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Luzern restaurant

Excellent! Thanks so much for the update. In general, I have found to be happy at just about any place with "wurst" or "wirst" in its name. ;-)

Will have to make sure try the chogalipaschtetli while we are there.

Apr 11, 2012
debit in Europe

Luzern restaurant

Hey Larush--which ones did you pick? How were they? Not much on here for Luzern, so I would love any feed back. Thanks!

Apr 10, 2012
debit in Europe

Best Cheesecake in DC

Kinda....but too many recs for Trader Joe's in there. I want it at a restaurant. After a nice meal with a great cup of coffee. And if I am not mistaken, NY cheesecake does not have graham cracker, right? But thanks Elyssa!!

Best Cheesecake in DC

Looking for the best Metro-accessible slice of cheesecake in DC. Prefer a graham-cracker crust but will hear arguments for others. I am also a purist...don't be telling me about some oreo cookie cheesecake or caramel macchiato cheesecake.


Best food(ie) shopping in Manhattan

It is so nice to see a business that has "and daughters" for a change. So many "and sons." Nice!

Is Chocolate Haven worth a visit? Howabout Ess-a-bagel?

Thanks again!

Jan 07, 2009
debit in Manhattan

Best food(ie) shopping in Manhattan

These are wonderful suggestions! Thanks all...I love eating around the city. All these replies are the reason why. Grazie! Keep them coming!

Jan 06, 2009
debit in Manhattan

Best food(ie) shopping in Manhattan

Coming to NYC for a weekend to eat. Want to throw in some good food shopping as well. Going to hit Murray's for cheese and Kossar's for bialys. Any other places you would recommend?


Jan 06, 2009
debit in Manhattan

Anyone have good octopus in DC?

Tableside Fish De-Boning?

Tosca did it for me once with some Dover sole. It was by far the best fish I have ever had.

Komi: Excellence at the Next Level

Gyozagirl--see ya there. We are going tomorrow night, too (hubby's b-day). Haven't been in a year and am really looking forward to it. I hope there is octopus again. And suckling pig. And olives. And dates. And...

I really love it there.

Banana Splits + PBR

The deconstructed split at Central is JUST FAB. Just get that and screw the PBR. Or maybe sneak your own can of PBR in with you?

I have to admit, I at first thought you meant peanut butter for PBR. A peanut butter banana split sounds kinda neat. <<<red faced>>>

Itoyanagi - Very Authentic Japanese in Gaithersburg

Finally made it here this passed Friday and thought it was fab. A real gem. Highly recommended.

Was worried though, that we were the only ones there on a Friday evening. A place this good should be hoppin'. I hope the this doesn't mean they will be going away any time soon. These are the kind of places we need to keep around.

Thanks for all the recommendations on this place!!

Rooftop or garden dining in DC?

If you are planning a Friday night thing, you could go to the Pavilion Cafe in NGA's Sculpture Garden. Food is OK. Jazz is good. Setting is SUPERB.

Blueberries coming in season

The sound of the galette made me drool! YUM!

Jun 25, 2008
debit in Home Cooking

Blueberries coming in season

The best quality blueberries are found as close to your house as possible!

Jun 25, 2008
debit in Home Cooking

Blueberries coming in season

Looking for new ideas to do with blueberries besides pancakes, pies, muffins, and coffee cake. Not that these are bad (goodness NO!) but I am looking for something new and different, maybe even a bit fancy.

I just love berry season!

Thanks Hounds!

Jun 24, 2008
debit in Home Cooking

Figs needed

potzrebie--you are now the official fig expert. Thanks for the details!

Figs needed

I am between Baltimore and DC and my fig bush (not very tree like) yields the best stuff in September and October. But I gotta get to them before the birds do. Man, do they love my figs.

I have a Celeste fig bush. What kind do you have potrzebie?

Good Gnocci?

I second this. Palena's gnocchi is just FAB. Also, it is the one thing always guaranteed to be on the menu. Different preparations, but always gnocchi.

I swear, if the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, then I am deeply, deeply, deeply in love with Frank Ruta.

Local Culinary Road Trip

PA Dutch Country. You haven't been to a farmer's market until you've been to one there.

Are the Finger Lakes too far? We spent a lovely long weekend there recently. The Rieslings were great!

What about Pittsburgh for the Dirty O and Primanti's?

Philly for cheesesteaks, roast pork, pretzels, Vetri, etc.?

Making fresh mozzarella at home

I would call Whole Foods or MOM.

Beck or Central?

OK...we never could decide. So we went to both. And the winner was....



But of the piggy products wrapped in dough, Beck's Choucroute en Croute might just beat Central's Pied de Cochon. And we found Central a tad noisier than Beck. But other than that, Central was superb. Hell, I would travel back just for the banana split alone. The flavors in the two ice creams and strawberry sorbet were so amazing. The duck rillettes (sp?) were SO SO SO good. The cheese puffs, the burger, and more comfortable seats for a long-ish meal. Central pretty much rocked.

We also found prices similar. Central's corkage was $5 cheaper.

Gazpacho in DC

Jaleo has some of the loveliest I've had.

Amsterdam Falafel Shop

I think it is great fun--the selection of toppings always makes every sandwich different. The falafel balls are always nice and crisp, too.

Good Restaurant for Book Club?

OK...doesn't really go with the book (unless you want asylum fare), but what about Sette in Dupont Circle?

1st date/dinner in Bethesda - Dinner recommendations

How about Cesco or Grapeseed?

Half Smokes and meat retail

Laurel Meat Market on Main St. in Laurel. They sell half-smokes and other grilling yummies.

Good Restaurant for Book Club?

Our book group usually picks the place based on what we've read. Greek for "Middlesex," Mexican for "Like Water for Chocolate," a pub for "Letters from a Small Island." We also meet at 5:30 so that places are empty and they have no trouble accommodating a party of 6–8 when we show up.

What book are you reading this month? I love books. I love food. Mmmm....

Ultimate Spring Meal

Sorry...never been to Butterfield 9. :-(

Ultimate Spring Meal

I know it is too late for your meal...but I just have to mention that Spring was in full flavor at Palena on Saturday night. Morels, artichokes, rhubarb, nettle...just fantastic. The veloute' and consommé' were standouts.

Spring has never tasted so good. Go, if you can.