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It's Saturday. It's summer. I want shrimp. And NO I DON'T want to clean/make/prep/grill/ it myself at home.

Second to Lowry's, but if you go on a weekend take a good book, maybe War & Peace cause the wait can be that long.
And seriously, if you want good shrimp, preferably not farm raised (shudder, shudder-been to farm ponds in Thailand and China, put me off seafood in general for months)dont AYCE. I'd just as soon chew on a wet towel!!!

Q in southern Md.

Heading to southern Md this weekend for the Gr8 American BBQ hunt. Know all the longstanding joints:Randys, Johnny Boy, Leftys, Bear Creek. Any recs for non chain, self standing juke joint type Q shacks. Plan on starting in Solomons and working our way north. Of course we wil be making the sugar stop at Walls Bakery.YUMMO!!!

Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

I've had some success with a paste of peroxide and baking soda, depends on the severity of the stain. In essence, I have always expected staining on enameled pots after a time.however I've also had LC pots where the enamel has sort of eroded (for lack of a better word) and find I have to be more heat careful because stuff tends to stick in those spots.
Now if LC could come up with a lighter pot with the same gr8 cooking ability. Sometimes I need a bodybuilder just to get that pot on the stove!!!

Jan 18, 2014
hmrlovr in Cookware

Shepherdstown, WV restaurants

i live in CharlesTown, just a stones throw from S'town. If you love Italian, there's a very good place in C'town called Mezzaluna. Oddly the chef is from South America, but his soul must be Italian. It's in a small strip mall across from WalMart, but worth the drive. My one complaint is the cooks have a rather heavy hand with the garlic, so if your not a fan tell your server to ask the kitchen to go easy.Also in C'town a new bagelry/bakery has opened called Royalicious. Their sandwiches are killah-so large it's almost hard to get them in your mouth. All breads are baked in house, and their cream chese spreads are as good as you find in NYC-hard to believe in WV, but true.On weekends they bake different Italian breads and pastries, and the lines are out the door.We go there at least once a week and truly believe it's the best sandwich (and the only bagelry) in the WV panhandle.

Sep 11, 2012
hmrlovr in Mid-Atlantic

Help! I need a Fredrick, MD restaurant

hands down, Volt is the best new restaurant in the Frederick area.Eat there couple times a week and Brian is an extremely inventive chef.It is expensive, but we usually do lunch there, which mitigates the cost. What I really like is that Brian is a localvore and really strives to use ingredients from the many small farms that still manage to dot this once heavily agricultural community. This means his ingredients are always top quality and the meats raised without alll the comercially grown additives.If your going with a small group, try and book the chefs table. Be entertained and informed with your meal.One thing I do worry about is that Brian recently either won or placed second in one of those FoodNetwork channel contests. I'm hoping that this wont mean he doesnt have the time to actually cook in his own establishment or be hands on in the day to day running.
my other fave is the Tasting Room but that may be because I REALLY LIKE their pineapple infused martini.oh and the food is good and I want to bathe in their lobster bisque!!!

Good Jewish Deli in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown?

I would definitely second Brooklyns for wonderful corned beef.I live in the hinterlands of WV-try finding anything resembling corned beef there-and frequently go down the road to G'burg to get my CB fix.They do their own corning and occasionally I'm lucky enough to get there just as the CB is stillhot from the cooker.Every couple months we head up to Baltimore to either Mary Mervis in Lexington Market or Attmans which for a country girl is like visiting another planet. Sort of scary but eminently entertaining!!!

Mimi's in Mahone Bay and Magnolia in Lunenberg

About 3 years ago we spent wonderful time along "the shore" in Nova Scotia. Had 2 wonderful meals at Mimi's in Mahone Bay and Magnolias in Lunenberg. Do these places still exist and is the food still as excellent as I remember it?Tried to find a web site for both of them and got an error message.
If you have any faves you'd like to throw in, please do so as we are once again traveling the shore up to PEI and Cape Breton.

Apr 28, 2009
hmrlovr in Atlantic Canada

Why does my meat continue to moo????

