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Foodie looking for great food between Medina & Steubenville OH

Thanks. You might want to re-classify the second Canton one. That is for Canton MI., not OH.

Dec 07, 2012
debd in Great Lakes

Foodie looking for great food between Medina & Steubenville OH

Friend from the UK coming home to northern Ohio, looking for dinner options between Medina & Steubenville. Realize that is a wide area. Thinking maybe Canton or Massillon or something in the region. Charming country restaurants would be great (she is traveling with her elderly mother). Thoughts?

Dec 06, 2012
debd in Great Lakes

Willamette Valley Wine Country Thanksgiving Rec

While not specifically a food question, foodies are often wine junkies, right? Attending the Thanksgiving weekend winery open house. Last year some highlights were Anderson Family, Four Graces and J.K. Carriere. Anyone have any recommendations for this year? Especially enjoyed the Anderson Family Pinot last year. Looking for great wine, good food and interesting atmosphere.

Nov 19, 2009
debd in Pacific Northwest

New Orleans Trip Day 4

Just in NO last weekend for French Quarter Fest. Enjoyed EAT. Pleasant restaurant in the Quarter. Only problem is that they don't have a liquor license (across from a Catholic Church/School). They encourage BYOB, which we found out when we got there. Pointed us to a store in the next block, so we ran up there, got a bottle of wine and they provided the everything else. Short-staffed, so service was slow, but they were pleasant and the food made up for it (nice pork tenderloin, both starters we had were good). Don't take reservations, but we got in pretty quickly.

Apr 17, 2008
debd in New Orleans

Liuzza's by the Track?

Regular hours on non-Jazzfest days (M-W), take out only (limited menu) on Jazzfest days.

Mar 24, 2008
debd in New Orleans

Liuzza's by the Track?

Best shrimp Po Boy in the world. A wonderful neighborhood joint with local musicians playing for tips, great beer and amazing food. Fancy? No. Great? Absolutely.

Mar 21, 2008
debd in New Orleans

French Quarter Fest Dining for 10+

Going down for the annual FQF next weekend and are looking for some ideas in/near the quarter or on the streetcar line. There are around 10 of us and cabs can be a problem, so we like to walk when possible. Because not everyone can afford to do NOLA for dinner (a favorite of mine for lunch), we are looking for some moderate priced dinner places. We generally eat one night at the Praline Connection. But are open to any suggestions as we have three nights to fill (coming in on Thursday). No cuisine is off limits (at least in my book)

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Apr 06, 2007
debd in New Orleans

Winery Dining outside of Portland

One of the travel or epicurean magazines a year or two ago suggested a great restaurant either at a winery or somehow associated to one. It is one of the Willamette Valley wineries, close in to Portland. Cut out the article and left it at home in Michigan, so looking for anyone who might a better clue than I do. Anyone?

Also would be looking for other recommendations. I hear ClarkLewis and Gotham is good. Are they?

Sep 04, 2006
debd in Pacific Northwest

Sushi in Detroit Western Suburbs

You should also try Sushi Ko. Good, fresh and reasonably priced. On 12 mile just east of Orchard Lake (in a little strip mall on the south side of the road). No decor and service can be a little slow, but the food is consistently good.

Jul 31, 2006
debd in General Midwest Archive