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Please Help Critique My San Fran Eating Itinerary

A couple thoughts--for sure skip Bar Agricole, unless you are just getting a drink. I went a few months ago on a Monday night--was my first meal in SF after relocating to the Bay Area from L.A. The cocktail I had was impressive, but the food was below average and the service was probably the worst I have had in the past 10 yrs.

Second, though I know you said it's above your price point, just wanted to share that my SO and I dined at Benu on Sat. night and though it was the priciest meal I think we've ever had, the food and wine pairings were amazing--one dish was a miss but the rest were both interesting and delicious. I have had many tasting menus with just-average wine pairings, but Yoon's choices were spot-on and really elevated our meal.
Also, my friend was just in SF a month ago and is quite an accomplished chef himself -he raved about brunch at Outerlands. Perhaps worth a visit unless the new chef has materially changed things.

Peninsula restaurant like Birch St./Bistro Elan in PA?

My parents' flight actually landed super late so I never got to try any of the suggestions. But took them to Delfina a few days ago -- service not great but we still had a great time and good food. Oak and Rye today (in Los Gatos) for lunch -- wow, loved it. And tonight Birch St. -- next week Evvia. Hopefully I can try the other suggestions in the next couple of months.

Peninsula restaurant like Birch St./Bistro Elan in PA?

I had a mediocre meal at Flea Street, which surprised me - was that just an off night?

I like Lure+Till's food quite a bit, but the service the last time I went and sat at the bar was atrocious--particularly with respect to wine. Even the other patrons at the bar commented on it. Anyone had better luck?

goldangl95, I was thinking st. Michael's Alley but the menu is a bit all over the place. Food is most important to me, so if it is not great, I'd rather go elsewhere.

Peninsula restaurant like Birch St./Bistro Elan in PA?

Hi, my parents are flying into SFO tonight and will be on east coast time so I'd like to take them to a restaurant that will serve fairly quickly but still be top notch. I thought Birch St. (formerly Bistro Elan) would be perfect, but it is closed for summer vacation this week. Just my luck. I moved to Palo Alto a few mos. ago after 12 yrs in L.A. so am still not familiar with all the restaurants in this area. The only one I like as much as Birch St is Evvia but I think that's more of an event so I'll save that for next week when they are more well-rested. Any suggestions? My mom is not a super adventurous eater so no spicy Asian food, but pretty much anything else is fine. Would St. Michael's Alley fit the bill? Have not been there yet.

SF or Peninsula Fresh Pasta restaurant

How about somewhere on the Peninsula? I recently moved to Palo Alto and can't always get up to the city. I had good pasta at Osteria Coppa in San Mateo but the service was really lousy (super slow/inattentive).

Private cooking classes for a group of 10-12?

That WOULD be a great b-day present, but my kitchen fits 2 people comfortably, 3 people tops. So can't do a group class in my house, unfortunately. Appreciate the suggestion though.

I am also open to doing a wine tasting dinner/cocktail party but have a 1 year old so prefer to have the party somewhere other than my house. If no cooking class ideas, anyone have thoughts on a venue? Could also do a private room at a restaurant, as long as they allow you to do something interesting, so it's not a straight dinner (i.e., wine pairing/instruction, etc.).

Private cooking classes for a group of 10-12?

Hi, I'm trying to plan a b-day party for my husband--who is an amazing cook--and thought a hands-on cooking class for our friends on a Sat. night would be perfect. Hipcooks is booked on the night we want to do it. Any other ideas? Ideally, the place would let us bring wine. East side preferred but anywhere works if the classes are really good.


Moving to Paso Robles area - would love recs from locals

Hi, I am relocating (part-time for now) to Templeton. I have been up there a fair amount so am familiar with the usual suspects, i.e., Artisan, Villa Creek, The Range (my favorite), McPhee's, etc. Beyond that, I don't know very much so have lots of questions:

1) Where can you get decent pizza, if anywhere?

2) What are some good places to buy sandwiches?

