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Whole Fish, DC

The Whole Crispy fish at Ten Penh is quite good, and so fun and pretty to look at. Nice crispy batter. I had it at lunch during restaraunt week. It's fried hong kong style. At lunch it's catfish. The fish was cooked well, but the catfish meat is pretty bland.

At dinner the menu says just crispy whole fish. During Rweek this was a $9 surcharge for dinner only. On the reg menu it's Market Price. So presumably they fry a tastier species for dinner.

Cheap middle eastern in DC

Mama Ayesha's is a good choice too. More atmosphere, not as cheap as El Khartoum. Mama Ayeshas is relatively inexpensive. It's on Calvert Road in Adams Morgan, over the Ellington Bridge heading to Adams Morgan from the metro.
Jeserf...You have the right person about Denmark. I miss the herring and smorrebrod! Send me an email or msg via my blog so we can be in touch.

Cheap middle eastern in DC

Give Al Khartoum a try at the southern border of Adams Morgan on Florida Ave. and 18th street. Good Middle Eastern/North African food for super cheap. Counter service, though they will deliver the food to your table after you order it. I had good ful there and hummus.

Gets overlooked because it's not in the heart of Adams Morgan, but it has a much bigger selection than Amsterdam and Old City and is cheaper than both.

Great Wall Szechuan House, 1527 14th Street

I've been a number of times recently. The hot & sour soup is okay. Not much too it in the way of veggies, strips of carrots etc. It's pretty much bean curd and bamboo shoots only, but decent. I can't speak to the MSG question.

Their Ma Po Tofu is the best I've ever had anywhere. I've been underwhelmed by just about everything else, including other Ma La dishes and other supposed Szechuan preparations. Ma La Noodles had an awful, cooked long ago texture. Crispy szechuan chicken didn't have a single pepper or a bit of heat to the dish. And as other people have pointed out, they can't even do rice right. But the tofu!

Mid-week, vegetarian-friendly dinner near Sofitel, White House?

The Bombay Club on Connecticut off of H Street. Super nearby and perfect for a wide selection for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Girls Night Out off the Green or Red Lines

Green or Red? That limits you to Penn Quarter, Dupont, U Street, etc. Tons of choices. My rec. is Oyamel in Penn Quarter. Great margaritas, great food and atmosphere even though you mention that's not important. Surprisingly good prices.

Seeking Best Roast Meats in Chinatown

I'm okay with the roasted meats at Chinatown Express. And be sure to take home some containers of the green condiment!

Yes, better choices in the burbs. I like Mark's Duck House. But for DC Chinatown, I think Chinatown Express does the trick.

Market Inn, E Street Washington. Reviews?

Don't go. I was very excited to try it. It's costs a fortune for the terrible quality of food they offer. Lame dinner rolls served with hard, orangy "butter product." Every piece of shellfish in the lobster bake I got was tasteless and/or rubbery. Gf's broiled fishsteak (don't remember if it was tuna or swordfish) was the most overcooked and bland piece of fish I've ever tasted. At $26.95 no list. I'd eat anywhere else before going back.

What's With "Chinese Food, Subs, Chicken and Seafood" in DC?

The Lowest Price gas station/food marts sometimes offer this combination. At least the one on 14th and W does. Lowest Price Gas, Subs, Chicken, Pizza, Seafood. Something like that. I recommend not eating there, though not from experience.

RW lunch recommendations for chef geoff's?

I'd also recommend going somewhere else. If you want the burger, go for happy hour when it's $5. You don't go to RW to get burgers. Close by, go to TenPenh or Ceiba and sit at the bar if you can't get a table. Tosca is also close by, but may also be hard to get a table at. I think a RW meal at CG is an RW meal wasted.

Where to watch football on Sunday?

The request seems to be all over the place. I can't really picture what a sports bar with a house party feel actually means, especially thrown in with good fish and veggie fare at inexpensive prices to watch football.

From your other posts, it looks like you're from NY State. If you're a Giants fan, go to 51st State tavern which is very close to your hotel. It's carved it's niche as a NY teams sports bar, and there will be lots of Giants fans there. Good wings. $5 burgers and wine specials at the time of the NFC game. Several good beers on tap. Good atmosphere (it's pretty homey, but in a cozy bar way, not a house party way). Bar menu (which includes fish and chips, garden salad :-P).
My first thought is

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

If you go to Americana for Restaurant Week, or any other time for that matter, you deserve the meal you get.

