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Camana Peruvian in Greensboro?

Negative but here's a link to Carl Wilson's thoughts:

It's on my list of places to try but I can never resist the temptation of La Vaca Romana tacos across the street (that coincidentally used to be housed in Camana's location) when I'm in that area of town.

Good Indian Food in/near Greensboro, NC

I'm partial to Saffron ( ) - good service, good setting, and consistent. Like with most Indian establishments, they offer a lunch buffet which has goat and shrimp/scallop dishes on the weekends. They also serve beef which is less costly than lamb and goat according to the management.

India Palace (413 Tate Street) is also good; owners are very friendly and attentive.

An Indian friend also spoke very highly of an Indian/Chinese restaurant in the general RTP area but I unfortunately cannot remember the name - anyone?

Greensboro Pakse Cafe

I enjoyed my first legit Banh Mi in Greensboro for the 1st time last week at the Pakse Cafe on Florida St. (@ Freeman Mill Rd.). I had read a review about Pakse awhile back in, I believe, either the GoTriad or YesWeekly but had forgotten about it until I had the hankering. As that review had illustrated, this establishment is no frills, but it reminded me of the many Vietnamese Cafe/Coffee shops I frequented in East Oakland (CA). They have several types of Banh Mi-s but I opted for the classic roast pork. As with most Banh Mi-s, it's the bread that truly makes it and this one did not disappoint. The roll was crisp and squishy on the inside and the ingredients were good - slight spread of liver pate, a relish of carrots and radishes, ample amount of chiles for the heat and std Chinese/Asian sliced roast pork. The price had risen (from that original review) but it's still a great deal for $3.75. In going with the no-frills theme, there's also an ample Asian store (unlike the wonderland of the Super G Mart on W. Market) where I was able to pick up some essentials.

Nov 24, 2008
Pizza4Life in Southeast

Tongue tacos, menudo, birria, pozole in Bham

Talking with a native from NE mexico, al pastor means literally "out to pasture" although in slang it can mean "ranch style". There are a gazillion culinary interpretations of al pastor not only confined to Mexico (greek/middle eastern food = gyron meat), but from what I gather, it generically means meat marinated in a mix of spices for 1-??? hours. The type of spices and marinating style depends, and varies widely, geographically. I've even seen al pastor as beef with some pineapples, but typically see al pastor as marinated pork.

Upcoming NC October food events (NC Seafood Festival, Swansboro Mullet, Valle Country Fair) - any gems?

Unfortunately, I second demiglace's thoughts on the NC Seafood Festival. I was sorely disappointed when the only clam chowder I came upon was the same found from most cans. Nothing unique or fresh about this festival, unless you're into "carnival" type food. It now makes sense why all the supposed legit places to eat were closed.

Greensboro Lunch Ideas?

You may find the below link helpful as well.

To add to the list (and fairly close to the airport) for pizza: Mario's (1575 New Garden Rd # D, Greensboro - (336) 316-1119). At the very most, an 8-10 min drive from the airport.

New to Greensboro - looking for good, down-to-earth restaurants!

I must unfortunately agree with others' reply re: Stamey's. I've only been here for 2.5 yrs so I can't comment on its past, but the BBQ (pulled pork shoulder 'round deez parts) did not suit my taste. It was dry and the sauce albeit of the "western style" didn't wow me like others. Strongly recommend Short Sugars in Reidsville. My other suggestions:

- Minj Grille ( ) - best wings in town, no competition.
- Van Loi 2 - most authentic Vietnamese (for soups and rice dishes, unfortunately Banh Mi's are illigit) check out post at:
- Brixx Pizza - OK wood fire/brick oven style pizzas but they really shine in the draught beer Dept. - esp. Mon. nights $1.50 domestic pints. They've sadly recently pulled the DogFish 90 min IPA.
- Saffron - ( ) best Indian in town.
- Mario's Pizza ( on New Garden) - Supposed legit NY slice. Despite my handle, I am man enough to admit that I've yet to partake but I've heard good things.
- La Vaca Super Romana - legit Mexican food/Taqueria. Tacos de lengua, de tripa, de cabeza, Seis mares, pozole, horchata, etc.
- Seoul Garden - std Korean BBQ. Although std, very satisfying from BBQ beef ribs to proper Kim Chee soup.
- Rearn Thai - unfortunately have never been (West Market St.), but Thai natives swear on it.

