. There's a dish there which is shrimp, canned pineapple, and mayonnaise. It's nothing complicated, tastes like 1950's indulgent retro grub, but nontheless, is delicious.

Apr 20, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

What is Tacos Villa in Corona?

While the breakfast burrito is the best in the area and is my favorite pre-saturday morning errand-run indulgence; two other standouts are the steak torta and the chicken quesadilla, which is nicely spiced.... The prices are super-low btw....

Mar 21, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

Jay's Jayburger Replaced!

I remember Jay Burger being really good. Their L.A. rendition of a butter burger (which I've been lucky enough to try in Milwaukee (Solly's in Milwaukee may be by personal Mecca; I hope to have another pilgrimage there next year)) was worth having.... The Sean Burger sign is pretty hideous, but you know, the meat's the thing! Here's hoping for a great hamburger stand!

Mar 06, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

Takumi: Watch Out, Sushi Gen (long review)

I tried Takumi on Tuesday Night with Curtis and Ms. Bishop. Here's how it went down: A party of 10 had just sat down at Komasa, so it was looking like a 35-45 minute wait; Curtis, Ms. Bishop and I had a conference; roll over to R-23, Sushi Gen, or try something new.

We decide to try Takumi. 8 people are seated at the sushi bar. Aside from that, the place is empty. Sparse modern design inside. Only complaint is the glare of the fluorescent light from the kitchen invades the dining room. I'd try to switch out bulbs or do something to tone that down. It feels like a cafe in there. (If the sushi's good, I'll eat in a freakin' cubicle!)

Here's the rundown (what i can remember):
1. Spicy Tuna Tempura (They have a few alternative Tempura choices.) I'd skip this.
2. Agedashi Tofu - Broth was very good, full flavor. No bonito flakes. The actual tofu had crisp edges. Thick skin. But crisp. Good.
3. Tuna Mille-Feuille. This was good. Slices of maguro, shiso leaves, and radish slices (I think). The sauce tasted like vinagrette, and overpowered the dish a bit. Good presentation.
4. Nasu Miso. BEST THING WE ATE THAT NIGHT. Roasted eggplant cubes in miso sauce, with sesame seeds. I've had eggplant miso dishes before, and this is the best one I've had. It had a sweetness and dare I say a slight Umami flavor behind it. Very very nice.
5. Octopus sunomono. Pretty similar to most places in town. Octopus was sliced thinner and a little more tender in texture.

SUSHI: Very pretty presentation. But honestly, chef did not bring his A-Game. Heres how it breaks down:
Kohada and Saba were awful. I know Saba can be tricky, but this fish was past its prime and shouldn't have been served.
Toro was good (fatty, dark flesh with marbling).
Scallops were very good.
Salmon was average (good flavor, but poorly cut).
Eel was excellent except not all bones were pulled.
Albacore was very good (but tends to be in L.A.)
Here's the thing, I'm willing to pay to have my mind blown when it comes to sushi. This is why I love Kiriko, Mori, Sushi Park, etc. This place can be a hotspot. But right now, it's very uneven. Some things were great. So it's promising for Takumi.

- Nuggets

Feb 08, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area


The burger was my fav too.... The pastrami is too pepper-y and too fatty; nothing like the splendor that is Langer's. I hope they keep working on the formula of the Oinkster, but right now, if I want to eat sandwiches in Eagle Rock, I'll hit Spitz. P.S. Why's the pork sandwich so pricey?

Jan 31, 2007
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area

any good beer stores around the los feliz area??

Cap N' Cork on Hillhurst and Prospect has a good beer selection. A little pricey.

Jul 31, 2006
emceenuggets in Los Angeles Area