That was a very interesting article, but I can't help but wonder if the temps are based on european parameters, which have usually run 10 degrees less then US.In modern times in the US rare has usually been defined as between 130-135, MR-140-145, going up the scale in 5-10 degree increments. I dug out a really old meat thermometer-think it qualifies as an antique-and it grades rare as being 140 and medium as 160. I went to my old standby CIA text, which interestingly enough gives no temps, just cooked to desired doneness.No wonder grill cooks are confused!!!

Mar 30, 2009
hmrlovr in General Topics

Why does my meat continue to moo????

Thank you science guy for that explanation. Dont remember that lesson from culinary school.However the fact still remains it created a very unappealing red lake in which the rest of my meal appeared to be swimming and was just not the way I ordered it, which is sorta the point of dining out.
On the up side, now I know if my meal is awash in a sea of grey, I'm about to cut into some serious shoe leather.

Mar 29, 2009
hmrlovr in General Topics

buggered at the buttery-should we have been comped the whole meal?

For the past couple years, I have heard and read much about the Buttery in Lewes De., including good reviews on this board.Last week I finally found myself in Lewes and decided to give it a shot. My experience was not as pretty as previous reviewers.
We missed lunch, but the hubby and I decided to try the light fare menu. I ordered the petite filet, medium and the hubby the kobe burger (kobe for 13 bucks, dubious but that is an aside)also medium.When my filet was presented, I did my normal poke test and my finger sunk into the meat as though I'd poked a marshmallow.Not a good indicator that my meat was indeed medium.Although there was a sort of crust on the outside,when I cut into the steak, it looked like someone had merely murmured the words cook over it. I swear I heard it moo.Back to the kitchen it went, as I sat there and watched the hubby chow down on his burger-also ordered medium but presented rare, but at least not mooing.At least 10 minutes later, my filet returned. Poke, cut, bleed all over the plate. By this time I was in the throes of abject hunger,having only had a few bites of the hubbies burger, and went slightly ballistic-in a polite way. The server offered to once again take it back to the kitchen, or bring me another dish, but by that time I was to pissed and feeling quite buggered by the Buttery.In all, I probably had sat there at least 30 minutes, dejected, foodless, and ultimately culinarily chuffed to the max.
Manager #1 comes to the table, I vent my unhappiness. She says the general manager will come talk to me, which she does after about 10 minutes. So now we're going on about 40 minutes, and I'm starting to get woozy from hunger.She offers to take my meal off the bill-duh-and gives me a gift certificate for $25.
So my problem is, I felt the whole meal should have been comped-ultimately the bill was about 20 bucks for the hubbies portion and my iced tea. Granted I was given the gift certificate, but based on that experience I would be reticent to return to the Buttery. I arrived with certain expectations, based on solid research, which I explained to the GM, and left feeling highly irate, still hungry, and feeling as if we'd been had.Comping the 20 bucks plus the gift certificate would have gone a longer way to assuage my ire then apologies did.
As an aside, I ultimately had an excellent $3.75 egg salad sandwich on a wonderful house made sunflower seed bread from the little Lewes bakery down the street.Next time think I'll forget the gourmet and head straight for the gusto!!!!

Mar 29, 2009
hmrlovr in Mid-Atlantic

Why does my meat continue to moo????

In the past month I have had 3 unfortunate steak incidences-steaks ordered medium that have produced more blood then any Saw movie.These were not ordered at chain restaurants, where grill cooks are usually given minimun training, but at well thought of establishments. The first was Dish in Charles Town WV. The 2nd The Buttery (henceforth referred to as the Buggery) in Lewes De. and the 3rd,the biggest suprise of all, Mortons in Reston Va.These 3 occurences were actually just the straws that broke the camels back, as I've experienced this more frequently in the past year then at any other time in my long and previously satisfying dining out life.So my question is-why is one of the most basic and primal of cooking techniques being so abused?Where does the problem lie-lack of training, lack of talent, or lack of care.
As a retired from public service chef, I would love to hear from current chefs as to why this is so prevalent and could the fix be as simple as proper training.

