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Christening cake decoration

You can also try McCalls - they are at Kipling and Dundas (north west corner). They usually have a lot of cute stuff.

pulled pork sandwiches in Toronto?

Well, its not a sandwich, but..... The Whole Foods Market in Oakville at Trafalgar & Cornwall has a hot bar and a salad bar. They rotate what they offer so its not the same every day, but often they have "pulled pork" on the hot bar. We love it. It is juicy, tender and flavourful. Not sure if the Toronto one has it or not.

Sunday Hungarian Buffet

IF I recall correctly, Mr. Hungarian is owned by the brother of the lady that owns Schnitzel House. At least, the last time I was there, he told me that his sister has a similar place "just west of him", and I'm fairly sure its Schn. House.

Mr. Hungarian also has a Sunday buffet, very similar to that described above. We drive from Oakville to Markham for it on occasion when the mood hits. Lets face it, you can't cook schnitzel, goulash, roast, salads etc etc unless you spend a week doing it!!! So as a lazy hungarian, I prefer to drive to Marham :). Plus the price is great.

Amy Pataki of the Toronto Star did a review of Mr. Hungarian in the paper a few years back, and she is hungarian too and liked it fine. It seems since they've redone the website, the review is no longer posted.

Where To Buy Best Cabbage Rolls????

Blue Danube Hungarian Deli - Between Kipling and Islington (closer to Islington) south of Bloor, north of Queensway -- I THINK they are on Advance but I'm not sure... (don't have my map handy, sorry) -- they are in the same neighbourhood as the main Sweet Gallery.
They have great cabbage rolls in their frozen section - you can buy ahead and have at home or you can call them and see if they are making them fresh at all. I'm not sure when / how often they make them.

Calling for reviews of Amadeus on Richmond

Here is a prior discussion of this restaurant.

California Sandwiches

We eat at the Mississauga CS - Winston Churchill and Dundas -- The bun is always fresh, and the veal is fresh cooked and we always really enjoy our sangwiches!!!

Toronto Hungarian Restaurants

Since deli's are now on the list - try Blue Danube - its a hungarian deli with the usual deli stuff, and they have a hot lunch bar with schnitzel & cheese & raisin palachinta, and great (in my opinion anyways!!) pogacha which are essentially bacon scones/muffins.

They also have made on the premises frozen cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, plum dumplings, and various soups and other things to take home. Its all yummy.

The cakes though leave something to be desired. Not sure where they get them, but I don't think that they are that great.

Speaking of cakes, can anyone recommend a place with good old fashioned "creamesh" -- Proper custard & cream Napoleons ?? Lately everyone I've tried from many many different places, seem to have the custard "cut" with gelatin and the custard is tasteless and quite awful compared to what we used to get way back when...

Blue Danube is: Blue Danube Sausage House Ltd
Address : 24 Chauncey Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2Z4
Telephone : 416-234-9911
between Kipling and Islington, much closer to Islington.

Blue Danube is very close to the main Sweet Gallery.

Amadeus Viennese Restaurant

We tried it last week. We loved it. Unfortunately we live in Oakville, otherwise we'd go more often!!

We were in the beer hall or pub area = same as the person above. There was a bavarian band (two players) that played off and on during the time we were there. Don't know if its just during Octoberfest or all the time that they'll have the entertainment. They were pretty good.

I Started with a green salad with "house" dressing - it was good. Hubby had the herring - he liked it.

Then, hubby had a variety pork plate (sorry can't recall the name) - roast pork, another pork, different sausages. Came with sauerkraut which was very nice. Kids (small kids) split the meat & cheese appetizer described above (the "orange cheese spread" described above is a paprika/cream cheese spread - delicious). (they didn't offer a kids menu at all, so if you are expecting one I don't think that they have one)
I have the schnizel plate ($20). It was a good sized, nicely cooked schnizel. (I'm hungarian so I've grown up with this stuff). Came with a cold potato salad, rather mustardy but tasty. We ordered sides of spaetzle and red cabbage (was part of a special so they had some that night) to share. There was plenty of food, and we are big eaters. Everything was delicious and fresh. No complaints on the food!!

We had coffee and dessert - the strawberry napoleon had three flaky pastry wafers with custard, whipped cream and strawberries nicely plated. The Sacher torte was very nice. Very chocolatey. Coffee was good, but small cups!!
Other items on the menu included Opera torte, Linzer torte, and others I can't recall -- waitress said they have an onsite pastry chef who makes everything there.

There is apparently also a "coffee shop" section where the pastries are available, and a "fine dining" restaurant -- linens, china and nice atmosphere. Menu for that is more "viennesse" as described by the staff. More expensive and more varied menu (I glanced at it last week but can't recall any details - sorry).

They are supposed to have a website but it is not up and running yet.

Only problem we found was the wait staff was lacking in service. She never told us about the special(s) except that when we asked if they have any red cabbage she said - "yes tonite with the special". Maybe the special was only for the dining room, she never explained (we didn't ask). But she got us a side of red cabbage so that was good. She asked how the food was then disappeared quickly. Not once did she ask if we wanted another drink - Hubby had a beer and I had a pop, and we were never offered another. Kinda surprizing. Same with the coffee - she never offered another or a refil. Hopefully that was a fluke and improves the next time we go.

Overall, we'll be back.

New german / viennese restaurant -- Dtn Toronto.

I saw an article about a new restaurant in a recent newsletter of the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Its called the :Amadeus Viennese Restaurant, Bavarian Beer Stube & Café, Located across the Sheraton Hotel at 111 Richmond Street West

I have not been to the restaurant yet. Just curious if anyone here has been - if so, what did you think and what are the prices like please?


Wedding Cake Emergency....PLEASE HELP!!

Sweet Gallery in Etobicoke.

They did our cake (back in 1993) and it was fabulous. 5 different layers tiered on a stand. We had strawberry shortcake, sacher torte, german chocolate, dobos, and oh my gosh, I can't recall the fifth. (horror!!) ;) We still enjoy cakes that they make. They have a couple of locations in Toronto, but the head office is Etobicoke. Sorry I don't have a phone number handy.

Tasty wedding cakes

Our personal favorite is Sweet Gallery. Definitely NOT paste!!

La Rocca is pretty good too.

Ovaltine and older folks?

My 6 year old has been drinking it in hot milk in the mornings for a few years now. Its basically a malt flavored drink either "vanilla" or "chocolate" and the label boasts a few added vitamins & stuff. If you like the malt flavor you are ok, personally I can't stand it, by my daughter and hubby love it. go figure!!

Jul 31, 2006
oakvillemom in General Topics

Salad Bar

Sorry - not a gourmet question at all!!!
But I'll ask anyways!! Can anyone please recommend a restaurant in West Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington with a decent salad bar? I'm looking for something "Ruby Tuesday" like (chain in the USA) with lots of options.

Thanks much!!

Caterer in Oakville?

Can anyone please recommend a decent caterer who serves Oakville - we are thinking of a early Sept outdoors (hopefully) mainly casual either sitdown or buffet meal for a group from work. We just want to enjoy the event and not do all the work!! Thanks much!!!