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Buenos Aires recommendations and dining partners

From your list i can recommend the following.
To Eat.
1 647 Dinner Club - excelent food and very cool place.
2 Osaka - have had mainly really good experiences with the food.

To Drink
1 878 - very cool place with great drinks but does not get busy until LATE.
2 Club Niceto - best club in BA, the best night is Friday and never before 2pm!!

I hope this helps.

647 Dinner Club in BsAs

It did not open Sundays when i was there recently.

The Best Restaurants of Buenos Aires 2008

Hi, i was in BA twice this year as i own a home in Palermo and have been an on off resident for the past 5 years. The restaurant scene has changed incredibly, at times for the better and at others...for the worse...I would like to know the opinions of others of the best restaurants in BA. My top 3 are as follows.

1 647 Dinner Club for exceptional food,incredible design and great bar.
2 La Bourgogne for great qualty plates, even if delivered in a strangely old fashioned style but always with great class!
3 Cafe San Juan for top rustic styled cuisine that realy hits the spot.

I leave the rest to you.....

Four Seasons in Buenos Aires

Probably the top Hotel restaurant by general concensus is La Bourgogne is you are looking for a place for Christmas Day. My experience there was good but in the sense of i felt like i was eating in some gloriously out dated french restaurant from the 80's. The quality of the food was great but the style was certainly antiquated.
My top tip for BA is a place called 647 Dinner Club, maybe one of the best looking restaurants I have been to in my life( The food was also great and as i have read from other bloggers, not your average argentine restaurant.

Best steak in Buenos Aires?

I give my vote 100% to 647 Dinner Club. The meat we ate there was of an incredible quality. I am not normally blown away by lamb and so only tasted a mouthful from my girlfriends plate, it was exquisite. My own plate was the Rib Eye which came perfectly cooked and full of flavour.