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Sam Adams Seasonals - How do they do it?

the one thing they do great is the glassware. have you used that amazing glass.

Dec 11, 2007
anu in Beer

homemade ice cream - los altos area?

are there any ice cream / bakeries in the area that make their own ice cream?

Oct 29, 2007
anu in San Francisco Bay Area

Help with Berkeley/Oakland kid-friendly choice

thanks everyone.
we enjoyed a cote & chez panisse very much.

Oct 29, 2007
anu in San Francisco Bay Area

Help with Berkeley/Oakland kid-friendly choice

thanks everyone. fantastic help, really!

Oct 10, 2007
anu in San Francisco Bay Area

Help with Berkeley/Oakland kid-friendly choice

My wife and I are bringing our 2 girls to California in 3 weeks. We wanted to try something lovely the day after Oliveto's and wonder if people have opinions between:

Zax Tavern
Pearl Oyster Bar

we're visiting from NYC and the girls (3 and 4) are pretty solid in restaurants, so long as the first nosh comes quickly. It's all about the food, so amazing wine selections don't matter at this meal.

thanks in advance...

Oct 08, 2007
anu in San Francisco Bay Area

california cuisine with care in Newport/Laguna

i had good luck finding places for good beers through the board, so thought to ask about dinner.

After reading, i looked up numerous restaurants and found many of them serving food items (e.g. Hudson Valley foie gras, Maine lobster) available anywhere and also serving things that caring chefs shouldn't serve (e.g Chilean Sea Bass).

Are there any restaurants that have these three elements:
> regional, local ingredients
> somewhat trendy environment
> high-quality cooking

appreciate the thoughts in advance...

Aug 20, 2007
anu in Los Angeles Area

Beer Bar in Newport

Is there a beer bar in Newport that a visiting New Yorker can enjoy the amazing beers of Southern California (Pizza Port, AleSmith, interesting Stone, etc.)?

I'll be there for a few days next week.
thank you.

Aug 14, 2007
anu in Los Angeles Area


no and good riddance!

Jul 23, 2007
anu in Outer Boroughs

Alchemy on 5th Ave. in Park Slope

it's actually across from Blue Sky, closer to Bergen. From the looks inside, the materials were pretty top notch (custom banquettes, etc.) - so I would guess the food will be relatively expensive.

Jan 18, 2007
anu in Outer Boroughs

Rent a wine cellar in Manhattan (moved from Wine board)

we use chelsea wine storage in the chelsea wine vault - Excellent and affordable. It's been about 6 years for us.

Dec 29, 2006
anu in Manhattan

Best Wood for Cutting-Board Countertop?

Bamboo is a nice choice for the environment and aesthetic with numerous choices in grain. Personally the built-in cutting space hasn't been great because of the look, cleaning (if it's recessed you'll end up with crumbs in crevices) and non-congrous counter. If you have an option, you may choose a cutting board overlay to your sink and then a under cupboard that fits it easily!

Dec 29, 2006
anu in Cookware

house cured meats in Brooklyn

thanks everyone. I went to Piazza Mercato and had some tremendously lovely service to go along with the housemade soppresattas (sp?) that were quite nice. Though I want to find a NYC rendition to love, I still find myself in love with the Molinari ( available at Delicacies. But it was a GREAT trip through Bay Ridge and down 86th street.
Talk about butcher shops - it seemed like a nice one on EVERY corner!

And then 3Guys was pretty surreal. Uzbeki melons? Apricots in December? Every nationality shopping together.

Lioni next day off!

Dec 29, 2006
anu in Outer Boroughs

house cured meats in Brooklyn

I have some spare time tomorrow/Friday and wanted to make some trips south (Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst) for salumi and such. Want to visit 3Guys as well, so we'll see.

Any recommendations. One of the trusted voices recommended Coluccio ( some time ago. is that good option? Any other opinions? How about the Faicco's (any different from the Bleeker branch)?


Dec 28, 2006
anu in Outer Boroughs

Bittman responds!

1 gram of yeast? Is that really possibly. I was looking at my "red star" active dry yeast and one envelope is 7 grams. I only need 1 gram for nearly 1/2 kg of flour?

Dec 12, 2006
anu in Home Cooking

Kitchen Scissors

oh, just sitting at the dining table with the babes and helping them cut up dinner. we all eat together and so the idea of bringing my cutting board and MAC knife to the table (where it could fall off table as I reach to help them).

So imagine we made roast chicken with root vegetables. we cut up the chicken and bring to the table, but then using scissors to cut up the breast is so easy. And it feels safer.

Nov 02, 2006
anu in Cookware

Kitchen Scissors

What are people's favorite kitchen scissors? We use our pair relentlessly and it's easily the most frustrating piece of equipment in our kitchen.

We don't use them to cut poultry but to get things like roast meats and braised vegetables, quesadillas and pizza. (for little ones that aren't knife ready)

Cuisine Magazine really liked the Lamson Sharp brand but I wonder if any of the Japanese knife makers have a sharp and dependable pair.


Nov 01, 2006
anu in Cookware

oatmeal in crock pot

i remember hearing a person on KCRW's Good Food and mentioning that he does steel cut oatmeal in a crock pot. Does anyone know how this overnight recipe should be done?

Oct 09, 2006
anu in Home Cooking

red hook ballfields

are they still going strong?

are there any old standards (not Alma, 360, etc.) that remind you of the longshoremen days in RH?

Sep 26, 2006
anu in Outer Boroughs

Park Slope FOOD COOP? Experiences?

(Disclaimer: Member for 3+ years at the PSFC)
We often shop markets all over the city (and the country when we traveled) and I can't think of a single store (store, not greenmarket) in New York City where you would get fresher, high-quality ORGANIC produce that spans a large number of fruits and vegetables.. For just fruits, maybe The Orchard. Maybe some really busy Chinese grocers in Queens for just greens and bitter melon.

You may see prettier NON-ORGANIC stuff at some stores. Maybe. Also a fantastic, inexpensive beer and nut/dried fruit selection.

Anyhow gfood is right. If you don't miss your shifts, it's great. Once you start missing and the make-ups pile up, then it gets disheartening.

On price: Recently, I took my receipt (family of four) from a typical weekly shop to Whole Foods and compared. From that, we saw a nearly 70% savings.

But, take the tour first.

Sep 06, 2006
anu in Outer Boroughs

sushi on a Monday for lunch - in the village

Heading to a movie @ the Angelika and wanted to have sushi for lunch. Are there any reputable places that would be open?


Aug 31, 2006
anu in Manhattan

Luscious Food - why, why, why?

Why do people go here? I tried it for the third timd and it's just really bad. I ordered a $9.50 BBQ Pork Quesadilla for lunch. And when it come out, it really was just two flour tortillas, some bland cheese and boiled pork, shredded and tossed through super-sweet sauce.

For $10, you could eat nicely at Melt (though you'll have to pay a tip).

Why, Why, Why?

Aug 22, 2006
anu in Outer Boroughs

cast iron - pre seasoned or not

So, I don't know why but we've never had a cast iron and now I'm trying to rid my house of teflon as I read more about its uncertain safeness (

So there's not much of a price difference between the Lodge pre-seasoned and "original." if I want to be able to fry eggs within a few months, what are the thoughts.

thanks in advance as I know CI pans are discussed often.

Aug 01, 2006
anu in Cookware