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Spotted Pig

While charging $17 for a glass of wine is not necessarily ridiculous, if that is the only cabernet on the wine list, then I am sure that this is not the first time that someone felt burned when they just asked for a glass of cab. While it is incumbent upon the customer to look at the prices, an excellent server will try to discover whether the customer understands if they are ordering such an expensive glass of wine, or whether they are ordering the glass of cab because they assume it will be a moderately priced wine.

Jun 09, 2010
deepyarn in Manhattan

Arby's to move into Gage & Tollner space

Bankruptcy happened to Amy Ruth's:

Mar 18, 2009
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Cube 63 recent disappointment

I have find that Hibino's sashimi plate is excellent and generously portioned without being gross (like Osaka). I was also extremely impressed with the sashimi plate that I had at Ki when I ate their for the first time. My gripe with Ki is that they serve Blue Fin tuna, which is delicious, but is akin to serving Rhinocerous as the fish are endangered.

Also, WTF with how Ki will not serve you a bottle of the expensive sake and will only serve it to you in bamboo "carafes" of differing sizes. It is not even like they pour your expensive sake into the carafe at the table so that you can be sure of what you are getting.

Mar 02, 2009
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Middle-aged couple seeking bar in Brooklyn

Pete's Waterfront Ale House: Atlantic Ave between Clinton and Henry on the very south side of Brooklyn Heights. Better than average bar food (sometines very good), excellent beer and spirit selections, short and modest -- but well-chosen -- wine list, and definitely not a kids place or a scene.

Jan 26, 2009
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Where can I buy liquid smoke (Brooklyn)?

Probably at any supermarket, try around the Worcestershire sauce

Dec 23, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Weisswurst source in Brooklyn?

I cannot promise you that they have weisswurst but I think Pete's Waterfront has it as part of their Oktoberfest menu

Oct 06, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Fish Camp- lobster roll

Fairway will let you drink in the outdoor eating area, or is it a case of just as easy to ask for forgiveness as to ask for permission?

Aug 20, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

The sandwich that ate boerum/cobble/carroll gardens

I concur that one can get a great Italian sub at Mastellone. Depending on who makes it, D'amicos can be the source of a good sub too. While I have not tried them, I think the tea lounge next to Thrifty's makes sandwiches.

Aug 07, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Any one check out Eton for dumplings yet?

Thanks for the heads up, it looks like a great addition to the neighborhood.

Jun 27, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Any one check out Eton for dumplings yet?

There is a new handmade dumpling spot called Eton on Sackett just off Henry. Has anyone tried them yet?

Jun 25, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Korhogo 126 shuttered

The food I have had there has been pretty good. One time the apps were all too salty but the entrees were good. The second time I ate there everything we had was well executed. My problem with the place, and one that I would like to see fixed because it will keep me from eating there more frequently, is their wine selection. This is a casual neigborhood place and the wines start at $30+ with the next least expensive wine in the $50 range. When there are only 5-6 wines in both the red and the white columns and you quickly get into $50 wines, there is simply not enough variety for regular neighborhood dining.

Jun 13, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Date in Brooklyn

Hibino if you want to try some interesting Japanese with both very creditable sushi and good cooked food too. Fun vibe and enthusiastic service. Pacific and Henry Streets

Lucali for top notch pizza. Probably a wait to get in but its BYOB (small corkage fee)and they will call you when a table is ready. Very Casual. Henry just off Carroll St.

Jun 11, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

szechuan garden on smith st.

West side of Smith between Warren and Wyckoff. Closer to Warren.

Mar 13, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Best Tasting Menus with Wine Pairings

Telepan's wine director does a pretty spectacular job of pairing wines. Many restaurants simply choose wines off their by the glass menu for the pairings. Telepan keeps a separate wine for each of the 30+ dishes on the menu. The wines tend to be interesting selections from little known producers (all the better chance to be introduced to something new and hard to find). Most are not from the by the glass menu.

Mar 06, 2008
deepyarn in Manhattan


Decidedly mediocre cooking, but still popular.

Feb 28, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Need Reco. for approx. 40 ppl and $100-200pp Budget

Having done a disgusting amount of research into a holiday party for 40-50pp for my firm (I was saddled with it because of employment in the idustry prior to my current job), I have a few suggestions. Patroon can do you a very nice private party with cocktails and a sit down dinner for close to but still under the $200 amount. The Parker meridien can do the same and I believe 40pp will fit into their penthouse party space. Also look into Italian Wine Merchant <> They do family style private events in a uniques space. The food cost will be about 100-125 per person, and then you just need to figure in the booze. Town would be able to do a nice party but will be just out of your range. Country will be able to accomodate at the price you want (but some of the rooms are old-fashioned). Eleven Madison Park was unable to give us the dates we wanted but they were very nice to deal with and will probably work with you on the budget. Good luck.