Jul 26, 2007
Pizza4Life in Southeast

Looking for sushi restaurant in Greensboro, nc

There are a handfull of restaurants that serve sushi in Greensboro. I can't rattle them all off but if you google "Greensboro Sushi" you'll find most of them. I can only comment on Kabuto's (Wendover Ave.), Sushi Republic (formerly Sushi 101 - Tate St.), and Asahi's (West Market St.). They were all good, std fare, although nothing that'd blow your mind like Matsuhisa's Nobu. I'd gladly continue my patronage to any of the area's restaurants but I won't crave nor daydream of return visits like my old haunts of SF, Oakland, CA.

There's always the alternative of making it at home as well. I encourage everyone to head to their respective Asian food market and procure a rice cooker, seaweed sheets, bamboo sushi roller, and other assorted goods (rice, rice vinegar, wasabi, etc.). Then hook up some sashimi grade tuna, mackeral, salmon, etc. and roll it at home. I'm still about 60 yrs in the making as a sushi chef but its fun ( coin a Bay Area term...hella affordable).

Post Game Atlanta recommendation needed

I don't live in Atlanta but I did stay at a Holiday Inn. Just kidding. Sorry, I'm at work, felt compelled to add that.

A friend lives in Castleberry Hill, a warehouse/art gallery district prbly a mile tops from Phillips arena. To walk there, you must continue walking along/across the bridge away from downtown. I'm all for walking but you may consider driving, as some may say at night the area has its elements. 80% of the traffic will be headed back into downtown so driving won't impact your time.

I've never dined at any of the number of spots that pop up weekly but there's a Mexican est. (name?), Sushi joint (name?), a bar/lounge that sells pizza (Slice), and I'm sure a host of other places that have sprouted since my last visit.

wikipedia's link:

Pizza:Where to grab a slice in Greensboro

Hailing from CT, Can't vouch for any of the Elizabeth's Pizza location in Greensboro but the one in the bustling Metropolis of Eden serves up a legit slice.

I second NYP on Tate.

Pizzeria L'Italiano @ 219 S Elm St is all right as well. And yes, that includes the times I haven't had 8000 beers.

Brixx serves up the wood fired brick oven style a la CPK. Decent, esp. if ordered extra cripsy and accompanied by a coupla pints of on-tap Dogfish 90 min.

Greensboro Recommendations?

If you are indeed heading to the Arts Center on Davie St., the following are on Elm St and all withing walking distance.

I second Liberty Oak - right off Elm on Washington ( ). Elegant but relaxed atmosphere, I'm partial to either the bar or outside. I've tried, but I can never stray away from the scallops in mild curry when ordering. And Brooklyn Brown on tap!!! (at least on my last visit). It doesn't get any better, though it appears as though they have Dogfish 60 min on tap so definitely can't go wrong there either.

For the most legit wings in town - Minj Grille ( Not your ordinary rinky dinky frozen wings off a broiler/fryer sized pollo but rather "jumbo" sized wings, off of what it appears from a roaster sized bird - in a very unique "Nikki's famous" sauce - slightly sweet, tangy, and spicy - Straight Bangin'.

And for a fairly legit NY slice: Pizzeria L'Italiano @ 219 S Elm St

For a good variety of European beers on tap and moderately priced upscale Irish bar food (fish & chips, sheppard's pie, Bangers and Mash [?]) - McCouls (further South on Elm St.)

Middle Eastern food at Zaytoons. I've yet to go but I hear really good things. Located in some Office Building lobby.

...and after having written all that, I see you posted last yr. Hope you had an enjoyable visit and Buen Provecho to all the others.

Where is the Bar Food in Atlanta

You can't beat the Q - pulled pork, brisket, dry rub ribs at Smiths Olde Bar. Unfortunately served only on Wed., Sat. - Sun. - I think, its been too long.

Greensboro pho

Van Loi 2 Vietnamese Restaurant (3829 High Point Rd Apt D; Phone: (336)855-5688) is my favorite. They have an extensive authentic menu. They also have a deli right beside the dining area complete with roast pig, duck, (and for the more adventurous) chicken feet - my personal favorite. Not as thrifty as those pho cafes I dearly miss in East Oakland but just as good.