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Best (birthday/annivesary) cakes in SGV/Pasadena area?

what are some good places to buy cakes in the sgv area?

i go to fosselman's for ice cream cake and avoid the chinese bakeries because i've had it all my life.

i remember there was this one bakery that had real beautiful looking cakes on their website. they would be designed with what appeared to be solid layers of frosting (in red, green, or whatever color) surrounding the cake, making it look almost rubbery. does anyone know what place this is?

Oct 04, 2008
firstblud in Los Angeles Area

Where would you go for a romantic special occasion (anniversary)?

Looking for some input as i need to plan a big anniversary for me and the lady

if it helps:

prince range can't be too high... like $1000 high

would prefer a setting that's not overly noisy

we're not picky on food, we can eat almost anything

i'm more curious about where you would want to go on a special occasion so i can get unique ideas.


Sep 29, 2008
firstblud in Los Angeles Area