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Portuguese Restaurant for 60th!

Hey Hounds - I'm on the hunt for the best "sit down" restaurant options to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday - keep in mind, that this is mom, so it'll be hard to impress or compete with her cooking! Haha...Looking in the Burlington-Mississauga area, but would venture out further if there are "must try" places. We've exhausted all of the Hamilton spots (Orchid, Ventura's, Conquistador, etc...) and need to venture East (or West) in hopes of finding something new.


Yonge Dundas Square dinning - where to go?

Thanks Folks! Richmond Station and Trattoria Mercatto seem decent and I'll suggest them to the other 4, hopefully we can come to an agreement - in the meatime, keep the rec's coming - we've already done Barberians.


Yonge Dundas Square dinning - where to go?

Thanks Folks! Kind of looking for more of a dinner type food court. There will be 5 of us - also looking for bar/lounge type for after dinner drinks.


Yonge Dundas Square dinning - where to go?

Hey Hounds - Meeting a few colleagues in the YDS area and would appreciate any dinning rec's that would be "Hound" worthy.

Much appreciated!

Burlington restaurant suggestions for birthday dinner

I'd have to agree with can't miss with any of those 4! I'd also maybe throw in the Carriage House in Burlington

Bloor West Village

Great! Thanks Hounds!

Bloor West Village

Hey Hounds - I'm meeting up with a few foodies in a couple of weeks and was looking for recommendation in the Bloor West Village area. We're looking for a dinner spot, with meat being the primary item of choice and a great drinking spot after dinner - price is unlimited.

Appreciate any feedback!

Seven Windows (Hamilton)

Thanks! Was also wondering if any hounds had any reviews or been lately?

Seven Windows (Hamilton)

Hey Hounds!

Just wondering if anyone has been to Seven Windows lately, can't really find much of a review anywhere.


Seven Windows
432 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton, ON L8P2S2, CA

Looking for a Good Veal Sandwich in Burlington

Where is the California's in Burlington?

Ottawa Dinner and Drinks

Hey Hounds - heading to Ottawa next weekend with some colleagues and was looking for a great place to dine on some steaks (like a Sterlings or Empire Grill). Also, looking for a place for after dinner drinks that would be worth the visit.
We're looking for somewhere in the Byward Market area.

Much appriciated!

Empire Grill
47 Clarence St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1, CA

Byward Cafe
55 Byward Market Sq, Ottawa, ON K1N9C3, CA

Canadian Hound coming to Pitt this weekend!


Nov 26, 2010
htownca in Pennsylvania

Canadian Hound coming to Pitt this weekend!

Hey Hounds - Coming down with a couple of friends to watch the hockey game and was looking for some local hound worthy places...any recs? I've been told to check out: IL PIZZAIOLO and PRIMANTI BROS... are these places worthy of checking out...are there any others?


Nov 25, 2010
htownca in Pennsylvania

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Recommendations needed for restaurants in Hamilton and area?

I second Quatrefoil in Dundas!!

Gentlemen's Dinner in Port Credit/Mississauga

Hey Hounds - Putting together a "gentlemen's dinner" in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for a great place to eat in the Mississauga/Port Credit area - Price is not an option! Meat and wine are always a priority, but would love any other recommendations that you see fit.


Mississauga/Etobicoke restaurant for family dinner

How about one of these:
Rosewood Bistro - - they have a section upstairs that might fit your needs
Piatto Bistro - - might be a little small for your size, but worth asking

