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Restaurant and Agriturismo/hotel outside of Bologna

+1. Both lodging and restaurant.

Jun 09, 2015
ghiottone in Italy

Recommendations for Le Marche this fall

Hostaria Santa Lucia is quite good. However, it's pretty seafood-focused, Lisa. Jesi is also quite a hike from Cagli - at least 90 minutes. But if you go, be sure to check out the Regional Enoteca. Many Marche growers are represented there.
(Note that it's only open in the early evening).

Apr 29, 2015
ghiottone in Italy

Rome Holiday Visit FINIS

My carbonara from last November - very tasty. I also had the coda alla vaccinara, which was less successful.

Mar 03, 2015
ghiottone in Italy

Recommendations for Le Marche this fall

I live not far from Cagli, though I don't get up there all too often. My go-to spot is La Giocanda (, which offers classic trattoria fare slightly updated (e.g. they slice Iberico, rather than prosciutto). I also like Osteria Sant'Angelo ( – very nice owner and a lovely space. Both restaurants are in the center.

Farther afield, I recommend a visit to Furlo, particularly a trip through the old Roman Furlo Pass. Mussolini's profile was carved on the mountainside, later blown up by the partisans, and now said to be in the process of restoration ( For dining, there's the restaurant at the Hotel Antico Furlo (, though it's a bit pricey. Il Duce spent many summer holidays there and supposedly enjoyed cooking his own tagliatelle and frittate. They still keep a salon dedicated to him that is frozen in the 1930s – something to see.

Then of course there's the whole Acqualagna area – truffle central – but I haven't dined anywhere notable there.

And if you're in Cagli in June, the Distinti Salumi festival is terrific - purveyors from all over Italy and abroad. They're pretty lame about updating their website, though (

Feb 27, 2015
ghiottone in Italy

Milan dinner recommendations?

Had dinner at da Abele, which is very near the Pasteur stop on the Metro Line 1. It is known for its risotti, and that’s what we went for. But we were swayed by the set menus (one “terra” and one “mare”) for EUR 28: three courses + dessert. For both menus, there are two choices for each course. We went with the terra menu, and the two of us chose different items for each, so we ate everything on offer.

Starters were lasagnette with mushrooms and a plate of local salumi. We get a lot of cured meats here in Le Marche, so the salumi, while fine, were nothing special. The lasagnette were quite good. Next were the risotti, and the restaurant generally has three (changing) types on offer as proper primi. Of the two on the terra menu, one was beans, cabbage, leeks, fresh salame, tomatoes, and the other, burrata, arugula, tomatoes, capers. Both outstanding. Mains were the Lombardian version of cassoulet – cassoeula – enjoyable enough, but I think I prefer cassoulet, and rabbit stuffed with chestnuts and lentils, which was terrific. Desserts were a chocolate marquise and spuma di ricotta, both very tasty. The wine list is not extensive, but the prices are highly affordable.

All in all, a very nice dinner in a relaxed setting at a surprising price point.

Dec 22, 2014
ghiottone in Italy

Rome New Year's Eve/Day

I had NYE dinner last year at Agate e Romeo. We spent about EUR 150 pp, including wine, for something like (the set) 5 or 6 courses + the traditional cotechino with lenticchie at midnight. The meal was terrific as always. I had considered Antico Arco, but at EUR 220 pp just for food, I elected to pass. The taxi factor was also a consideration. Note that A&R isn't far from the Colosseum, less than 20 minutes on foot.

Nov 30, 2014
ghiottone in Italy

Ideas for lunch before Football match at Stadio Olimpico in May?

Going for a Champions League match in October. According to, "There are few options to eat or drink at the Foro Italico complex itself, but the area on the other side of the river is a typical Italian urban neighbourhood, which means that it will not be hard to find an espresso, gelato, or pizza." Since kick-off is 20:45, should be time at least to grab a pizza. Will have car. Anyone have any thoughts?

Sep 05, 2014
ghiottone in Italy

Coffee in Italy

Many bars also serve caffè d'orzo (or just "orzo"), a non-caffeinated beverage made from roasted barley.

