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Cucumber Based Cocktails

I had a cucumber drink at Zengo. maybe it was a cucumber mojito, but i can't remember......i did have more than one! but that's not the reason i can't remember! ;-)

DC with very picky 7 year old

Pizzeria Paradiso (Gtown) and Two Amy's (Cleveland Park) are my two immediate choices. Two Amy's is pizza too -- they have these great risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella.

question about Ritz Carlton Tyson's brunch

Is it the same type of brunch at Ritz Carlton Pentagon City -- champagne and caviar? Thanks.

Passion Fish in Reston

A group of 7 of us went this weekend. It was so excellent, my husband and I are going back this weekend. The meal started with crackers and a whitefish spread, which was delicious. Then the group had oysters, which I don't do, so I can't vouch for them, but everyone seemed to like them. Next we had appetizers. I had the peruvian ceviche, which I loved. It was very light and refreshing. My husband had the blue crab soup and my sister had the lobster bisque. I preferred the blue crap soup -- so smooth and creamy. The lobster bisque was good, but I've heard better elsewhere. (Sweet Basil, Vail, CO is the best ever.) My husband also had the tempura sushi, which was great with a kick of jalapeno. For the entree, I had the the filet Thai-style, served with a cucumber salad. yum. The fish was excellent, but the jasmine rice with the red-coconut style sauce, ordered on the side, made it perfect. My husband got the beef (grrr...we were in a fish restaurant! but he's getting fish next time, he promised!), but 3 people ordered the scallops and all liked it. my sister got a third appetizer as her meal -- the crab spring rolls -- and she said they were very crab-heavy. all in all, great meal -- can't wait to go back. and i already know what i'm ordering -- shrimp with avocado and the branzino.

Great food in Reston, VA?

I'm looking forward to Passion Fish myself. But if that won't work, not too far away in Sterling is Hooked. Very good seafood. Tiny place, so I'd make reservations. It's about a 10 minute drive.

In the Town Center, I also like Il Fornaio. It's a chain, but I think a very good one. I'd stay away from almost everything else in the Town Center. I tried Mon Ami Gabi and didn't like it at all. Jackson's Mighy Fine Food might be good, but I hear it's VERY loud. Paolo's is yuck. Clyde's is decent. In Herndon (about a 5 minute drive) is Thai Luang. Le Mediterrannee is a quaint little French bistro. And of course, Auberge Chez Francois also in Great Falls.

There's a farmer's market on Saturday at Lake Anne Plaza. Can't think of any crab shack type place.

Pasta dinner? Marine Corps Marathon..

I'd check out Filomena's in Gtown. Large portions.

Solo dining in Old Town SD?

I'll be at a conference, staying in Old Town. I have not been in San Diego in at least 20 years and I don't know the city at all. Where should I eat dinner? I'd like to stay in the neighborhood, but I will have a rental car. I like all types of foods......Thanks.

Sep 18, 2008
zelda68 in California


Where can I get good store-bought quiche? Any good bakeries around? I live in Reston. Thanks.

Does Ritz-Carlton(Pentagon City) still have sunday brunch that has all-you-can-eat caviar?

yep! and all-you-can-drink champagne!

Central American breakfast in DC?

ceviche, also in Glover Park, has a good saturday and sunday brunch. i don't know if they serve breakfast during the week. also, i don't know if they have exactly what you're looking for, but i like their breakfast with the yucca, avocado, farmers cheese.

Please HELP!!

Le Paradou. I considered doing mine there, but ultimately decided to go to Bermuda.

Brunch/Lunch in Georgetown w/ Vegan

try Amma Vegetarian Kitchen.

Great dinner in Tysons Corner area?

When I read the original posting, my immediate thought was -- Shamshiry.

health bar and healthy restaurants in dc proper

Juice Joint on Vermont. Mcpherson Sq. very healthy. great smoothies.

Bait and Switch at I Ricchi?

sorry -- i erased my post. i thought iricchi wan't participating, but they are. yeah -- i agree. your experience was horrible. but i've never heard good things about that place.

(D.C.) One Fish, Two Fish?

