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House of Fortune in McLean soup dumplings

I've tried them and they are quite good. Much better compared to the ones at A&J. They usually have them during lunch but not dinner, though I recommend calling them to verify if they have them.

Texas style fatty/moist brisket in NOVA?

I just came back from Austin, Texas and had some great fatty (moist) brisket. Any recommendations for similar fatty BBQ brisket in the NOVA (or DC) area? I've been to Rocklands and was definitely NOT impressed with their version of brisket. Help! Thanks.

Question about Bourdain show in Baltimore 5/22

All in all it was a good show. The format of the show was Bourdain and Eric Ripert on a couch for a Q&A with an interviewer, ala Inside the Actor's Studio, followed by audience questions. Bourdain and Ripert played well off each other. Rippert being the somewhat proper and bashful french chef and Bourdain being the snarky and humorously crude New Yorker. The base ticket price of $49 (give or take) and the $89 for the Foodie experience was a great deal. The Food Experience was a ton of food that lasted all night. If you waited out the crowds, there was still a bunch of food left. However the $250 per ticket for the meet and greet had questionable value. It got you access to a VIP lounge before the show, which was ok nothing special and still a cash bar, access to the Foodie experience, access to a seat in one of the first three rows, and a walk through a book signing line at the end of the show. The book signing line was a bit disappointing because it's basically what you get at a Borders.

I did get to ask Bourdain about trying to get his Cook's Tour footage back (now that Food Network owns Travel Channel) and that made him think for a moment. He said that it was an interesting thought, but he looked so young in that and he just wanted to move on. I told Ripert that he and Bourdain reminded me of Martin and Lewis, which made Bourdain laugh and Bourdain asked which one he was. I looked at him for a second and he said said "I'm probably Lewis".

Overall, fun show.

Question about Bourdain show in Baltimore 5/22

Anyone else purchase the Meet and Greet for the "No Reservations: An Evening with Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert". I did but have very little information about the it other than a printed ticket that tells me nothing and makes no mention of the meet and greet.

Anyone know when the meet and greet happens? Do I need to get there early? Should I have received something in the mail? Kind of strange how little information there is about the event.

Chinese in D.C. that isn't Full Kee

I second Sichuan Pavilion, best Chinese in DC.

Sichuan Pavilion D C
1814 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

No Reservations-Technique

(the fork on the non-stick pan) That was driving me crazy as well. I turned to my wife and told her to never do that.

Apr 19, 2010
rcheng in Food Media & News

No Reservations-Technique

That was driving me crazy as well. I turned to my wife and told her to never do that.

Apr 19, 2010
rcheng in Food Media & News

manassas virginia- your favorites pls?

Sichuan Village has some pretty good and interesting stuff on the menu, but stay away, far, far away, from the buffet.

Recommendations for Chinese in DC's Chinatown

BTW, the decor is nice and well maintained in an old school type way, very similar to Peking Gourmet Inn. If you are looking for something more trendy like a Cafe Asia, it's not that type of decor, but it is actually pretty nice and just shy of a bit formal.

Recommendations for Chinese in DC's Chinatown

My favorite Chinese place in DC is Sichuan Pavilion Been there several times and have always enjoyed it. Large Chinese clientele is a good sign. Ma Po is excellent, the dan dan noodles are tasty, The combination of the food and the dining area together beats all the other places in Chinatown.

Sichuan Pavilion D C
1814 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Restaurants near Hippodrome Theatre at the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center

I scored a couple of tickets to the Tony Bourdain show in Baltimore,

We're thinking about grabbing a bite before the show, but I am unfamiliar with the area. Any recommendations for dinner near this theater? Also, what is this area like? Is it safe to walk around and such?


Pho Herndon

I've been there a couple of times and their beef noodle stew dish is pretty good. I like it with the RICE noodles ( It's a rich, deep dish with very tender stewed beef and quite a bit of sweetness from the carrots. Some may find it too sweet, but I think it's pretty good.

Wife's Birthday, need dinner rec near Herndon/Reston area

Thanks for the recs, we went to Inox and it was very nice. We had the tasting menu, which was fun. Not everything was a hit, the scallop and fois gras was disappointing, but overall very nice. I definitely like the tasting menu and having a series of small plates throughout dinner. The wine pairings were nice as well

Afterward we went to ECitie for a drink or two, but it's wasn't quite the same. ECitie just seemed to be lame in terms of night life. I guess it's part of being at Tyson's Corner.

Wife's Birthday, need dinner rec near Herndon/Reston area

My wife and I are going to rare night out without kids this coming Saturday for her birthday and I'm looking for a dinner recs. We're looking for someplace around Herndon with Reston, Tyson, Vienna, Fairfax, Chantilly, Centerville, Fairfax, Sterling (and possibly a little further out).

I'm looking for some place with great food and great service and since this is pretty much a rarity having a night without kids, price is not a concern. Any recs would be great, thanks!!

China Garden & Lucky 3

Bummer about Lucky 3. I enjoyed going there for lunch. Our office would make the occasional jaunt to Lucky 3. RIP, I hope it comes back soon.

good and healthy?

I have the same question, but for NoVA restaurants. Please let me know your recs on those as well.

Quality Greek Restaurant in NoVa, DC, Baltimore?