3) Are there casual dining options--particularly places that might offer takeout--that are particularly good, in Paso or Templeton?

4) I buy my fish at Pier 46 but don't have a go-to place to buy steaks and other meat, other than the Templeton Farmer's Market on Sat. morning, which I sometimes miss. Ideas?

5) My favorite wineries are Villa Creek, Tablas Creek and Linne Calodo. I also enjoy L'Aventure (though pricey) and Booker. What other great ones am I missing? Over the years I have been to Denner, Lone Madrone, Cass, Whalebone, Halter Ranch, Adelaida, Opolo, Jack Creek and Justin.

If you have suggestions re any of the above, I'd love to hear them. Thanks so much.

Oct 08, 2009
meganinlosfeliz in California

OC question: Which hotel has better food - the Montage or Pelican Hill?

Hi, I am planning an anniversary weekend for my husband and me. We have a baby and it will be our first weekend away from him, so we plan on relaxing and likely will not leave the resort. Therefore, the food quality is important.

We have it narrowed down to either the Montage Laguna or the Resort at Pelican Hill. This is simply based on the resorts, not the food, which I know nothing about. Anyone have an opinion on the food at either, or better yet, has eaten at both and can give a comparison?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone tried Root 246 in Solvang?

Heading to the Santa Ynez Valley this weekend. I normally eat at American Flatbread one night and the Ballard Inn another, but am intrigued by this new place (at the Hotel Corque, which used to be the Royal Scandinavian). Thanks in advance.

Jun 23, 2009
meganinlosfeliz in California

Sweets for The Soul to open! Brownies anyone?

Does this place serve other pastries/desserts, or is it just brownies?

Location in L.A. that would sell (baby) goat shoulder?

I want to try a recipe for pasta with milk-roasted baby goat ragu - it's a dish we had in D.C. at a restaurant called Komi years ago and loved -but have no idea where to get baby goat shoulder. Whole Foods says they no longer carry goat. I'm in Los Feliz and work downtown so prefer somewhere within 15 min. of those areas, but if this is a really exotic request, I'll drive a bit further.

Thanks in advance.

3 dinners in S.F. - are my choices good ones?

I could not get into A16 last night - it was too late and it would have taken too long to get there - but slipped in under the wire at COCO500 and I liked most of the dishes we had quite a bit (fried green beans, salmon caviar special, squash blossom flatbread and grilled squid). Tonight, per your suggestions, because A16 was booked until 10 and La Ciccia is far (we are in SOMA), we are going to try Perbacco out.

Next week I am still pondering what to do, but now have it narrowed down to Delfina or La Ciccia one night, Bar Tartine or Range another (reservations at the latter are a challenge), and Boulevard the other. I have been wanting to try Canteen for a while, so am adding that to my list for the future, along with Ame and Aziza. Coi intrigues me too--I have heard raves from several people over the last year. Thanks everyone!

3 dinners in S.F. - are my choices good ones?

Just out of curiosity (and of course for future trips), what restaurants do you prefer that are in the same price range as Boulevard? I am still trying to learn as much as I can so that when I visit, I am assured great meals! We have some great restaurants in L.A., but I still prefer those in your city.

3 dinners in S.F. - are my choices good ones?

Hmm, maybe brunch at Bar Tartine and dinner at Range is a better idea. I'll mull that over. I also am not familiar with La Ciccia, but will look into it. I preferred Delfina to A16 last year, but it was the cauliflower pasta at Delfina that sealed the deal for me - which I realize is not often on the menu. I think we caught A16 on an off night - it was good, but not nearly as good as I had heard it was (our pizza was a real disappointment - it was soggy) - here's my review
Sounds like it is worth another visit.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I actually am in San Francisco right now - took an impromptu work trip up here today - and am pondering places for a late dinner tonight and tomorrow, so any suggestions I can't get to next week, I might try to hit this week.

3 dinners in S.F. - are my choices good ones?

