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TULSA -- New restaurants offer totally authentic Asian dining experiences

Thanks for the great article. Plenty of new Asian places to try. I still go to Asian Cuisine and Guang Zhou for lunch sometimes. Guang Zhou was remodeling this summer and was adding a karaoke room up front. Mandarin Taste is my favorite Chinese food in Tulsa. Thanks for turning me on to all these places!

Dec 10, 2014
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Strouds for people who don't eat chicken? (KC)

They have very good grilled pork chops.

Dec 01, 2012
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Cornbeef and Pastrami Sandwich in Overland Park,Ks.

There is a deli called d'Bronx in the KC area and they have a location in Overland park. I am hooked on their pizza slices and carrot cake. to check out their menu

Dec 01, 2012
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

TULSA: 4 new elegant excellent restaurants opened last week!

Looking forward to the Blue Rose also. They are getting close to opening.

Jan 09, 2011
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Good Chinese takeout in Tulsa?

I miss the Szechuan Express that was at 57th and Lewis. Do you know if they are related?

Jan 09, 2011
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Good Chinese takeout in Tulsa?

I will give Wand Wang a try.


Jan 09, 2011
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Good Chinese takeout in Tulsa?

Brian really knows his food especially Chinese.

After reading Brian’s reviews on the I have been to both of the restaurants he recommended multiple times.

Guang Zhou Dim Sum has closed the Skelly Drive location. I have eaten at their 11th street location more often and I have never been disappointed.

Nov 14, 2010
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Gourmet fast food in Tulsa(?)

A EggMcMuffin is one of the few things I will eat at Micky D's. Still enjoy the fries after all these years.
Never near the 91st street location for breakfast. If I am I will pick one up.

Nov 14, 2010
hdtravlr1 in Great Plains

Asian Cuisine (Tulsa)

There was a Thai restaurant at 31st and Mingo. Thai chef was the name at 9720 E 31st St. I drove by there the other day and it appeared that a chinese place was now located there. Is this the place you are talking about?

Old School Bagels in Tulsa

Went there on July 4 for a everything bagel toasted with chive cream cheese and bacon bits. It was fantastic!

Stout beer in the FQ

Kerry Irish Pub 331 Decatur St is worth stopping at. More of a neighborhood bar.

I did try Cresent City Brewhouse a microbrewery in the french quarter. They had 6 microbrews on tap. I had a seasonal beer dunkel weiss a dark wheat beer. It was ok but pricey at $8.25 for a beer. More of a tourist place.

I agree with halfshell above. Be sure and go to the Faubourg Marigny district and check out the bars on Frenchmen street. I like the music at the Spotted Cat.


Apr 12, 2009
hdtravlr1 in New Orleans

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

My pi was a great pizza place. That was about twenty years ago on Lewis in Tulsa. I miss even more than the place at 62nd and Lewis!

I always enjoy _____, no matter how bad it is.


Oct 21, 2008
hdtravlr1 in General Topics

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

Your welcome!
I didn't know it was a chain either till I started searching for it.

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

I went to a new place and had a slice. Uncle Vinny's Pizza. They are in the old Zarino's location at 71st and Sheridan. The have a place in Broken Arrow also. The slice was not bad. Just not as good as Marios or Umbertos

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

I figured out the name of the pizza place that was on Lewis near 61st Street in Tulsa.
It was il Vicino. Vist their website The nearest one to us is in Wichita.

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

Thought of another bar style pizza place Cowboy Sharkies in Tulsa. It was pretty tasty.

Has anyone tried Joe Momma’s pizza in Tulsa?

The30-day, Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

Best Tulsa Pizza
Excellent idea!

I have a thin crust nominee Minuteman Pizza in Sand Springs 38 years in business. This area of Sand Springs was once called Pratville My favorite is the homerun style pizza at minuteman. Also they have a good toasted Italian submarine sandwich called the “Dobber Doo” and tasty garlic cheese bread. I have been eating here for over 20 years and enjoying their excellent thin crust.

A few more to add:
Andolini's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Owasso
They have a 20” pizza that they claim is the largest in Oklahoma. I have only been here once it was very good.

Louie’s Sports Bar in South Tulsa had a pretty good bar style pizza

Arris’ in Owasso looks promising in the press. I have not made it there. It appears to be a regional chain with five other locations in Missouri.

Sorry to hear that the Zarino’s closed down on 71st Street. I had heard good things about them. I googled Zarino’s and found one in Broken Arrow. It has been since been renamed to Nico’s. Anyone been here or heard anything?

I remember the place at 62nd and Lewis. It was good. Can’t remember the name!

Thanks for reminding me about La Roma. I haven’t been there in a while.