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Lamb Burger Quest

Proof has one on the lunch menu, and part of the $15 lunch deal, also.

Lunch/Dinner near the Omni Shoreham

Most (all?) places in the immediate vicinity (Woodley Park) are tourist traps. Mintwood Place and Cashion's Eat Place in Adams Morgan are excellent, and easily walkable from the Omni. A bit north on CT Ave is Cleveland Park, with Ripple, Ardeo, and a few others.

Looking for lamb in restaurants

Any glass of wine would be tasteless alongside that amazing Cumin Lamb.

Looking for lamb in restaurants

Kapnos on 14th might fit the bill.

Has anybody been to Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab?

Great review, Pappy. We went and sat at the bar. Had the select stone crabs. Ours were somewhat sweet, and didn't seem mushy. But even with the cracking,it was an awful lot of work to remove the remaining shell to the point of eating them. I - might - try the large if I go again, but I don't think they are worth the money. We followed up with the grilled fisherman's platter which was delicious, if a bit heavy on the calamari.

I'd say it is worth going once, if only for the power scene. It was fun, and pricey.

Has anybody been to Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab?

I hope Pappy posts a review.

According to a friend, and Open Table, getting a table there on the weekend is just not going to happen. I will go early next week during the workweek. Also, I called them and they serve the full menu at the bar area.

This seems like the kind of place you have to go to once. At least once.

Has anybody been to Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab?

We're going to suck it up and go anyway. I've never had stone crabs, but heard great things about them. I'm not sure what to expect. I will certainly watch for mushiness and stringiness, that doesn't sound good.

Has anybody been to Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab?

Thanks, I was waiting for that review. Interesting. Was also going to go Fri or Sat, but now I am not so sure. Had my heart set on the stone crabs.

Has anybody been to Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab?

The Yelp reviews are all over the place, I trust Chowhounders more. Thanks.

That Italian restaurant around U Street?


China Boy--Stunning Find in D.C. Chinatown

I'm thinking Joe's and Sichuan Jin River are both Metro accessable. Any others?

Best Chinese Restaurants in DC? Any Serve Good Dim Sum?

I stand corrected on this place!

I ordered there a couple of times a few years ago, and was not impressed. I had the feeling I was missing something, and I sure was. Disregard the takeout menu, and sit down and order off the real one. I never remember seeing an authentic section, but there it was. Thought I was in the suburbs. This is going to be fun working through it. The Dan Dan Mein I had today was excellent.

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Thanks for the tweak, it looks much better than the original redesign.

Dec 13, 2012
KevinS in Features

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On a standard desktop, IE, the subject listings actually hurt my eyes reading it. The discussion area is bit better. Liked the old format much better.

Dec 11, 2012
KevinS in Features

Report –Wiseguy NY Pizza DC

This qualifies as the "real" deal NY style slice pizza. That does not mean it is the best NY slice pizza. As anybody from up there knows, each place has it's own different "recipe", following a general style. I would not compare it to Pete's, which is New Havan style and a different animal. I liked it, but agree they could cut back on the sauce sweetness a bit. I’ll go again and again, and am quite happy this place exists, satisfying a long unmet craving here in DC. Note – a mob scene at lunchtime.

Visiting DC--"Best" Italian?

You'll be able to cobble something together at Milano, it's not awful, just not great. Soak him on the wine order just for payback.

Something different for DC - Teatro Goldoni to Become the Icelandic Look

For me. this is tragic news. That was a great place for the weekday bar lunch.

Visiting DC--"Best" Italian?

You might see some celebrities there, but food wise you can do much, much better at the places previously mentioned.

Visiting DC--"Best" Italian?

Ask for his wine book. The incredible aged Italians will blow you away.

Visiting DC--"Best" Italian?

I think Bibianna needs to be on that list, otherwise it is right on target. Dino for wine, definitely, and many of his dishes are excellent, too.

On-premises Coffee Roaster in Washington, DC, Area

A realitivly new place, Qualia Coffee, on Gergia Ave in Petworth. They roast properly, everyweek. It's the best I've had since the days of Sirius Coffee.

Mama Ayesha

I've walked by that place a thousand times, and read good reviews, but somehow never trusted it. Glad I went with my instincts.

McClure's Bloody Mary Mix in DC??

I am fairly sure Seasonal Pantry on 9th St. has it also.

Perspectives on Tyler Cowen's Post Article on "Getting a Good Meal in DC"

There seems to be so much hype in DC about trendy places it's hard to cut through the fog. I have felt the same way about Rasika, one dish would blow me away, and another was so-so. At the price, Rasika remains an indulgence, and can easily be beaten by suburuban places on a pure food level, but certianly not atmosphere, though.

Perspectives on Tyler Cowen's Post Article on "Getting a Good Meal in DC"

Agreed, he is focusing generally on downtown. In that context, I think he nailed it. And compared to his website's Dining Guide, he was downright PC. Fun article.

Haven Pizza Bethesda

Agree, it's excellent. Definitely New Haven style, with the charred crust and texture. Might not be fair to compare to authentic Neapolitan, it's a different animal. I think it has the edge on Pete's.

If It's Spring and It's 2 Amys . . .

You made the right choice. I tried to go to Boqueria last night, but it was packed to the rafters, and the decibel levels made 2 Amy's sound like a monastary. Looks like it is going to be a nightime hotspot for drinks.

Three dinners in Bethesda

Have you been to Haven? From their website, it looks very, very promising. Coal ovens, and what appears to be a quite knowlegeable staff.

Great Wall Szechuan House, 1527 14th Street

I completely agree, the menu lacks depth. But I'll take it. It's in DC and I can walk there at lunch time. It was a pleasant surprise.

Great Wall Szechuan House, 1527 14th Street

I went here when 14th street was still relativly ungentrified, and the Ma La menu was a few items. Boy, have they improved! This is almost like a Virginia place now, in quality terms if not choices. I only wish they would expand the Ma La menu even more.