1646 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5C1E6, CA

Rosewood Bistro
1900 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5K, CA

Quatrefoil Restaurant in Dundas

Had dinner over the weekend and it was fabolous! Décor is very white, as Cheech5001 mentions with chairs and linens, a muted light grey paint on the walls – lovely white circled wallpaper on an accent wall with blast of colour from paintings and flowers on tables.
Starters: Grilled Scallop & Calamari (Me)
Heirloom Tomato & C’est Bon Goat Cheese (Wife)
Scallop came atop of two rolled pieces of calamari and were grilled to perfection.
Heirloom tomato’s were ripe with beautiful yellow and red colours.
Mains: Veal Tenderloin feature dinner (Me)
Pacific Halibut (Wife)
Upon arrival of our mains the waiter mentioned that the chef was preparing two more portions of veal due to the fact that the portions I was served was the tail end and therefore was not cooked consistently to my order (medium) – I was glad and appreciative of the mistake/concern and within 5 mins. the new portions came out. Needless to say, I got my fill of veal. The dinner was accompanied with asparagus, finger length potatoes sliced and a mix of corn and lobster in a reduced cherry or red wine sauce.
Pacific Halibut was moist and accompanied with a parsley potatoe puree. My wife always tends to leave a bit or two on her plate (which drives me nuts), but not this night! She loved it so much, that it would be a sin not to finish it off.
Dessert: Clementine Crème Brule (Me)
Blueberry Lemon Cake (Wife)
Cheese Plate (Shared)
Crème Brule – not too heavy, with a mild taste of Clementine orange accompanied with ginger bread and ginger ice cream. Blueberry Lemon cake did last long enough for me to taste it – wife was not sharing. Cheese plate was a nice end to the dinner. A selection of three different cheeses (Spain, Timmins and Quebec) accompanied with honey comb, chutney and house made crostini.
The only flaw (if you want to call them that) was they didn’t have a particular gin I requested and ran out of the Taylor’s 20yr port, but the waiter was more that happy to give me a heavy handed 10yr in lieu. All said and done, from the apps to dinner, dessert and friendly staff, everything was great. Will definitely go back to try the other dishes.

Taste of Burlington

Just wondering if anyone has checked this out...

Who has the best peaches?

They are currently doing renovations to the Hamilton Farmers Market downtown, its temporary location is inside Jackson Square. It will remain there until the renovations are complete (Fall 2010). All stallholders are operating, and the hours are the same: Tues & Thurs. 7-6, Fri. 8-6 and Sat. 6-6.
There is also the Farmers Market on Ottawa St. in Hamilton...

Quatrefoil Restaurant in Dundas

Just read the review in this weekends paper
Haven't checked it out yet - has anyone else?


Checked it out for the first time this year - almost forgot/missed it. This was the 3rd year they've done it. About a dozen vendors from around the area (Burlington - Brantford). You can buy 1/2 pound (4-5 wings) of wings for $5 and a full pound for $10. When I arrived they were announcing the winners - Sammy's Rec Room (Brantford) won best wing, Lezley's Chaps on Plain's won best Hot wing. Ended up trying Sammy's hot wings and wasn't wowed by their sauce - I much preferred the 5 Alarm Hot sauce, but that's just me. Loooove Chap's wings! I've often taken a trip to Lezley's Chap's on plains for the wings. Wish they would promote this event more.

Lezley's Chaps
355 Plains Rd W, Burlington, ON L7T1G6, CA

Swiss Chalet Stuffing

It’s definitely stove top or at lease a 99% equivalent. I worked at one many years ago and remember when we ran out running over to the grocery store and buying boxes of stove top.

Restaurants in Niagara-on-the-Lake

My wife, myself and our little 1 year old boy went to SRG yesterday afternoon to finally see in person what this place was all about.

The atmosphere as TorontoJo posted was casual/cozy/funky, with the black and red décor, which we loved.

To start we ordered a large Caesar salad to share and a side Asparagus soup for me. Upon receiving our salad we noticed that they sent out a side salad along with the soup, we didn’t say anything and figured that the server may have just misunderstood and assumed that each of us wanted our own side, no big deal. Salad was delicious, with garlic infused croutons and real crispy bacon, the soup was creamy, sweet with pieces of asparagus frites in it. My wife doesn’t like many creamy soups, but after tasting mine she was regretting not asking for a bowl herself.

We asked our server for a glass of warm water so we could mix some of our son’s cereal and feed him before our mains came out, after waiting what seemed like 10mins, we just mixed his cereal with some of the cold water we had on our table, needless to say we never got the warm water we had asked for.

Our mains finally came out – my wife had the Thai Chicken salad sandwich which she loved. It was HUGE and full of big pieces of chicken, mixed with sprouts and a peanut sauce. I had the Steak frites, which was cooked to perfection. The fries were also delicious, made from fresh cut potatoes.