One Fish, Two Fish has been there FOR YEARS. At least since 1998ish. I don't know anything about it. If it's on a meal plan, i can't imagine it would be that great. But who knows......There is better chow to be had in that area, but my mind is drawing a blank now. (Marcel's is there though.)

devon & blakely

i went to the new devon & blakely on F St. it's across from the food court at the natl press building, which is where i was planning on going -- i should have trusted my instincts and gone to 5 guys. obviously, i was underwhelmed. i had a small "turkey" chili, which was beef chili. good thing i eat beef. ebbitt has much better chili. i also got a half thai chicken wrap. BORING. it was so bland that i threw it out (why waste calories?!!?). i'll definitely try the place again -- they have 19 soups a day, but for $10, i expect a more.

did someone report that pret a manger is moving here?

Reston area recs?

Mediterranee in Great Falls is very good.

Fresh sliced sandwich meat

i second Phillips. There's one on 14th (or 13th) street. Around the corner from McPherson Square.

Recent visits to Central?

I had the loup de mer. My only regret was that I had too many appetizers beforehand. It was out of this world. I'm dying to go back and have it again.

need Georgetown lunch recommendation

I've only been to Balthazar on your list, but I've heard of the other two. Mendocino Grill would work. Hook in Georgetown is new -- seafood. Excellent. Those are probably the two best restaurants in Georgetown at the moment. Cafe Milano, known better for "see and be seen" than the food, would also be considered high end.

Good Cuban Sandwich in DC?

i see this sign all of the time too, and have always wanted to go in and try it. i hear they have great food, so it's probably worth a try.

Looking for a good smoothie in downtown DC

i'm not a smoothie connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination and i actually i prefer fresh fruit juices to smoothies, but the Juice Joint on Vermont might be a good choice. I've had a smoothie there once and it was good. I love their fresh juices!

Pret a Manger Comes To DC

That's so funny. I emailed them once about 2 years ago asking them the same question. Then, they didn't have plans to move here. i like to think their moving here has something to do with people like you and me!

Aug 21, 2007
zelda68 in Chains

Cali, Colombia--where to eat

I'm probably too late, but there are a bunch of good restaurants in Bogota.
My new favorite one is Leonor Cava y Cana (or Cana y Cava) -- it's near the National Museum. The best ceviche I've had in my entire life. There's another great place there on the opposite side of the museum and i can't remember the name for the life of me. It's a tapas place, run by 3 guys who all went to cooking school in Spain. Cool interior.
Astrid y Gaston is in Bogota. (fancy Peruvian)
Club Colombia in the Zona Rosa is good for high-end Colombia food.
Harry Sasson in the Zona Rosa, in the "T."
Zona G also has some great restaurants -- Harry Sasson has one there too -- I think it might be called Harry's Bar.

Great Chow near 2101 Wisconsin Ave?

Bistrot Lepic, down the street from your hotel, is some of the best french food in the city. Heritage India, up the street from your hotel, is great Indian food. neither are fancy restaurants, but they're definitely not casual restaurants.

Hook, the new seafood place in gtown

I've been twice. I love this place. First time I went, I loved the calamari entree. I also had the lobster risotto and it was delish, but I saw my friend's entree (I forget what it was now), and wished I had ordered hers.

Second time I went, I set to get the calamari again, but I saw they had octopus on the menu. I've only started liking octopus, so I was nervous to get it. The waitress said if I didn't like it, she'd take it back and bring me the calamari. I loved the octopus. I forget again what I ordered for the entree -- my love for the octopus overshadowed my entree I guess -- but whatever it was, I know I enjoyed it because I cleared my plate.

The servers appear very knowledgeable about the fish. I don't like fishy-fish either, so they were able to guide me. And it's nice that they'll let you try something, and if you don't like it, they'll get you something else. Also, it seems that they always have 1 or 2 "normal" fish on the meny. Salmon was on the menu both times I went.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

Bistro Med -- next door to Pizzeria Paradiso? that's closed.

Cafe Atlantico, what do you think??

I haven't been in about 2 years, but I love Cafe Atlantico. Food is great and there's just something about the place that I love. And the rose petal sorbet rocks. And great mojitos.

I think it's time for me to go back.

Am looking for dinner suggestions for Capitol Hill area, moderately priced.

Belga Cafe.
Sonoma is also very good.