A few years ago I had a great lunch at Tosca at great value. They allow most of their menu. On the way back to the office, encountered 3 other coworkers and told them of my lunch. They said that they had gone to Gordon Bierch for Restaurant Week. They're not listed on the official list, but I guess they offer the promotion too. I just smiled and looked at the menu when I got back. If you ordered the most expensive items for each course, it came out to $19 and change.

Sometimes at better restaurants, it ends up being the equivalent of getting a free dessert.

Had a great lunch at TenPenh today, certainly great value. At dinner they have upcharges for the lobster and crispy whole fish. No upcharges on the lunch menu. My crispy catfish was great, and $17 list price. So it's like paying $1.54 for my lobster bisque and $1.54 for my yuzu and citrus tart. Great value!

Discount liquor store within 45 min of DC?

I'd find it hard to believe that prices would be much if at all cheaper than Calvert Woodley. I love shopping there and they always have sales and good prices. Probably comprable to anywhere else. Maybe 1.75 liters of something will be a dollar cheaper if you drive 45 minutes away?

Good Phó in DC?? (not VA or MD)

As you'll find in the other threads, just take the easy metro ride to Courthouse and go to Pho 75. One of my favorite places, especially since it's so close. Just as easy to get to from downtown DC as Nam-Viet. And I like Nam-Viet for some things, but would never get Pho there. Yes, smaller and more expensive. When I had it there, I liked the broth more than Pho 75, but think I was eating Spagheti noodles.

Fun Crabs near Dupont Circle?

Yes, despite your boss' wishes, I don't think you'll have much luck finding "fun Crab restaraunts close to your location. Phillips is an okay thought. What comes to mind to me as closest by is The Dancing Crab in Tenlytown. You could cab, or walk to Dupont Circle and take the Metro (only 4 stops).

Good food near College Park

I tried and enjoyed the Pepper Pot in Belltsville on Friday evening, grabbing a quick bite before seeing a show at UofM. Tried brown stew chicken, jerk chicken, and curried goat and particularly recommend the brown stew chicken. It was super moist falling off the bone and very flavorful. All entrees served with a heaping scoop of rice and veggies (that day it was cabbage and onions). You can get a big plate of food for dinner for less than $10. I didn't try the guyanese pepper pot (mmm...cow feet cooked with cassareep) so if someone tries that, please report back.

They advertise a $6.95 lunch buffet which I really wanted to try, but they said they discontinued it, but may start doing it again sometime soon). Their website and menu is up to date:

Recommendation before show at Warner

Bistro d'Oc is a good rec and they do have a pre-theater menu. If you are looking for small plates, Jaleo and Zaytina are not far walks at all...less than 1/2 mile.

Good Pho in DC?

A search of this board will yield much discussion about the best Pho (which you will probably have to go into Virginia far). I love Pho 75 in Rosslyn, which is the easiest to get to by car or metro. In Eden Center, there's the place that sells books out front and I think just does Pho on the inside. But I'm always happy to just cross the bridge into Rosslyn. Their 8:00 closing time is a big drawback.

Yazuza --- usually empty

I think you mean Yazuzu (nitpicky, but for clarification purposes for those that have never heard of it). It's a relatively new place in Adams Morgan with a Middle Eastern menu. I've not been, but could think of a few ideas of why the place isn't buzzing.

-The location is odd. It's below the Adams Morgan buzz (bordered I'd say at Kalorama) and above the Lauriol Plaza district buzz. Not lots of traffic there.

-The minimalist design. It looks uncomfortable and sterile to me. Makes me think of overly uber-trendy Sino-Euro design ala something I saw in Lost in Translation. I may be way off here, but the deisgn is just a little odd. The fact that it's a middle eastern place throws this off even more. The cuisine doesn't go at all with the decor. Seems like the design doesn't fit the taste of the neighborhood. (Lots of decor pictures on website). Weird that they have pictures of random people taking pictures of themselves in the otherwise empty restaurant. Pictures of a packed house would be nice, but as you've said, I've never seen a lot of people in here.

I can't speak to the chow! Perhaps I'll try it sometime if I can get past the design.