Feb 21, 2008
deepyarn in Manhattan

Whither hot cross buns?

The bakery you refer to was in Cobble Hill, not Carroll Gardens. It was the College Bakery, and like much of the old neighborhood, has dissapeared. I think the hot cross buns were 25 cents, although maybe they had gone up to 35 cents.

Feb 11, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

birthday dinner in carroll gardens, cobble hill, BK heights

Queen on Court

Feb 05, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Park the Winter

You are unlikely to find a restaurant willing to let you bring the dog in. First of all they will generally not let you come through the restaurant with a dog if their outdoor area is in the back. Second, even if the place would let you bring the small dog in a bag into the back -- or if the seating was in the front -- it is too butt cold out even with heat lamps for the outdoor areas to be open right now.

You might get lucky and find a place that would let you in if the dog was very quiet, unobtrusive, and stayed in its bag. Chances would go up exponentially the later you sit/the less customers there are. Then again, you can take my preferred route which is to take my dog to the bar and order take-out. Many Brooklyn bars are dog friendly.

Jan 29, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Amy Ruth's

2/14 but without a liquor license

Jan 28, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

help pick a great meal near BAM

It does not get mentioned enough, so I will recommend Abistro. Senegalese/French food in a mom and pop place with serioud food. Much closer than most of the places mentioned (with the exception of ICI and Thomas Beisel). It is BYOB.

Jan 28, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Btwn Pk Slope, Bk Heights & Wsburg - Need Dinner Spot

Abistro in Ft. Greene. Interesting well-prepeared food. BYOB and really nice owners. It is about as equidistant to the three neighborhoods you mention as can be.

Jan 10, 2008
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

African restaurants near BAM?

Madiba is a fun place but their food is only OK, and not particularly authentic (although I think that is mostly a function of sourcing ingredients). It is also pretty expensive for what it is even if not very expensive relative to some other restaurants. A much better bet for good african influenced food but with classically trained french underpinnings can be found at Abistro:

Very friendly couple runs the place and it is BYOB

Nov 30, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Best places to buy BEER in the 5 boros

American which is in Cobble Hill on Court Street just off Kane is probably the best when looking at both selection and price. People in the neighborhood refer to it as Thrifty beverage. No frills kind of place.

Nov 13, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Best Smith Street or Court Street Restaurant

I will have to disagree with Mr. Particular on the steep drop off on Court Street after Frankie's. I contend that there is a large step up with Queen.

Nov 09, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Private Party Space

Looking for any good ideas for a private party space for our office holiday party this year. It would be 40-50 people and we want a buffet dinner and maybe passed hor' dourves. We have held it at Rene Pujol in the past but my boss is looking for something a little more upscale this year. We are open to places with private rooms be they restaurants or hotels. We would also be interested in a bar with catering or a smaller restaurant that we could rent out entirely. Ideally the space would be in Midtown but I would be interested in all Manhattan locations below 86th street. Max cost tax and tip is about $125pp. Thanks in advance.

Oct 19, 2007
deepyarn in Manhattan

Lucali's - what's going on?

I think the calzone may be better than the pizza

Oct 15, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Another call for Cafe on Clinton reviews

Had dinner at the bar last night. Kept it pretty simple with some oysters and a burger. Burger was cooked to order, had a nice beefy flavor, and the bacon they used on it was top notch. Oysters were clean and fresh. I know a lot of people think the old ConC was pretty good, but I always found it mediocre for the most part. This felt like an improvement to me. They also have a very respctable wine list now, that runs the gamut from wines under $20 to high-end wines (at least for the neighborhood).

Sep 10, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Ideas for a catered Lebanese meal?


Aug 16, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs

Best sushi in Brooklyn

Yes EJC, you have hit the nail on the head. Osaka serves only "OK" sushi. I firmly believe its popularity is due to serving pieces of fish so large as to be unnappealing (to me) to eat. People feel as though they are getting a good deal. I am not above stuffing myself with but would rather have twenty small peices than 10 huge ones.

Cube 63 and Hibino both serve much better fish. However, I will say that the last two salmon skin rolls I have had from Cube were not nice. They had a gross metallic taste that they did not use to have. Everything else was ver good though.

Aug 13, 2007
deepyarn in Outer Boroughs