Jun 30, 2014
ghiottone in Italy


Pinkishfloyd is spot on: this is one great burger. The quality of the ingredients is first class (on mine, anyway). I used the "build your burger modus": (1) select protein (beef for me - 2 3-oz patties is the default - but they also have salmon, portobello, etc); (2) select free toppings (I went with carmelized onions); (3) select a sauce (I went with the 1000-islandish Freakin Sauce, but they have a variety of spiced mayos, even eel sauce; (4) select a cheese for add-on price (lots of options); (5) select extras for add-on price (I went with bacon, and it was 4 or 5 relatively thick slice of real bacon). One-size bevs (simplicity) + fries for an extra $2.29. Total came to just over $10. Burger is made to order, so you get a number and they bring it to your table. Place was full, but it took only about 5 minutes to get served. So, slow-ish fast food. But as Pinkish notes, it's a really great burger. Easy to get to from I-75 - exit at Corunna, then a drive of less than 5 minutes. I'm mosdef stopping in again on my way back down from Alpena. Looks like they want to franchise - I think it would be a hit.

Nov 11, 2013
ghiottone in Great Lakes

Gozo (Malta) recommendations?

Ta'Frenc is really excellent, though pricey. I liked how when you arrive, you're seated in the bar area first, offered to order a cocktail (nice classic Champagne-based cocktails for, I believe, EUR 10), and then given the dinner menu to study while having your drink. They even took our order before escorting us to our table. They were kind enough to allow us to split the aljotta - very nice rendition. Having had fish for lunch (see below), we went with duck breast (a special not shown on their online menu) and the rabbit - both prepared excellently. Extensive wine list runs the gamut in price, but I found an affordable, enjoyable Burgundy. Total bill came to about EUR 135. Will be certain to return.

Had lunch at Ta'Cenc (, which is run by the eponymous hotel though located nowhere near it. It's on the southern side of the island (south of Sannat and tricky to find) and right smack on the cliffs, with a stunning view of the sea and Comino (photo below). Had ceviche of various local fishes, terrific grilled prawns, grilled tuna (cooked perfectly: nearly raw in the middle), grilled swordfish and lots of Cisk beer (I couldn't seem to drink my fill of this, really refreshing). Bill was EUR 65.

Ate one dinner at Café Jubilee ( in Victoria (appears to be a mini-chain) that was pretty mediocre. Prices are reasonable and portions are large.

There's a nice restaurant called Horizon, located right on the water next to the cove where the Salt Pans start. Just had beer (more Cisk), but the menu features a lot of fresh fish. Reasonable prices, too.

A little lunch place called Stephen's in Xaghra (just off the main square) sells tasty, freshly prepared pastizzi, fitira, arancini and the like at rock-bottom prices.

Thought of eating in Xlendi (beautiful setting), but all the restaurants seemed pretty pedestrian, pricey, and sorta facsimiles of one another. YMMV.

Nov 02, 2013
ghiottone in Europe

good food in Malta?

Another vote for Legligin. Also had the tasting menu: (mostly) cold (mostly) vegetarian starter courses were very good. The warm "main" courses seem to keep coming until you tell the owner to stop. They also offer just the starter portion of the menu for EUR 12.50, IIRC.

Nov 02, 2013
ghiottone in Europe

Lunch between Bologna and Rimini

This is good info, as I fly out of BLQ not infrequently. I look forward to checking it out.

Sep 18, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Lunch in Ravenna

Another thumb's up for Trattoria al Gallo. Still as good as these four-year-old posts indicate. Two starters: artichoke hearts topped with shrimp, and a rucola salad with grana, capers, and thinly shaved, giant mushrooms (rather mild, much like champignons). Two mains: cuttlefish "a moda di Gallo" - basically batons of cuttlefish in a spicy broth with large chunks of tomato and carrot - and paillard-style swordfish filets. Dessert was a semifreddo amaretti (affogato al caffè). Everything was quite good. Prices are a bit on the high side, but price-quality seemed right. Wine, on the other hand, was very reasonable by the glass at EUR 4: a prosecco valdobbiadene and a rebola. Nice pours, too.

Beautiful rooms(s): Art Deco to the max, which you don't find often in Italy, with wonderful furniture and mantelpieces (a main theme seems to be women with animals (dogs, stags, etc.)). Lots of wood and stained glass. Lovely garden. Very pleasant service. The restaurant also provides tourists with gift of a detailed guide on the history of the town, particularly about the mosaics (in Italian, of course).

Sep 16, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Any suggestions for dining/food shopping in Le Marche, especially Camerino/Tolentino area?

