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Toronto's Best Mac and Cheese?


Fran's Diner makes a fantastic Mac and Cheese, as does Victory Cafe. Other than those two, I cannot think of any.

Lotus of us decide our menu pls!

Did Dominic provide you with his contact information? I wanted to let him know how wonderful it was meeting him. If so, shoot me an email at

Where do you go for steak in NYC?
If your buddy at Scotia is in need of an ambitious and hard working foodie , let me know.

Sep 24, 2008
Trimalchio in Southwest

Lotus of us decide our menu pls!

LVI, I was sad to hear that you had to send your SW steaks back. Hope the rest of your Vegas vacation was not only profitable but a journey in epicurean delights.

- Shayla

Sep 23, 2008
Trimalchio in Southwest