I am coming up to S.F. in a couple weeks for 3 days and other than revisiting my favorite city, the reason is just to eat, eat, eat. I am an L.A. 'hound and try to get up there once a year, but it's been at least a year since my last trip and I am dying for my Blue Bottle fix, among other things. :-). Here are my dinner selections:

Friday - Bar Tartine ( I found a vacation rental in Noe Valley, so it will be easier to get to the Mission than it has been on prior visits. I have been wanting to try Bar Tartine forever, as well as Range, but I chose between the two).

Saturday - Boulevard (I have been wanting to go for about 10 years now and my husband has gone on my recommendation many times while there on business.)

Sunday - Delfina (I have been twice, 5 yrs apart, and loved it both times so cannot pass it up again, having tried A16 and Incanto last year on two prior visits instead)

What do you think of these choices? I have not really kept up on new openings, but read a lot about Bar Tartine and Range when planning a visit last year, so wanted to check out at least one this time. Is Bar Tartine still great?

Any reason not to try Boulevard (at last)? And is Delfina as good as I remember it, i.e., no downhill alert?

I'll do a separate post with other eating questions.

Thanks so much.

Looking for inexpensive restaurant w/ private room

We would consider Chinese but I don't think it would be the first choice of cuisine. I'll check it out though. Thanks.

Looking for inexpensive restaurant w/ private room

I am planning a small alumni event (35 or so are expected) for next month where there will be a guest speaker, and am looking for a decent restaurant - mid-City preferred but will take anything btwn downtown and Santa Monica - where we could host the event on a Monday night for $40 per person (food, tip and service included, but not drinks). Anyone done this kind of dinner (or maybe a rehearsal dinner or something along those lines) and could recommend a suitable restaurant? Food does not have to be amazing, but nowhere that will be awful.

We tried Cuidad, La Terza, and the Mozza room, but they were too pricey. I also tried Zucca and Loteria in Hollywood, but their private rooms are too small. Finally, we tried Pitfire Pizza downtown. Food was good and the price was right but the upstairs room is not right for this event. We can't afford a super nice restaurant, but I think a different environment would be preferred given it's a presentation, not just a casual gathering.

I have to find something by tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dessert in Silverlake and Environs

I think Lark Bakery on Sunset is open late on Friday and Sat - maybe until 10 or 11. They have desserts and cookies and that sort of thing.

R.I.P. Azami as we knew it...

Actually, I believe Niki felt that it was time to move on. She said her goal is to expand her culinary horizons for a while (and take a little break), and then open a more upscale restaurant more focused on tasting menus. But believe me, she is going to be missed in the meantime. Even my family back east is devastated to hear they won't be able to dine at Azami during their visits.

I am hoping to check out the chef's table soon though, despite the distance. If anyone has gone, can you post a review? Thanks.

Porto's Bakery in Glendale

I agree with the suggestions for parisian chocolate and triple choc mousse. My husband also loves the Cappuccino Mousse Cake.

Los Feliz: ISO Restaurant Name

Has anyone been to Cuba Libre? I walked by last night and there were quite a few people inside (in contrast to its predecessor, Tiger Lily, which always seemed empty). However, I have not heard anything about it and am not feeling like a risk-taker these days.

Where to take "beginners" for Korean BBQ?

Excellent! Sounds like Chosun Galbee is the right call. For future reference, what is Park's like? I think my husband and I would like to try that another time ourselves. I've never been to Park's so didn't understand the comments about it. Thanks.

Where to take "beginners" for Korean BBQ?

My in-laws, who live in upstate New York, will be in the area for a couple weeks. They are open to all kinds of food but are limited by where they live (very small town near Lake Placid). As far as I know, neither has ever tried Korean BBQ. I'd love to take them while they are here but I'm sort of a beginner myself--I have gone several times and loved it, but always with experts from work who pick the place and order. So I'm looking for a user-friendly Korean BBQ place for first-timers. I don't think, for example, Soot Bull Jeep would be the right spot. However, I do want a place that's legit so they get the real experience. Would Park's fit the bill?

