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Sunday Brunch

Salty's in West Seattle has a highly-regarded buffet, and an outstanding view of downtown Seattle and Elliot Bay.

Aug 28, 2009
georgebharvey in Greater Seattle

Good BBQ in Seattle?

When Dixie's was new they were OK. When they became "cool" they went downhill. Bad service, bad attitude, so-so bbq, but they did have "the man" so they were cool. I recommend Jones. Great food, good service, nice people.

Jan 17, 2007
georgebharvey in Greater Seattle

Best Barbeque Sauce?

I've been in love with Larry's Market barbeque sauce. Now it's gone. It was just a little spicy and I loved the flavor. What do you hounds recommend for off-the-shelf sauces now?

Seattle hound, coming to Austin

I'm coming to Austin with my wife on November 5 - 8, then we'll rent a car and explore for a couple of days. She's at a conference, I'm drafting along. I have all day to play, she'll be along for dinner. I like sleazy local places with great ethnic food and I'll go anywhere I don't have to carry a gun. She likes good food, but nicer ambiance.
I'd like to connect with whatever makes Austin special, which I suspect (possibly incorrectly) means Tex-Mex and Barbeque. We're staying at the 4 Seasons near the Convention center downtown, and if I can walk to the restaurant so much the better.

1) Recommendations for breakfast and lunch for me?
2) Recommendations for dinner for us?
3) I have a couple of months, what should I read about Austin so I can appreciate it when I get there?

Jul 31, 2006
georgebharvey in Austin