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Boston Convention Center - Fort Point Area

Channel Cafe is a good idea, thank you. I had only been there for lunch and didn't realize it was open for dinner. I walked over to investigate Lucky's tonight and while it might be fine, I hated the idea of taking out of towners to a dark basement. The Atlantic Beer Garden was very welcoming but I was afraid it would be too noisy. Sportello looked awesome but too expensive for this group, some of whom are unemployed.

Jan 05, 2010
BlueDevil in Greater Boston Area

Boston Convention Center - Fort Point Area

I am trying to plan dinner for a group of librarians (10 or so) coming mid-January for a conference at the new Convention Center. They won't want to move their cars or walk too far or pay too much. I had thought Brandy Pete's on Franklin Street but it is closed on Saturdays. Sel de la Terre/Sportello probably too expensive. Elephant and Castle ideal but too far. Would appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you.

Jan 03, 2010
BlueDevil in Greater Boston Area

Hot drinks in Cambridge?

Not looking forward to football game in rain this weekend, and wondering where in Cambridge (preferably in Harvard Square) I can take my friends after the game for a hot toddy? Thanks.

Oct 16, 2009
BlueDevil in Greater Boston Area

Graduation Dinner near Waltham

There is a restaurant called Verona on Mt. Auburn and Rt 20 in Watertown Square that I like very much. It has a separate room, good (but casual) Italian food that is inexpensive and nice staff (except for Debbie, a very hostile waitress). It is just 3 miles from Moody Street.

Sep 21, 2008
BlueDevil in Greater Boston Area