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Victor's Cafe on 52nd.... any good?

We had dinner there 2 nights ago. Our first time. Ordered the seafood Paella and the portion was ok for one person, the rice was cooked to the right consistency, BUT for the price they could've put more seafood considering the lobster was the smallest I've seen served in a restaurant. The lobster empanada was delicious (not to my dinner partner tho) but the 2 tiny pcs. were a surprise for the price -- there must've been 2 bits of lobster and a couple of corn kernels and a couple of slivers of bell peppers (they should've listed this on the menu as Empanada Poppers because they were really tiny). The flan was ok -- not too sweet like in other places, altho they looked similar to the Goya ones in the supermarket; and, the churros were really good, and comes with 3 dipping sauces, but again, pricey for the portion. The one good experience we had was the attentive staff, and interior decor is nice and pleasant. Would I go back there? Probably not, because they are EXPENSIVE for what you get - RIDICULOUSLY expensive!

Mar 08, 2009
sikakis in Manhattan

London Broil

To those who may not know what "oyster cut" for London Broil is,

Not very many supermarkets sell Oyster Cut for London Broil (packaging label actually will say "Oyster Cut") and you might understand from the above link as to why, and so it does cost more per pound than all the other cuts for London Broil. In my area, the only supermarket that used to consistently sell it was Foodtown but they closed in my town some years ago.

Oct 11, 2008
sikakis in Home Cooking

What is the "oyster cut" of Top Round for London Broil?

Aunt and Uncle taking me to me choose the place

Les Halles - midtown on Park Ave. South, or John St. downtown. Anthony Bourdain never disappoints. Attentive service too.

Sep 28, 2008
sikakis in Manhattan

Looking for something good for tomorrow lunch in Chinatown...

I can never remember the name of the restaurant, though don't need to. It's on Bayard St., right next door to the Ice Cream Factory -- if you're facing the ice cream shop, the restaurant is on it's left. They have the best soup dumplings and peking duck.

Sep 28, 2008
sikakis in Manhattan

eats in EWR

6-hour layover is a long time. Cab it to Valenca Restaurant, 663 Monroe Ave. in Elizabeth. (908) 354-2525. They have great steaks, and the chilean seabass is superb. The folks at the restaurant should be able to get you a cab to take you back to EWR. It's a short ride both ways.

Sep 28, 2008
sikakis in New Jersey

Cendrillon-lunch or brunch?

I've been to Cendrillon for lunch, as well as dinner. Both times, we were all very happy with our selections, and portions were right. They have yummy desserts, too, so leave room after your delicious meal. The ambiance is nice too, and they have good ventilation so you don't smell of food when you leave. My only disappointment was the seemingly snotty hostess, which is not at all characteristic of Filipinos.

Sep 27, 2008
sikakis in Manhattan

Dinner with the parents

I've dined at Les Halles, twice at their downtown location, and both times no one in my party was disappointed with their selections. I've been told the Park Ave. So. location is great too - I would expect!

Sep 27, 2008
sikakis in Manhattan

best thai restaurants in northrern new jersey

I am not from Thailand, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai food.
In Montclair, on Bloomfield Avenue:
1st choice: Thai Chef - great service, very nice atmosphere, exquisite presentation, delicious!
2nd choice: Tuptim - if they would only have better lighting in this restaurant. Food is great and reasonably priced.