A friend recommends Etoile ( - "si mangia bene, si spende poco". The menu looks a bit meh, but the price point does appear to be in the affordable range.

Bear in mind that Camerino is a university town, and menus tend to skew toward student tastes and budgets.

Sep 14, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Any suggestions for dining/food shopping in Le Marche, especially Camerino/Tolentino area?

Um, more like a two-hour drive. And that's being generous for a non-native driver. I live in between the two locations and have driven these routes often enough. Truly within an hour's drive of Camerino are the coastal towns around Civitanova, Amandola in the Sibillini Mountains (a gorgeous drive from Camerino), or even Spoleto in Umbria, and there is good eating to be had at all of them.

Sep 14, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Any suggestions for dining/food shopping in Le Marche, especially Camerino/Tolentino area?

I can recommend two great pizza joints in Camerino: La Saporita and Il Re. They both mainly offer by the slice, which allows you to try a variety. Wait to get them as they come out of the oven.

I’ve not had the occasion to eat very often along the highway to the coast, but if you venture as far as Macerata (home to the famous open-air opera theater, the Sferisterio), you might try Osteria dei Fiori (

Sep 13, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Doings at Amerigo in Savigno

In this morning's email:

On Tuesday, the 13th of August
ancestral, familiar, on the yeast, natural red sparkling wines…
We have almost got to the XV edition
and we could well define this event a great classic of the Summer.
Gnocco...crescentine...tigelle and red sparkling wines will be the protagonists of our evening, together with our cooked
pesto montanaro, the famous cold cuts from Mora Romagnola free range pigs, Slow Food Praesidium mortadella,
our local cheeses, the vegetable and fruit preserves from our own Dispensa and other surprises.
We will blindly taste five different, new “old style” red sparkling wines, we will find out distinctive features, grape blends, production areas and the winner will be decreed only at the end of the evening. We are just aiming at offering a stimulus
to enhance our curiosity, entertainment and to develop a pleasant dialogue, in a very relaxing environment and atmosphere.
The price of the evening per person is 45 Euros. We are not going to start having dinner together, as it would happen for all other evenings. Since the menu is a very "informal"one, you will be free to have your dinner from 20 to 21:30 p.m, at your pleasure. We won't skimp on wines, we will be generous… 60 bottles for 50 guests.
For reservations or further information: 051 6708326 –

Aug 09, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Lunch in Umbria

Taverna del Pescatore's website has been down for some time, leading me to think it may be closed. I haven't bothered to check, though, when passing by on the highway to Spoleto.

Jul 24, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Recommendations for Venice, Vicenza, Ferrara and Bologna

Re Ferrara: This was added a mere five days ago.
It contains a wealth of information, as do many other recent posts on Venice and Bologna.

Jun 11, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Salumi smuggling days are over (for some regions anyway)

May 19, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Staying in Via Veneto

Piccolo Abruzzo isn't far from the top of the Via Veneto.

May 12, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Amerigo dal 1934: Spring picnic

This arrived in my email today (English translation provided by the restaurant):

We have waited and waited and finally the spring has come! Now we can start our Scampagnate, the walks dedicated to the discovery of the surrounded landscape.

To inaugurate the new season, Saturday May 11, we have chosen a simple path winding through the Gullies and a fresh vegetable menu. Asparagus, artichokes and spring mushrooms will be the season protagonist.

We’ll spend a day together, in contact with nature, telling stories among amazing panoramic views and tasting Amerigo’s style snacks and picnics.

We will meet at 9.45, at Trattoria, ready to leave at 10:00.

Rates: 55 € per person.
Free for kids up to 5 years.
50% reduction for kids from 6 up to 12 years.
Special rates if you wish to stay at our Inn.

For further information and reservations please contact:
Marina 333 3075219
Alberto 335 5289756

May 02, 2013
ghiottone in Italy


Anybody got anything? I couldn't turn up much on a search. An acquaintance is going to be spending a few days there, and although I live in Marche, I rarely eat in Urbino.

Apr 20, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Help Finding Restaurants/Trattoria Around Ascoli

Spoleto: Osteria del Matto (

Mar 23, 2013
ghiottone in Italy

Two days in Emilia-Romagna

I can heartily recommend Amerigo (in Savigno). Alberto's philosophy is very locally focused. The restaurant is simple, but the food is outstanding.

