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Turkish Simits?

Does anyone know where I might find Turkish simits? I am in Oakland, but I would be willing to drive to get a decent one. As it is now, we are reduced to begging friends to pick some up in Turkey on the way to the airport.

Looking for yufka and pismaniye in OC or LA

I have a Turkish exchange student who is missing home and would like to do some cooking. Does anyone know where we could find:

yufka (the rolled out dough used for borek),
pismaniye (a type of candy) or
leblebi (a dried chickpea snack)

Thanks for your help!

Aug 30, 2010 in Los Angeles Area

Hound in need of help: Wedding Cakes (I can AFFORD!)

I got married 18 months ago, and we used Emil's Swiss Pastry in west LA. The delivered to our reception in downtown LA for a nominal charge, and the cakes were excellent. The price was very reasonable, especially for such excellent cake.

We chose a two different types of cake and we had a range of sizes on different cake stands -- so not a traditional tier cake. We had the tutti frutti cheesecake and one of their chocolate tortes. They also make traditional wedding cakes.

Emil's Swiss Pastry
11551 Santa Monica Blvd 90025, Los Angeles, CA 90025

May 13, 2010 in Los Angeles Area

Need catering/food suggestion for 120

We are holding a cocktail party and wedding reception in the downtown area in November, and my catering just came unstuck. Can anyone suggest either a caterer or a restaurant?

We are looking for fun, delicious, not-too-stuffy food. Preferably buffet stations. A bit fusion or tropical would be good. The groom veto'd a taco truck, but anything else would be ok.

Suggestions for something yummy, out of the ordinary and fun? Or, if not ... anything at all?

Sep 22, 2008 in Los Angeles Area