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been to BOURBON & BRANCH in SF, anything like it in LA?

Seven Grand is far more "accessible" than Bourbon and Branch in every way.

Easier to get into, bigger, and they actually have other alcohol to drink . They also have some sort of high falutin beer delivery system that keeps the draft beer ice cold. It's awesome.

May 21, 2009
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Place Showing Laker Game?

I know that has got to be the most stereotypical , annoying question ever asked on the LA Boards.

I think Hama in Venice shows games, but not sure if it's just surf videos.

May 21, 2009
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Giorgio Baldi Open on Mondays?

The website says yes, the phone message says no, but an assistant of mine MADE a reservation for tonight (allegedly, I think there was a mixup)

Anyone know the real answer or have an alternate phone number? There is hell to pay with some clients if we don't get in there tonight.


Jul 21, 2008
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Barbecue At First Assembly Baptist Church?

Just went to an wine tasting With Barbecue at Silverlake Wine. (They do it a couple of times a year and it is FANTASTIC!

The barbecue comes from the First Assembly Baptist Church in South Los Angeles. According to Randy form Silverlake Wine, the church sets up huge smokers on Fridays and Saturdays only.

I can't find a THING about this on the internet. Has anyone been there and have more information?

Mar 24, 2008
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Bar Pintxo looks ready for business!

Small, too bright, overpriced, BRUTAL stools that almost seem to want to make it impossible for patrons to linger.

Some delicious items, but the bill was $80 for two people eating what could only be described as small snacks, 4 total, with 2 glasses of wine.

I see some retooling in their near future.

Dec 28, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Canelé in Atwater? Don't bother....

Finally, someone punctures the hype on this place. Many reviewers are from the neighborhood and I've felt their enthusiasm is from the proximity.

Just ate there last night. Food is decent, but for the obvious ambition of the menu, falls flat. Service is rushed, even in an empty setting. Order a glass of wine, it comes in a small table glass, order a bottle and you get a proper wine glass.

The main problem is, when the check comes, the food is TERRIBLY overpriced for what it is. I compared it (VERY UNFAVORABLY) to Nook on the Westside. A neighborhood place with fine food, Nook succeeds at a tremendous value, Canele fails and is a ripoff.

Mar 21, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

downtown LA ~ Saturday pre-concert dinner

Pete's Cafe at 4th and Main, American Comfort Food, High Ceilings, Fun Crowd, not pretentious.

Royal Clayton's - deep in the Artists District Loft Colony, but very interesting, and shouldn't be very crowded early.

Mar 15, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Father's Office Now Open in Daytime

Only on the weekends though. Stumbled across it while strolling along Montana.

The crowds haven't discovered it, so it's still possible to get an open table without acting like an NFL linebacker going after a fumble. Because of that the vibe is a LOT more casual.

Mar 15, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Dresden Room?

Disagree with everyone. Get the Prime Rib.

Food is as good as Musso and Frank's, but with entertainment. FAR more entertaining than any of the other places listed here.

Mar 15, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Eight 18 Toluca Lake - my 2 cents

Guess I'm just a moron, I had a wonderful time here tonight. Maybe because my ears were ringing from an unfortunate birthday gathering at Citywalk beforehand, but I thought the music and noise level were negligible.

The service was prompt, knowledgable, and efficient. The FIRST thing that I liked was the fact that they let you sample wines before buying an expensive glass or bottle of something you may not have heard of - not unheard of, but unusual.

We had the paella, cheese plate, and mussels. They were ALL fantastic. AND a carafe of wine and it was $61.

If you are interested give this place a chance. It ain't AOC but it's pretty good for Toluca Lake

Mar 10, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Looking for higher end dining near USC

The first poster is right, USC is close enough to be considered downtown, go there where there are a wealth of choices, including some great new ones. any of the places mentioned would be good.


Pete's Cafe (4th and Main) American comfort food in a cool space filled with nearby loft dwellers, good bar.

Cafe Pinot - (5th and Flower) beautiful space in the gardens in front of the Central Library. A straight shot north of the USC campus (one block East of Figueroa)

Patina at the Walt Disney Hall is about as high end as you can get downtown, beautiful space, I don't know if you can eat at the bar there, though.