Now, here’s were this trip to SRG became memorable – When we first arrived I was a little apprehensive in taking our little guy with us, b/c I figured the restaurant would be full and this place probably wasn’t the best place to take him. We walked in and noticed only 3 tables (2 tables of 4 and a table of 2), so we said we’ll give it a shot seeing as how it wasn’t very busy. We were greeted by our server who asked if we had a reservation, which we didn’t, but looking around I don’t understand why he asked it wasn’t busy and the place was practically empty. He sat us down gave us some time to look over the menus and then came back to take our drink and meal orders. Shortly after the apps. arrived and asked how things were going a table of 8 walked - this is when our service went downhill. After feeding our 15month old (with cold) cereal, our meals were served to us from another waitress/runner. By now our son was getting a little “antsy” and we were trying to finish up as quickly as we could. We noticed our server was spending a lot more time with the table of 8 and another table of 4 (probably b/c they had reservations!?) which had ordered wine and is why I’m sure he was spending a lot more time with them (up sell, up sell, up sell!), but this doesn’t give him the right to totally ignore us…he never came over to ask how the food was or if we needed more drinks. After we finished our meals my wife took our son out to the car and I waited to pay the bill. After waiting 10-15min. our server finally came by and asked if I wanted the bill – to my surprise and sarcastic tone I told him that I was surprised that he even remembers we were there. I told him that we were disappointed in the service and it was the worst I have ever had. I’ve worked in the hospitality/restaurant in the past and this by far was TERRIBLE by any standards and nowhere near professional. I also mentioned to him that it was very unfortunate that a place like SRG gets great reviews about their food and such, that it had to be tainted by the terrible service he provided – he apologized and was beginning to use the age old excuse of “very busy and understaffed, etc…” This was totally not the case; it was really about focusing on the larger table(s) that were ordering the wine. I know this isn’t a forum to display my distaste on something other than the food (which was fabulous), but I feel it’s more of a “buyer beware” in this case. I’m sure I’ll go back, but next time I’ll be sure to make a reservation and order some wine!

recs for Sunday brunch in Oakville

Waterstreet Cooker is above Emma's Back Porch has a great brunch.

Mississauga / Streetsville restaurant gift certificate

How about any of these place:

The Old Barber House -
Rosewood Bistro -
Michael's Backdoor -
Rogue's -

Hope this helps.

Rosewood Bistro
1900 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5K, CA

Old Barber House
5155 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5M, CA

Hamilton/Whitby Dinner & Breakfast

For mediterranean in Hamilton I would suggest:
Wild Orchid...
For breakfast in Hamilton I would recommend The Harbour Diner...
I hear they have a great egg's benny and their other menu items are fabulous!

ISO: Picard Peanuts

There is a Pickard's just outside of Waterdown (Going into Burlington) on HWY 5 (Dundas)

Barangas on the Beach (hamilton)

Haven't been to Barangas in awhile - sorry.
Here are some suggestions:
The Old Power House
The Old Mill in Ancaster

if you're looking to go outside of Hamilton to Burlington I'd suggest:
The Balcktree

You can't go wrong with any of these places.

Hot Tip: Best Meals in Hamilton

We just had dinner at The Harbour Diner and I must say that this place is definitely worth a visit! This place makes everything fresh; so fresh so, that they don't even own a deep fryer!

Here's what we had:
Garden Salad with made in house balsamic dressing (crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers - the dressing was delicious, not overbearing with vinegar)
Pulled Pork Poutine (a healthy portion of baked wedges, topped with creamy cheese curds and pulled pork and a beef demi-glaze - makes my mouth water just writing far my fav. The meat was so tender and sweet and the cheese so creamy)
Roast Turkey Club (made with real turkey white meat, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomatoe and a black pepper chive mayo on honey oat bread)
Spaghetti and Meatballs (a bowl of pasta served with 2 HUGE hand rolled meatballs topped with a rich marinara sauce...needless to say after trying to finish the poutine I barley had enough room for dinner, I only ate 1/2 a meatball and some pasta - had to pack up the rest.
Slice of Pear and Blueberry pie (both pies were served warm; we had the option of ice cream but opted out, due to the lack of room in our bellies. Both pie's were excellent, my fav. was the pear pie, which was recommended by our server - great choice!

Service was both excellent and friendly Chef Scott Randall definitely has something going on and people should check this place out. This by far is a jewel of James St. North - close proximity to the HMCS Haida, Waterfront trails and Pier 4, which make this place a perfection destination to hit before or after.

As Adrock75 noted in his post, they recently re-opened (Nov) and have changed the look of the place, by removing a wall and making it feel more open. The feel and mood of the place is cozy and the style is "eclectic retro" with seating for about 28. A great place to sit and enjoy a slice of homemade pie and a $1.00 organic coffee!

A word to the wise, is to go hungry - the portions are very generous. Also, bring cash, b/c they currently don't have any other form of payments, but we were told that they will be equipped with everything in the next few weeks.

We will definitely be going back to try the other menu items!