Large Quantity/Wholsale Cold Cuts

I'm organizing a lunch where I would like to set out a cold cut spread for about 100 people.

I'm wondering where to go shopping. Chain supermarkets don't really seem like the right place. I can't imagine walking into Giant and asking for 20 lbs of ham, 20 lbs of turkey, and 20 lbs of cheese to be sliced for me! Plus, these places sell by the pound, and probably can't cut you a wholesale deal.

Has anyone thrown a lunch where they've bought large quantities of deli meat? Does costco sell this?

Sniders comes to mind as a good independent market/deli where I could actually talk to a deli manager and buy a whole thing of meat and cheese, sliced, paying less than the per pound price.

FYI, the really helpful planning site I found.

Tells you what and how much of everything you might need for a large event.

24-hour food joints

Yechon in Annandale.
Bistro Francais in Gtown isn't 24 hours, but is open till 3am, 4am on Fri and Sat.
Tastee Diner in Silver Spring.

Extended Restaurant Week?

DC Foodies does a good job of capturing the details of restaurant week, including who is extending. I know CP has extended in the past, but it doesn't look like they did this time. You can always call them to check.

Equinox RW

I just gave up Hook reservations to score Equinox reservations for Saturday night! I've been calling and checking open table for cancellations for days and finally found one! I like choosing restaurants that offer their whole menu for RW. Equinox gives you 3 choices for each course, but they all sound good to me, and it's one of the best places on the list.

Anyone been yet for this summer's RW? I'd love to hear your reviews and recommendations.

Madjet Ethiopian review

I'll jump on to concur with the negative review. Professor12's review is in line with my meal there a few months ago. We got the vegggie platter and a meat dish (don't remember which one). Across the board the veggies were tasteless and unappealing. It was also my worst Ethiopian meal and I wouldn't return.

I liked it when I went back in 2005, when my Ethiopian auto mechanic recommended the place as his favorite. But I don't think it ever rose to the point where enough people ranked it above Etete or Dukem. Similarly, I've heard buzz about Zenebech Injera having the best food around. But until it gets more widespread, consistent, and sustained praise, a few people's reviews doesn't make it the best place around.

Recent opinions Restaurant Kolumbia?

What do they do for their happy hour? What are the details?

Recent opinions Restaurant Kolumbia?

I was there a few weeks ago. Agree about the menu and was excited to go, but agree it's also pricey and didn't find it worth it. We shared pierogis which were good. However, our entrees were big dissapointment. My friend had chicken kiev. It was basically a large, moist looking chicken breast. But it wasn't very moist and the butter/tarragon filling didn't do much. The mashed potatoes were pretty good with it and it came with peas. To me it was pretty unacceptable for $26. I couldn't resist their crab cake entree, as it was being served that night over a soft-shell crab instead of it's usual potato dish. I was also dissapointed. I didn't enjoy the scallop mouse it was blended with. Talk about striking out with the filler. The soft shell wasn't very good either. Everything just lacked taste to me.

In reviews, I've read the chef being faulted for not using enough salt or seasonings, and I agreed. And if IIRC, there wasn't salt on the table. One review I read also suggested staying away from the nouvelle American cuisine and focus on the chef's Eastern European strengths. Agree there too, but I couldn't resist that soft-shell! But I should have.

I'm not tempted to go back, but if I did, I'd look at the butcher board, or go for the $9 bar lunch that I've wanted to try.

Restaurants near D.C. Armory

The other place around NY Pizza, which I think is a little less creepy, is La Lomita on Penn and perhaps 13th or 14th St SE? It's a pretty good tex/mex, good chips and salsas, margaritas and beer place. Mains are $10-$15. It's not that big, but I think they could accomodate your group of 20. No parking lot, but it's 1 mile from Armory and street parking should be pretty easy over there.

Best chicken fajitas in DC/NoVa?


Portuguese restaurant in DC?

A Caravela in Tenleytown. Do a search in chowhound and in google and you'll find good things.

Here's the Post review:

ethiopian restaurant

I liked Madjet the first time I went (2 years ago), but was there a few months ago and was very dissapointed with the food. It's also got the worst ambiance and service of the 3. They're all no-reservation places, as far as I know, but that doesn't mean you wont have trouble dropping in whenever and finding a seat on Saturday night, particularly at Etete. Worth the wait though!