Mar 01, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Really Romantic Rest. with good food in LA

Romantic and Sushi don't really go together but:

Try the Hump at Santa Monica airport - good sushi while watching the planes take off and land. It is definitely interesting.

Also, Katsuya in Brentwood is , ahem, interesting as well.

Feb 09, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Downtown dinner

Cafe Pinot at the Library is gorgeous.

Pete's is great for comfort food and the new loft scene, as is Royal Claytons.

Had interesting wine and tapas at 626 Reserve.

As for fun/interesting - try the Pirate themed Redwood Bar & Grill. The burger is fantastic and the rest of the menu is supposed to be suprisingly good.

Feb 09, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Inexpensive-moderate places to take an out-of-towner?

Nook on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA. The best quality food bargain in town

Jan 25, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Hip Restaurant For Star Struck in Santa Monica

Giorgio Baldi isn't really in Santa Monica and is far from hip and ridiculously overpriced, but they will probably see a celebrity in there.

Jan 25, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area


I'm assuming you only want "adventures" and not a list of the old standby's:

626 Reserve - on 626 Spring St. really a wine bar, but suprisingly good food. The neighborhood is definitely an adventure.

Jan 25, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Anyone been to Royale on Wilshire and Rampart

I also went there and just had some drinks at the bar, and some crab cakes and other appetizers.

The food was good, but because they haven't officially opened yet, the place was empty.

I really hope it catches on, the bar and restaurant are some of the coolest spaces in LA.

Jan 14, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant at the Griffith Park Observatory

Standard Museum Cafe fare. The view alone is worth the trip

Jan 14, 2007
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Mere Mortals' Ultimate LA Restaurants 2006

1. Nook

2. Nook

3. Nook

4. Nook

5. Nook

Dec 20, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

What is open (and recommended) on Christmas Eve?

I'm in the Bay Area on Christmas eve before flying back to LA. Will be staying at the Hyatt near the Embarcadero.

It's a Sunday and it's Christmas Eve, many places are closed, any recommends on good and open? High end or low end, doesn't matter, just good food.


Dinner in Barstow [moved from L.A. board]


Try the Idle Spurs Steakhouse in Barstow. Classic old steakhouse with a weird Barstow twist to it, but FAR superior than anything that can be had in Baker.

Nov 19, 2006
balzachertz in California

Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park Late Dinner

Ye rustic is a great dive bar with some pretty good bar food, but seafood pasta? They have the best chicken wings in town and the Myrtle Burger is great, but it's a dark, loud tavern, It used to be my "local" and I love the place, it's fun as hell, but it's a bar with food, not a restuarant, be warned.

Oct 30, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

One dinner in Los Angeles


Oct 16, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Westside restaurant with great food & celebrities

Cut in Beverly Hills. Saw Tom Hanks dining with Larry David there last week.

Oct 16, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

How do you feel about the Michelin guide spurning L.A.?? [moved from L.A. board]

I have, and except for the amazing view, it ain't all that. There are about a dozen Pho stands in LA serving better food.

Oct 09, 2006
balzachertz in Food Media & News

trendy mexican

Border Grill in Santa Monica

MExico City in Los Feliz

Malo on Sunset in Silverlake

Being from the Midwest, ANY of these places will blow them away.

Oct 06, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Cheap Eats Before Movie In Santa Monica

Damon and Pythias on Wilshire right east of Third Street. Very little atmosphere, but good sandwiches and the like,

Oct 06, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Need Upscale Restaurant in L.A. for Xmas Dinner for 30 people Private Dining Room

Cafe Pinot downtown, absolutely beautiful setting in the Maguire Gardens next to the Library

Oct 06, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Special Occasion Italian?

Pecorino in Brentwood, although it may be too small for your needs.

Oct 06, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area

Coffee Shop or Cool Restaurant

Try Abbot's Habbit on Abbot KInney in Venice.

Aug 26, 2006
balzachertz in Los Angeles Area