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Whole Foods Sucks

The "Whole" in whole foods is in regards to offering only products that are all natural, as in no artificial preservatives, ingredients, etc.. You can still have naturally occuring ingredients that are unheathly for you.

Nov 29, 2011
snowpuck in Chains

Vegan Food Truck in Rhode Island

I had some Miss Vegan product at a party once. Very, very good. I'm not vegan and the cupcakes tasted better than most traditional ones I've had. There is definitely a need for vegan in the providence area. Good luck.

May 30, 2011
snowpuck in Southern New England

Turducken and toufurkey in RI?

Whole Foods in Cranston will put together a turducken for you. We ordered one last year from them and it was great. Pricey but I guess that is to be expected when you want birds stuffed inside other birds.

Nov 16, 2010
snowpuck in Southern New England

westborough lunch

Hi all. My company is having a training at the westborough residence inn this thursday and a group of us are looking for a decent lunch spot. It will be a group of about 12-15 people. Not looking for anything to high end and need vegetarian options as well as basics. We've already done asian this month so that cusine is probably out. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Apr 06, 2010
snowpuck in Greater Boston Area

Hell Night Questions

Hi all. My wife and I are looking to visit the east coast grill for hell night next week. Reservations filled before we could book but they tell us the bar is first come first serve. Has anyone tried to get bar seating before? If so, do you feel we need to get there right at opening to ensure seating?

One other question. My wife loves spicy food while I don't like the feeling of fire in my mouth as much. Am I going to be able to find something enjoyable or will I be begging for a glass of milk? Any input is much appreicated. Thanks.

Jan 03, 2010
snowpuck in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant Week - Newport RI

My wife and I went to Tucker's Bistro last night for rest week. We got there right at 6pm and the place was pretty full when we left an hour or so later. My wife got the butternut squash soup which she loved. She had the pork tenderloin for an entree. The pork was really tender and cooked perfectly but not very flavorful. Ginger ice cream for dessert was also loved by my wife.

I went with the seared diver's scallop with quinoa and sunchoke puree. I thought it was excellent. My entree was the tautog with fingerling's, carmelized onions, more sunchoke puree and pancetta. This was also really good although a little on the small side. Could have used more fingerlings for sure. I had the baked apple turnover with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Did not care for it at all. Not that warm or flavorful. The ice cream while good consistency wise, lacked a real vanilla bite to it.

Service was great and we would definitely go again.

Tucker's Bistro
150 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840

Spiced Pear, Newport question

We go there about 1 or 2 times a year and I've never worn a jacket. Usually just kakhi's and a button down shirt. I would say about half of the gentlemen wear a jacket. I've never felt out of place without.

Food is excellent. We actually went for restaurant week last year and we're very pleased.

Toro anniversary dinner

Hey Chowhounders. Quick question for you. My wife and I are staying in Boston this coming Sunday and are looking to go out for dinner at Toro to celebrate. We've heard/read good things but are a little worried when we see that reservations are not accepeted and waits can be "excruciating". Anyone one have experience going here on a sunday night? We'll probably be hitting it later in the evening around 8pm. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

Oct 30, 2009
snowpuck in Greater Boston Area

five guys burger sucks

Just went to 5 guys here in MA and at 11:30am the place was packed. Maybe it is the location but the fries were great, no sogginess at all. Burger was fine as well. Seriously doubt they'll close later this year from what I've seen around here as well as what I've eaten.

Oct 07, 2009
snowpuck in Chains

Barden Farm Info

Barden Farms has some of the best local apples around IMO. I know macs, gala and their first honeycrisp ever are in now. They also have great yellow and white peaches. Peaches are perfect size with good flavor. I got some tomatoes from them last year but haven't noticed them this year.

New Rivers - Providence

Funny this topic came up as my wife and I just visited here last night.

As mentioned, it is undergoing renovations which puts a damper on things seeing as when you look out the window all you see are metal scaffolding pipes. It also darkens the room a bit more. We sat in the first smaller room and found it a little to cozy and slightly loud when full.

For an app we had the heirloom tomato plate which was great. My wife had the roasted polenta which she liked. She said it wasn't as creamy as most. I went with the roasted half chicken with charred baby leeks, fingerlings and yellow squash. The chicken was great and the leeks were as well. I thought the fingerlings were a little overcooked and the squash was nothing special. For dessert we split the warm lemon tartlet with flaky crust and berries. This was definitely the best dish of the evening.

We would probably go again but agreed there are others places we'd go first.

Two Nights in Portland

Just visited 555 this past sunday with my wife and had an excellent meal. We got the figs in a blanket for an app which my wife loved (I'm not big on blue cheese when it's solid nevermind as fondue). My wife got the pepper crusted scallops in vanilla/carrot emulsion which she raved about. I got the hanger steak with olive oil mashed potatoes, carmelized shallot and spinach which was great. Cooked perfect med/rare. For dessert we got the chocolate torte with strawberries which was great (nice to have strawberries instead of the raspberries you see more often). We also got the cherry filled spring roll which had a little to much sesame in the coconut sauce. Hope this helps.

Top 5 Best restaurants in Rhode Island, Not fancy

I totally agree RI red. Went to Haruki a couple nights ago. Sushi was very bland. No flavor to speak of. Should've gone to Ichiban. Always happy there. Great mango shrimp roll and spider roll. My wife love the white tuna sashimi too.

Best Breakfast in Rhode Island

T's in Cranston
Annies in Newport
Seaplane Diner on Allens Ave

Boathouse in Tiverton?

I totally agree with Im hungry. Setting is great and food to match. Chowder is good although their award winning one is not a traditional new england. Chef is inventive with the menu as well.

TRue Weights and Measures? : Whole Foods - moved from Pennsylvania board

You should always check to make sure you're getting charged correctly, especially when buying those high ticket items such as beef or seafood.

I find it amusing that you think the changed digit is intentionally done in WFM favor and never to the advantage of the customer. How many people do you think would say something when charged the 5.99lb for buffalo instead of the 12.99 for the rib steak they got? Sad to say but I think you'd find a large number wouldn't say a thing.

Jun 27, 2009
snowpuck in Chains

ted's montana grill - moved from New England board

I've been to the one in Cranston. Good lunch menu with excellent bison burgers. Dinner was ok in my opinion. Usually stick with lunch now.

May 26, 2009
snowpuck in Chains

First time to Savannah

Hey all. My wife and I are visiting savannah for the first time right after Mother's day. We've go some choices already set (Mrs. Wilkes, Jazz'd, and Vic's on the river) but are looking for one romantic dinner in the historic district. We've seen recommendations for Noble fare, Olde Pink House, and Sapphire Grill as some of the best. If you could pick only one, which one and why? Also, if Noble Fare is the one, anyone know where there is a menu online? Website doesn't link to it. Thanks in advance.

CSA's in RI

Ledge End produce has amazing quality and variety. They're raspberries were great this summer, beautiful celery root and their leeks are unbelieveable.

Wishingstone farms also has good quality but more of your standard items. Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers etc... They do have nice leaf lettuce. The owner? Skip takes some getting used to.

Cedar Edge is also great for produce. Awesome cooking greens and one of the few places to get local melons.

Trader Joe's Pet Peeves

If there were no employees on the floor filling the shelves, the products you were looking for would not be there. It's a little unrealistic to expect the shelves to stay perfect throughout the whole day no?

If you had the unimpeded shopping experience you desire, I'm sure you'd be complaining that there weren't any employees to answer your questions or help you find products.

Dec 21, 2008
snowpuck in Chains

Trader Joe's coming to Warwick

I heard the very last week of october. Sort of like whole foods last year.