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Must chow stops for LA hound on bike trip to Vermont

A Montreal must have is called Bejing located in China town. There are some absolutely amazing chinese dishes. If you wanted very upscale try Milo's. The specialize in seafood, and the octopus is one of the most amazing dishes you will ever eat. Expect to spend near $200 canadian for dinner for two though. There is also the classic Schwarz's which is a famous deli that specializes in smoke meat, definatley worth a try. The Burlington area also has a lot to offer I would recommend Koto for some cool Hibachi.

Good chow in Portland MAINE

If you are still looking there is a Restauraunt called Hi Bombay. Excellent Indian food.

Best Meat for Texas Chili

Hi there,

I was wondering what type of meat everyone likes to put into their chili. Especially what cuts of beef you like to use. Thanks.

Sep 28, 2008
MagicChefHat in Home Cooking