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L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Voting


Chicken Parm Hero (a la NYC)

Guys, thanks so much for all the recs! Great stuff!!! I'm sure I'll be coming back to you for more as I get my bearings out here.

Took a quick swing over to Mario's today and had a terrific Chicken Parm. Huge, messy, terrific sauce. Perfect old-school east-coasty Italian deli/market vibe. Really nicely done. For those who want to get obsessive, it was kind of that Jersey-style where the bread is soft, rather than crusty and they put a whole lot of grated parmesan on top (in addition to the melted mozzarella) before closing it up. Totally hit the spot.

Look forward to trying Bay Cities and Taste Of Hoboken when next the craving hits!

Thanks again!

Chicken Parm Hero (a la NYC)

Hi There,

I'm a Recent (semi-temporary) transplant from NYC hit with a serious craving for an authentic East-Coast style Chicken Parmesan Hero (aka sandwich/hoagie/grinder/etc...). Found some good older discussions on here about this, but wanted to check in and see where people's opinions are today.

I'm on the East Side (Pasadena-ish), but willing to drive wherever for the real, delicious deal.

Thanks in advance! Merry and Happy!!!


Dec 26, 2014
djchaser in Los Angeles Area

BBQ Between Richmond, VA and Raleigh Durham?

In a few days, we'll be driving from Richmond to Raleigh/Durham, and would love to get some great NC or VA BBQ. I know it's not quite the right region for the best, but wondering if there's anything good? Backwood shacks to established destinations are all terrific if the cue is right!

Thanks much!!!

May 05, 2013
djchaser in Southeast

Richmond, VA Dinner Advice

Couple hounds from NYC down in Richmond for a few nights looking for interesting eats. Frenched up southern, maybe? Really great barbecue? Foodie destinations? What do you love? What shouldn't we miss? We're all adventurous eaters, and meals are being paid for, so price matters less than awesomeness.

Thanks in advance!!!

May 05, 2013
djchaser in Mid-Atlantic

Friends and enemies, there's yet another great find: Clandestino, an ephemeral resto in the 12th.

Sound great. Either of you have a sense of how hard dinner reservations are to get?

Oct 28, 2012
djchaser in France

BYO Wine Reccomendation for Kuma Inn?

So, we eneded up going with a Washington State gewurtzraminer. Our inital thought was that it was a tad sweet, but once the food started arriving, it turned out to pair beautifully with almost everything. I couldn't help but think that with all the pork, a mild red would have worked, as well. And, I don't think we could have gone wrong with asian beer!

What an amazing meal! And what a deal! Thanks so much for all the advice- very much appreciated.


May 11, 2010
djchaser in Manhattan

BYO Wine Reccomendation for Kuma Inn?

Going to Kuma Inn tonight, and being an intermediate wine appreciator, but certainly not a serious oenophile, I'm having some difficulty figuring out what would pair well with their impressively varied asian small plate menu. Even red or white seems like a toss-up to me. (FYI: I'm generally a fan of larger red wines, but would love to be pushed towards assertive whites that I suspect would probably work well, here). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks much!


Kuma Inn
113 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

May 10, 2010
djchaser in Manhattan

Bo Ssam Alternative for Foodie Birthday?

We're having a small birthday dinner for two foodies and eight or so others (so, around ten people in total,) and were thinking a Bo Ssam at Ssam Bar would be perfect. Unfortunately, we weren't the only people with that idea, and the date we wanted, a Saturday, is booked solid. With this in mind, what other places might be good? We're a little stuck for ideas. Somewhere around the intersection of cool, fun, lively, interesting, good for groups, adventurous, not outrageous, good drink having, foodie friendly and above all, delicious(!), is where we want to be! East/west village and lower east side-ish are good mid-point neighborhoods, but really anywhere under 23rd would be fine.

Thanks so much for your help!!! Know that you'll be saving the day for some great people with your suggestions!!!

Apr 19, 2010
djchaser in Manhattan

Where to watch tonight's Debate?

Looking for a lively and fun place to watch the presidential debate tonight. Ideally a gastropub or bar with good food and (in case things don't go so well for our guy) good drinks! Would be nice if the debate is the main event, so we can hear what's going on- thought I'm not opposed to booing and cheering :-) I'm in midtown west, but am open to anywhere from the UWS down to the LES. Any thoughts?

Sep 26, 2008
djchaser in Manhattan