Mar 29, 2009
hmrlovr in General Topics

Ginger Ales You have Loved

Wegmans carries Vernor's as does Magruders and Sniders in Silver Spring.There's a brand called Maine Root that makes a killer ginger ale. It's kinda hard to find, but I have had luck finding it in health food stores.Last year in Vermont I had a pineapple ginger beer. Had I know what a killah taste it had I would have bought a case. Unfortunately I threw out the bottle, so the brand is a mystery. Bought it in a gourmet shop in Stowe. May have to return just to procure a bottle of what I now consider to be my holy grail of ginger ale!!!

Feb 13, 2009
hmrlovr in General Topics

Crabhouses and crabcakes in maryland--pls. help me add to my list

Mea culpa on the time to Rock Hall-just drove it today, took about 45 minutes.
As I am now on the Gr8 American Crab Cake Hunt, this thread is infinitely helpful. Had cakes today at Waterman and found them not as good as remembered, but then what is.Not as "lumpy" and swimming in some unidentifiable orange liquid. Perhaps a combo of paprika and steam. (Why do eateries feel it's necessary to douse things in paprika?)Yesterday it was Legal Spirits in Easton. They were passable, but the cream of crab soup made up for lowered expectations.Tonight it's the Narrows for dinner. Dropped in at lunch to look at menu and saw their crabcakes-piled high with lump. I'm salivating on the keyboard now!!I just wonder what my cholesterol count will be when I'm done with my hunt.
I am a firm believer in localvore-be it fin or veggies.I agree the crabbing industry on the east coast is in dire trouble, due as much to mismanagement of the industry by state and government officials as it is to escalating pollution in the Bay with perhaps a touch of global warming thrown in.Is the solution avoiding local crabs-I think not.Professional watermen are a dying breed and an important component to the ecosystems of the bay.this is a thorny problem and I fear resolution may not come in time to save either the Bay or the watermen.
One thing I damn well do know is that the cheaper crap crab that comes in from Indonesia and the Phillipines is an abomination onto the crab and only serves to undercut efforts to revive our own floundering (ew a very bad pun)crab industry.

Crabhouses and crabcakes in maryland--pls. help me add to my list

Harris Crab House in Kent Narrows-foggitaboutit. Unless you like your seafood overdone, with a side of extreme noise and kids out of control, eaten at a just barely clean table and served by a surly waitstaff who seem to exist in another time zone service wise, dont even bother with this place. Oh and flies, did I mention the flies.There are so many other places-the Narrows is the best IMHO-dont waste your culinary time on Harris.The Narrows is pricey, I'll admit, but the crabmeat is real Eastern Shore, not that Indonesian crap so many places (Phillips for one)pass for crab today. Besides when you buy that Indonesian stuff, you are not supporting the watermen of the area.I also agree with many posters about the Waterman in Rock Hall about 20 minutes from Annapolis and a charming town to boot.
Life, and the season for fresh crabcakes, is to short.Avoid commercial crab crapola like Harris and heed the advise of many posters. Unlatch the wallet and head to the Narrows or anyone of the other excellent recs posted here.

Need help in Cape May & environs

Many thanks to those who responded. Our AARRGH V-it's about to be christened name-is only about 24 feet, so heres hoping we won't have to actually back down a street or beat a hasty retreat.The blood orange vodka Ellen mentioned is distilled by Dogfish, and they have many flavors including chocolate. Try a martuni with that one!!Last year I bought almost 400 bucks worth of flavored vodka, thinking it would last at least 6 months-NOT!!
Several othr posts mentioned the ACME, which astounds me as in my area that is several rungs below Food Lion. Will stop there for groceries for sure. Is there a Wegmans near CM-grocery Nirvana.
So it's raining and crappy today, but given the date I think perhaps heaven weeps.Tomorrow we set sail on the asphalt sea. Avast ye maties and haul in the mizzen mast-whatever the heck that is. Michel

Sep 11, 2007
hmrlovr in New Jersey

Need help in Cape May & environs

This week I will find myself in unchartered territory x 2. 1-in an RV, and 2 in Cape May on our shake down cruise. I know as much about both those subjects as I do about nuclear physics. I did troll the Cape May pages, but so many other places are mentioned I could spend the day with a map and still have not a clue. So while I did pick up a few pointers-Washington Inn, Daniels, Louisa's, a great place for fried chicken I forgot to write the name of. I'm hoping all you wonderful NJ hounders will take pity on me and give me places within 10 or 15 miles of Cape May that would not incur horror on the drive there in an RV.
I'll probably be catching the ferry from Lewes, and I am somewhat familiar with that, but any recs there would also be appreciated.
Will probably be leaving Wed. just waiting for coastal storms to pass.
Oh, I get the impression that many places have no liquor liscense in that area so is BYO sort of standard? Also any 411 on farmers markets?
Thanks everso. Michel

