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Plugra or similar in W Queens? Does Trader Joe's have it?

For future.... not sure where in woodside you are but...... on skillman ave in the 40's ( all i remember is grocery store on the corner next to a bakery ) they sell it..

Feb 07, 2009
enthusiast in Outer Boroughs

Do You Give Your Children Raw Fish either Sushi or Sashimi?

my family is in the sushi biz and my daughter eats a good amount of the stuff. Of all the customers that come in even children as small as 2-3yrs have downed the stuff.
I don understand your concern as well as I had of my own BUT.... you got to think that in other countries they are doing just fine. And this is not something that you are eating on a daily basis ( and if so , good for you ) to really hinder and influence drastic health outcomes.

Dec 06, 2008
enthusiast in General Topics

anyone remember ONJU?

Does anyone out there remember the restaurant ONJU in the Village? Was open for approximately 1 year and I LOVED it.
Due to the area ( not so rich college kids ) the place closed........ It was organic italian fair with such a superb ambience that left you feeling as though you wanted to linger there all night.
I am looking for a replacement! Used to sit at the bar and enjoy the conversation of the staff that worked there. Was small enough that usually the person whom you were speaking was the owner/chef.


Oct 18, 2008
enthusiast in Manhattan

How bad does accepting credit cards hurt small restaurants?

pretty much everything gets taxed and there is the fee. all in all cash is always favored. ALWAYS!!!!!! if i don't have enough cash on me when i go out i sure do have enough for at least tipping.

Oct 18, 2008
enthusiast in Not About Food

Kid friendly breakfast in mid-town?

how about pershing square? right off of 42nd btw lex and park. separate booths and at that time in the morning you need not worry about your surroundings,
I have a 2 yr old and if i were in mid-town and needed to have breakfast i would probably go there. it's a whole nother story if i were by myself, but i'm sure you know the deal.

Oct 10, 2008
enthusiast in Manhattan

Food for 9m. baby, no teeth, wants to feed himself

I understand your frustration but do not worry. I had great success with incorporating a lot of the "non mushy" fruits and vegetables that have high nutrition into the diet.
I basically cut everything, everything into long vertical sticks( think french fries) and steamed the life out of them. The food is grab-able and soft enough that baby can gum on. This is a great chance to open him up to various different tastes without chocking.
And lastly they sell nets that can be wrapped upon hard fruit ( say an apple slice ) for real texture feel that baby can knaw on and slowly "work" at. Since this large .... is encompassed it will never be swallowed and chocked upon but the experience of the hard substance is probably glory to baby.
Best of luck... It's a great age that keeps getting better.

Oct 09, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

what do i order; sushi nanase

What did you not enjoy about it? What is it that you had? So curious!

Healthy dessert recipes

are you looking for healthy or low fat?

Oct 08, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

Japanese dessert.....

How about something savory but sweet?
Japanese sweet potato. ( imagine twice baked but with cream and sugar )
anything goma related always hits a soft spot for me.
and lastly a new years specialty. ohagi. ( mochi rice balls covered with a blend of edamame and sugar combo. Mortor and pestle the soy and sugar till you get a paste and encompass the whole thing with it. DIVINE! )
Hope it turns out well.

Oct 04, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

what do i order; sushi nanase

Well without sounding like to much of a food critic here we go:
Starter was a bell pepper and fresh orang juice blend jelly. ( yum! )
Next was a plate of everything autumn inspired. Some mushrooms with caviar. Japanese steamed sweet potato. Kiwi mixed with a sesame paste. and roasted chestnuts.
Followed by the wonderful scallops as Shawn loves.
Next the broiled sea bass. That ginger root that accompanies it, Wow, how interesting and great!
And the grand entrance of the sushi combo. And very different from any sushi combo that i have had. ( you know they are usually bad with everything that people do not want to order all on one plate )
Washed it all down with echigo beer to start ( made of rice vs. the typical grain, so it goes with sushi very well ) and some yebisu ( which i am soooo glad it is back in the states )
Had some sake ( the one labeled " go oku nen " ). It's the purple bottle with the translation being 500,000 years.

Spoke alot to the chef and wife, and yes you guys are right, not very good english, but good for me my japanese is up to par. They both are lovely and i plan on coming back. ( once i can amp myself up to go on that metro north again and be rejected by all thos e cab drivers, which is a whole other conversation in itself. )

Thank You guys!

what do i order; sushi nanase

Dolores, Dim Sum Diva:
You were RIGHT! How fantastic everything was. I did happen to read some o the other remarks that are on the board and did not experience anything was was not on the plain of pleasant and perfect.
I was told that they change their Omakase seasonally ( or monthly, i forget ) that we were first to try.
And to top it off, Their daughter and granddaughter were there celebrating the granddaughters birthday. ( BTW, both beautiful ) Beacause of this everyone was in a superb mood.
Thanks for all the positive heads up!

what do i order; sushi nanase

Thank You!
I will let you know.

good pizza in midtown around 48 3 ave

You have me intrigued.
What is the Newman slice?

