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Little Star Pizza coming to Solano


Little Star Pizza coming to Solano

Rode my bike past there earlier today. Aside from getting wet in the rain, there's nothing new going on. They still have the ABC sign up, the contractor sign is still up, and there is still paper on the windows.

I climbed up on the planter about a six weeks ago or more to look in - yes, I'm that guy - and it was quite a ways out. But quite a bit can happen in six weeks.

Even though I LOVE Zachary's, the 45min wait for a table + 45min for the pie is pretty interminable. Some other local option is welcome IMHO.

Zachary's is also way at the East end of Solano. There's more than enough people to populate the tables at both.

Coming to SF to find gastro pubs and craft beer

if you see someone debating the owners on their glasswashing methods, it might be me!

Coming to SF to find gastro pubs and craft beer

less the taps then the drinking vessels. i'm partial to glassware (this goes for wine, water, beer, anything you drink) that has been forcefully cleansed in a mechanical warewasher.

the three compartment sink system may be satisfactory for a bar serving well-drinks but any residual soap, quaternary sanitizer or less than fresh rinse water pretty much ruins the concept of a fine beer in my book.

the two pints i had on my last visit were from glassware that was not up to the task. and while i cannot say whether or not the actual storage of beer and upkeep of tap lines contributed to the off flavors, in general it was not an ideal situation.

call me a snob if you like, but i like my glassware sparkling clean.

like i said, not that i won't be back. could be an operational issue that has been mitigated...i certainly support folks trying to bring the best suds to the neighborhood.

Coming to SF to find gastro pubs and craft beer

Toronado and Zeitgeist have ample charm if you ask me. At least they're not over-lit with fluorescent lights. That was the killer. I want my drinking establishments to go easy on the lighting! Toronado and Zeitgeist are at least pleasantly lit...and seriously Toronodao, aside from the occasional attitude from the staff has great charm.

Though I agree with Robert, Beer Revolution is best on the patio. Last time I was there was maybe 6 or 8 weeks ago on a Friday, early evening, maybe 15-20 people inside. While I don't disagree that the selection is good (esp. in the bottles...) the tap system did not offer what I thought was well kept beer.

Not that I won't be back - it's a cool location, and when the whether is right, that patio is pretty nice.

Beer Revolution
464 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607

Coming to SF to find gastro pubs and craft beer

I'd also call Beer Revolution mostly disappointing. It has all the charm of a frat house. Some nice brews for sale out of the coolers, but the tap beer didn't do it for me.

Beer Revolution
464 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607

Best AYCE Brunch

Traffic dependent you could potentially hit the AYCE at the Claremont in the Oakland hills.

I haven't been there since last year, but they always put up a fabulous spread. Pastries, pates + charcuterie, dim sum, prime rib, tons of salads and smoked fish + oysters, shrimp cocktail, fresh squeezed juices, live jazz, a dessert buffet with 15-20 offerings...and some killer views of the Bay to boot.

Meritage at the Claremont
41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, CA 94705

Best New York Style pizza that's not Arinell?

I walked in to Tony's the other day to see the place and look at a menu, though I knew I couldn't stay and eat. Man did those pies look good!

Had an Arinell's slice by chance the other day for lunch...100% disappointing. Flabby, flabby, flabby. I still don't get the fuss over that place.

My money is still on Gioia for best local interpretation of the "NY style."

Lanesplitter can be good, IMHO, but only on the smaller pies. The larger ones are always stretched too think, often to the point of tearing the dough.

high end cocktail bars in SF

I think Rickhouse is overrated. It's always too crowded, and not generally with the kinds of crowds I'd like to be tippling with.

I went to Rye recently, and thought it was thoroughly underwhelming. The Perfect Rye Manhattan, presumably one of their namesake drinks, was great, but the ambience and general experience was not up to par.

Bourbon & Branch is awesome, but only if you book a table. While you can get in to the Library with a pretty standard password, it's always too much of a scene to be dropping $15 on a cocktail that took 20 minutes to get. Table service in the main room, while deliberate, is great. Tasty drinks in both classic and unusual combinations.

I would also recommend Alembic. That place is wonderful.

Bourbon & Branch
501 Jones St, San Francisco, CA

Rickhouse Bar
246 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA

Chilaquile Tour --> SF and East Bay.

I've had the Chilaquiles Verdes at Fonda on Solano...and they were superb, almost like breakfast nachos!

1501 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94707

Beer Growlers in SF Bay Area?

I wonder why they never suggested them while filling my growler then? I didn't know about them until recently...

Beer Growlers in SF Bay Area?

Pyramid does indeed sell and fill growlers of their own brand, and I have had success bringing Pyramid growlers to Triple Rock. Just be sure to bring your own cap, as last time I was at TR for a growler fill-up they had none.

Trip Rock has begun selling their version of a growler, and while the beer is just as delicious as always, I'm not a big fan of the bag-in-box. Although I will say that the tap on the bag-in-box allows the beer to stay carbonated a bit longer, I still prefer the big glass growler.

Incidentally, I've noticed recently that a few people (west coast natives) were not familiar with the term growler. I was shocked...

churros in the Mission

no comment about the mission, but there are some great churros to be found down at international boulevard in oakland. near high street.

at least, there used to be. been a while since i was down that way.