I second the Greek Taverna. Their olive bread is outstanding. Last time we sat outside and we could smell the grapes from the grapevines that grow overhead.

Greek Taverna
6828 Old Dominion Dr Ste C, Mc Lean, VA 22101

Middle Eastern catering in NoVa?

I used Amoo Kabob to cater a party once and it worked out well. I got a selection of chicken, kubbideh, and lamb kabob with some regular rice and flavored rice. To save some money, we ordered some of the kabob with meat only and some with rice and tomatoes and when it was all said and done, the amount of food they gave us was about double what we thought we were going to get. I seem to recall getting the kabobs, flavored rices, white/saffron rice, break, yogurts, lemons, raw onions, grilled tomatoes. We had a lot left over of everything. I definitely recommend them.

Amoo's House of Kabob
6271 Old Dominion Dr, Mc Lean, VA 22101

Recommendations for Chinese?

I believe that price is correct.

Recommendations for Chinese?

If you make it out to the Rockville are, I recommend the Taipei Tokyo Cafe's. Excellent noodle dishes and Sunday northern Chinese dim sum.

Also, Lucky Three in Falls Church, VA has dim sum buffet. I usually stay away from buffet's, but this one is actually pretty good. Great selection of all the favorite dim sum items and at $9.95, it's a steal.

Lucky 3
5900 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

Taipei Tokyo
14921 Shady Grove Rd, Rockville, MD 20850

Taipei Tokyo Cafe
1596 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD

Taipei Tokyo Cafe
11510 Rockville Pike Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852

Good place for lunch/dinner with kids in Tysons/Vienna/Mclean area

We have a 2 year old and listed below are some of our go to places in Vienna. The food is not exactly gourmet, but very child friendly:

Anita's - Nice Sante Fe style tex mex. No wait even on weekends.
Joe's Place - local chain. Pizza/Pasta buffet during lunch and on certain nights
Skopios - Small place, but tasty food.

Also, all of the places at Tyson's 1 and 2 are pretty much child friendly as well. This includes Coastal Flats (T1), Cheesecake Factory (T2), PF Chiangs (T2), Legal Seafood (T2).

Anita's New Mexico Style Mxcn
521 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180

Skorpios Maggio's Family
421 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180

Joes Place Pizza & Pasta
435 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180

Pho--6am 'til midnight in West Annandale

That is awesome news! If anyone else knows of any Asian places that serves breakfast in the NOVA area, please let me know!

Korean fried chicken

I noticed there's a restaurant next to TemptAsian that servers Korean style rotisserie chicken.

Old Town or vicinity lunch recs for today

Went there for the first time last week. Best friend fish I've had in the area!

Amma Vegetarian Kitchen

I think they have a location in Vienna, VA as well.

Taiwanese Hamburgers

I notice on the A&J menu they have meat fill bun, is it the same thing?

Wedding Location with Great Food

If you feel comfortable sharing your the budget range you are looking for, it will help narrow some of the options. We got married at the Club At Franklin Square in DC and it was a great experience. The food was good but what was really nice were the facilities, price point, the staff, and the open bar.

We had about 150 at our wedding. The food was good and tasty. I don't know if it was blow your mind off wow, but I thought it was fine. The place itself was great, it had a large open area for the sit down dinner. A nice sized area for the dancing and socializing after dinner, a couple of smaller rooms so so that if there were kids, you could have a kids area, and a really neat bar area in the lower level where smokers can go and where you smoke cigars as well. It had a little something for everyone. The staff was very helpful and the were very generous with their liqour. We were only suppose to receive certain liquours, but at the event, they pretty much agreed to pour anything they had in stock (Grand Marnier, Baileys, etc..) What I heard later was that some people may have enjoyed a little too much, but that just makes for better stories the next day ;)

They also had a parking garage which they let us use, I think it there was a small fee involved as well, but not too bad for DC parking and they let us pay that so that the guests wouldn't have to deal with it. It was also nice since our there were several churches and hotels in walking distance, so there was no need to drive from church, to reception, to hotel (but I suspect this will be the case with most DC sites).

My wife spent several months searching for a place in entire greater DC area (going as far north as Baltimore and as far south as about 2 hours in VA) and we were really stressing out. This place worked out great it was really reasonably priced (actually a great bargain considering all the alcohol involved). Overall, very good exprience.

The only caveat is that I think they may have changed their ownership or management since our wedding. It looks like they have 2 locations, ours was the Frankling Sq location


Egg roll condiments.

I recall whenver our family made spring rolls, it was eaten with vinegar

May 06, 2007
rcheng in General Topics

Happy Hour TONIGHT that is filling but not fried

Ri Ra Irish Bar in Clarendon has really good and cheap happy hour food menu. You can also take a look at this link for a list of happy hour specials (it mostly focuses on drink specials, but there is some food mentioned),

Recommendation request: Best dim sum in D.C. area & Chinese grocery stores

I really enjoy the Dim Sum lunch buffet that is available on weekdays only at the Lucky Three restaurant in Fall Church. I think it's $9.99 but it's a great deal at that price they have most of my favorite Dim Sum items. For $1 extra, you get the clams as well.

There may be those that disagree, so let the flaming begin.