Oct 03, 2008
enthusiast in Manhattan

what do i order; sushi nanase

Reservations are made. But is there anything along the lines of "WOW"?

good pizza in midtown around 48 3 ave

I second it. Naples 45 (right in the Metlife Building): Go after 2pm and prices are cheaper.

Oct 03, 2008
enthusiast in Manhattan

what do i order; sushi nanase

Going to be in westchester tonight and a friend suggested Sushi nanase in White Plains. Have not ventured out of the city to often and hoping that it is worth my while.
What should i be ordering? What is the BEST? And should i be expecting anything else?

need help binding a vegan loaf

Not quite the expert but I do subs all the time trying to make things as vegan as possible.
1) 1 tbsp soy flour + 1 tbsp water = 1 egg ( temp needs to be reduced slightly )
2) Half a banana = 1 egg (keep in mind if you want your things to taste like banana or not )
3) The flax seed thing ( although i know you said you tried )
4) Sound weird I know ( preface ) I have blended some okra with tofu ( usually silken ) and it has worked.

Hope it turns out well and share your tips of success.

Oct 02, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

need help binding a vegan loaf

what kind of nut loaf is this going to be ? savory or sweet?

Oct 02, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

density intensity

midtownDiner123: once i get into specific weight measurements i usually end up sticking with them. As for sugar i am always not very specific. I more than not under do what the recipe calls for.
I hate when things are too sweet. and more than not they are.

Sep 27, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

density intensity

If you are up for a change in recipe THIS IS IT! not for the one's who like cakey brownies but more for the fudgey, gooey, barely set lovers. a little unorthodox mixing method but worth it. her we go ( and i give this to you out of love ):

11/4C sifted AP flour
1 tsp salt
2 sticks ( 8 ounces ) unsalted butter
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate
2 oz. bittersweet chocolate
2 C. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
4 large eggs
(NO baking powder= also more dense)

Set to 350 in the center.
Sift flour and salt together and set aside.
Melt butter and chocolate together over low heat. watch and don't scorch. ( you can use double boiler ) Add 1C . of sugar to the mixture, stir 30 sec. remove pan from heat and stir in vanilla. pour into lg. bowl.
Remaining sugar & eggs go into mixer. WHISK BY HAND JUST TO COMBINE. Very slowly pour 1/2 of the mixture into the chocolate mixture. stir gently but constantly to not cook eggs. grab a whisk attachment and whip the remaining eggs, maybe 4 min. until doubled and pale in color. Fold the whipped eggs into the chocolate mixture. When it is almost incorporated fold in dry ing.
A heavy ceramic or glass pan is ideal-Pour and scrape into unbuttered pan. 9" square. 25-28 min. (sounds weird but around the 23 min. mark cut into the center just a little bit to see progression. The goal is barely set and gooey. On the other side they are still delightful even if you do a little over. )
Cool on rack, cut into slices and enjoy.

If anything please try them. A lot of emphasis on the word YUM!

Sep 27, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

Help with carrot cake - applesauce and agave?

Yum carrot cake!I always gut and sub ingredients in recipes as well.

*For the AP flour King Arthurs makes a White Whole Wheat flour. (Same nutritional benefits but with out that heavy wheat feel ) other wise Whole Wheat pastry flour is great and much lighter than regular WW flour. ( more crumbly, in a good way)

*Apple sauce will be a good sub. 1:1 is fine. ( keeps everything moist as you presumed)

*As for the nectar, using liquid sugar 1:1 will throw off the recipe a little bit. Feel free to experiment but otherwise if you are trying to keep it health conscience try organic raw cane sugars. and especially with carrot cake with all the spiciness i'm sure it will be perfect.

Sep 27, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking

Looking for a dessert bar or great bakery in NY

chikalicious is great but bot what you probably want.

Go to Payard. and yes.... they have eclairs.

Sep 26, 2008
enthusiast in Manhattan

Anniversary - Wife is kind of picky

I think Craft is a great idea but really, really, Babo ( even with all the hype ) is worth all the hype. Simple good ingredients, italian style, and also wild boar on the menu.
My husband happens to be the same way as your wife and he was in LOVE. Look it up. if not for the anniversary it is still worth going.

Sep 26, 2008
enthusiast in Manhattan

Homemade Babyfood with Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma?

Same as chowser, I am not familiar with how Beaba Babycook results but DON'T DO IT! The time of puree is soooo short. A good steamer, blender, and sieve will do the job. After that it's all up to how creative you would like to get.
Enjoy the baby!

Sep 26, 2008
enthusiast in Home Cooking