Sep 10, 2007
hmrlovr in New Jersey

Wegmans Plans to Open Store in Columbia

The powers that be in Montgomery County have already said they dont want Wegmans as they think it's another "big box store". That makes you unhappy, write to the politicos there.I live in WV where we have 3 grocers-Martins, Weiss, and Food Lion. Anyone complaining about MC grocers will get no support or tears from me.

Parkersburg to Charleston-whats cookin?

OK I finally got this posting thing figured out so here goes. Will be doing a glass tour this week from Morgantown to Parkersburg to Charleston to Huntington. Any recs would be everso appreciated. Pretty much have Morgantown covered-is Ali Babba still working it's magic-but have no clue about the other places.
Also I cant help but wonder, since that area is at least a 4-6 hour drive form DC, how does it get lumped in with the Balto/DC area?God save us from corporate sponsorship!!!

Jun 10, 2007
hmrlovr in General South Archive

sunday farmers markets near leesburg?

Round Hill, Purcellville and Leesburg all have markets. I think the Round Hill Market is on Sunday, but dont quote me on that. I'm sure if you were just to drive into town, stop at the local diners and ask you could find out.
If your free on Sunday, Shepherdstown WV has a nice little market. It's a pretty drive and there are a couple good restaurants there-Press Room, owned by a former employee of the bank, and the Yellow Brick Bank which is OK.
The Post publishes a list of markets in the food section. I havent seen it yet, but you could access that for a really comprehensive listing.

How do I post to a board:subtitle-what happened to the old chowhound??!! [moved from Chow Feedback board]

Ok, I have been all over this board and I'll be darned if I can figure out how to post to a specific board or region. The old Chowhound was relatively quick and ez-this one couldnt be more obtuse. And what the heck happened to all the regions? Apparently if your not looking in a major metro area, then it doesnt exist. HELP-I never used to go anywhere without consulting the Hound and now it seems like the Hound has bitten faithful users in the butt!!God save us from corporate sponsorship!!!!!!

Jun 10, 2007
hmrlovr in Site Talk

Foods/drinks/snacks you sneak into a movie theater...

I have an extremely large handbag I bought in Turkey. That sucker can hold about a weeks worth of rations, but since I only need it to hold about 2-3 hours worth of provisions, I usually stuff it with A)my Nissan vacuum cup with locking lip of course. It's content depends on wether it's a matinee-then I usually take a soda or fresh lemonade or if it's a night movie it'll usually hold a cocktail- perhaps a lemon drop martini.I also tailor my snacks according to what movie I'm seeing. For instance if I know the film will be absorbing, like Pans Labyrinth or Children of Men, I'll take something non melting as it could be a bit before the treat gets from bag to mouth. If I'm going to fluff, like Night at the Museum, I'll take chocolate or toffee or something I can literally throw into my mouth.I also try not to take anything to loud or with crinkly packages, as I personally cant stand to hear people chewing and chomping during an intense scene.

Jan 15, 2007
hmrlovr in General Topics

Need recs for Lewes, Rehoboth, OC and vicinity

Hey, doesnt anyone go to the beach anymore? Did a search for these areas and most are older posts. As beaches eat up restaurants like storms erode sand, anyone have any recent suggestions for Md. Del. shore. Used to love Fagers-is it any good still.Will be in Easton, St. Michaels for one night. Any 411 for that area.

Aug 30, 2006
hmrlovr in Mid-Atlantic

Where can I buy fresh fish in Upper NW, Silver Spring or Takoma Park?

Camerons at the top of 16th ST (right off Ga. Ave) used to have good fresh fish, but havent been there in awhile. Why dont you just go down to the Maine Ave wharf where the fish are so fresh their still floppin?