I know many of you 'hounds are experts in the field of Korean BBQ, so I'd love your help here!

Thanks in advance,


PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2007

1. Osteria Mozza
2. Providence
3. AOC
4. Azami Sushi
5. Comme Ca

I would have included Bin 8945, as Mike Bryant rocks, but it's going to be closed soon. While these won't count, I am really liking the Hungry Cat since it reopened, and I also love Angelini. But we had to pick only 5, so I had to make tough choices! Finally, Sushi Zo could have made this list but I was only there one time, and I think a few visits are necessary to judge.

What's going on with Bin 8945?

I believe Bin is closing in mid-February and is currently open only Wed to Fri. Whatever the new place is, it won't be run at Bin. It will be an entirely new restaurant.

Unfortunately, I don't know the new location but am hoping it is not as far away from my house as the current one!


Going to Providence

I did the 5 course menu on Sat. and it was almost exactly the same as when I was there in October (surprisingly), so I asked to sub out the veal, which was good but I didn't really want again. They gave me a salmon dish that was part of the 9-course menu, and my impression was they regularly get that request. So no need to worry.

Newish Italian in Silverlake near Dusty's?

Maybe you are thinking of Aroma? It opened in the last 2 years, I think.

LA Mill Coffee Opening On Silver Lake Blvd.?!

Not to beat a dead horse, but I thought I'd weigh in as well. I agree and disagree with the above opinions.

I agree that the prices on the food are exorbitant, and at least for breakfast, wholly unjustified. My husband and I each ordered eggs and said 2 eggs, please. To be honest, I have never seen an egg dish in a restaurant (or anywhere else) that came w/ only one egg. When the egg dishes arrived, we could not believe how small they were. I also didn't care for the egg part -- the consistency of the yolk was like a hard boiled egg--which is the only egg preparation I don't care for. The picture on flickr of this dish looked less cooked, so perhaps ours were just overdone. Anyway, as everyone has said, there were not many bites to be had, and unlike others who received three half slices of toast, we got only two, making the breakfast even less filling. When we saw that these 2 eggs dishes cost $28 together, I nearly died.

I disagree with the person who said in a restaurant a crab dish like this would be appropriately priced. Every restaurant I have ever been to charges less for breakfast and lunch dishes, even if they are also served at dinner. In any event, there is not nearly enough crab to justify the cost (ours had less than the flickr pic as well) and $3 for an extra egg? C'mon.

I also disagree that the drinks are priced exorbitantly, at least as to the espresso-based drinks. We had cappuccinos, which were $3.50 each. That's pretty standard in L.A. Given the quality of the coffee and the care they take, I am willing to pay that.

I agree you have to give them somewhat of a pass on the service/getting their act together issues, simply b/c it was their first weekend.

However, some service basics should be in place no matter how long a place has been open. After we were done w/ coffee and our egg dishes, my husband ordered an espresso con panna to go and asked for the check at the same time. Once we had paid--before tip it was $42!!!---the server brought him the espresso con panna in a ceramic cup and said "Sorry, we don't do drinks less than 3 oz. to go" No offer to reimburse, even though we were walking out the door and obviously had made clear we didn't want to sit there. It was my birthday, so he decided to say nothing. He took 2 sips and we left. I don't mind so much that our server didn't know the policy, but I do mind that she expected us to still pay the $3 or $4 even though he would never have ordered it "for here."

I think LA Mill is a cool place that would be fun to meet friends for coffee, but as of now--at least pending a breakfast menu change and/or addition of more pastries and simple things like baguettes, which Intelligentsia serves--I will stick to just coffee.

Must haves at Providence?

We did the 5-course but added oysters and an amazing pasta special. Sometimes we do that instead of ordering the 9 course. I usually do the wine pairings as well, but one bottle could prob cover most courses.

Here is a review of my last trip in Oct. (w/ pics)