Feb 21, 2013
ghiottone in Italy


For anyone venturing up from Rome to Cerveteri to visit the Etruscan necropolis (well worth a trip, just 45 minutes from Rome center:, I can recommend lunch at Le Ginestre (, located next to the town’s Etruscan Museum. In addition to the a la carte offerings (pastas in the low teens, mains in the low 20s), they have two fixed price menus: a three-course menu that changes daily (€ 30, includes glass of wine, water, dessert, coffee), and a two-course lunch-only “Roman specialties” menu (€ 23, choice of carbonara/cacio pepe, saltimbocca/involtini (IIRC), plus wine, coffee, sorbetto). We opted for the latter. The pastas were quite good, though the cacio pepe was not hot enough. I was told that they can’t toss it in the pan as the cheese sticks. I found that odd. I assume that the sauce is “cooked” by the hot pasta, then. But there was too much sauce for the pasta to heat thoroughly. Perhaps that’s a typical style, though I doubt it. The secondi were piatti unici, meaning they were served with vegetables. The saltimbocca consisted of two generous veal cutlets and was well prepared. We’d swapped out the veal involtini for a shredded pork dish, also quite good. Nice selection of breads. Charming space.

Oct 18, 2012
ghiottone in Italy

Marche - Macerata/Civitanova or Ancona/Falconara/Jesi

For more info, you might want to come to our next American expat gtg in early September. There aren't many of us, but one is ex-Numana and has lots of tips. If you're interested, send me an email through

Aug 29, 2012
ghiottone in Italy

Marche - Macerata/Civitanova or Ancona/Falconara/Jesi

Good to know about Emilio. Hope you enjoyed Fiori.

Jul 18, 2012
ghiottone in Italy

One lunch in Senigallia

Agreed re Uliassi, provided you are looking for a Michelin *-ed fish restaurant. Also am unfamiliar with Pongetti.

Jul 03, 2012
ghiottone in Italy

Doings at Amerigo in Savigno

Received this in my email this morning from Amerigo dal 1934, an excellent restaurant outside of Bologna, in Savigno (


taking a stroll, having a picnic and great fun

A calendar of events, from April to October,
where people, tales, nature and gastronomy interweave.

We will discover together our Appennine Mountains, having a walk among chestnuts, orchards and badlands, tower houses, springs, rural churches and memory places.
Our unusual trips are a real source of inspiration if you go on them with other people, walking in contact with nature until usually otherwise unreachable reachable places, while picking up every suggestion without distractions.
Our cooking traditions, based on product seasonality and on what we get from our garden, fields and woods, will be our central thread. We enjoy the idea of thinking about linen tablecloths on grass, smiles, music, simple and natural products for a typical Amerigo style picnic.
Don’t worry, we will arrange the food. You may just want to come properly equipped with comfortable shoes, camera, notebook, binoculars...or what you prefer. If you lose sight of the end man, make sure at least you don’t lose the map we will give you! We are clearly joking, our tracks won’t be hard, the rhythm won’t be pressing and half of time we are going to spend together will be dedicated to motor activities for your jaws and mind.
Our first date

Saturday, the 28th of April 2012
Farmers, tower houses, strange springs and famous cellars along the river bed.
Departure: Savigno 260MSL, 10,00 A.M. Track end: Fagnano 175MSL
Journey back to Savigno by “Corriera” (bus) at 15,15
Track length: 8,5km - Difficulty: easy – Rises and drops-150 +65
Territory: Path, headland, stream shore, grass, orchard
Total 5h15min: 2h45min walk and 2h30min relaxation and stops
Foods: Surprise snacks and refreshments along the path; wines and cellars; spring mushrooms and much more!!
55 Euro per person all inclusive. Children and teenagers up to 12 years: 50% reduction. If you wish to spend a night at our inn, ask for special prices reserved to our guests during the “Scampagnate” weekends.
For further information and bookings:; Marina 3333075219; Alberto 3355289756

Coming soon

Saturday, the 26th of May
Virtuous circuit among artisans and artists in Samoggia amphitheatre, along Costa path, around the “Pieve”, at the Sanctuary and at Castle ruins.
Follow the links of our next events for further information about details, time and price or write or phone us, if you prefer; we will be glad to give you all information you may need.

Other dates coming soon !


Apr 15, 2012
ghiottone in Italy