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Secret Indonesian menu at Wok Coco in Anaheim

I haven't been to Warung Pojok, but my mother-in-law says she finds Wok Coco more interesting. But she's from Java -- the same as the Warung Pojok owners -- while Wok Coco serves Sulawesi-style food, so that's one reason for her opinion. She does like Warung Pojok, though. I'll ask her about other OC places. I'm more familiar with the LA County places, but I'm sure she'll know about any local spots.

Oct 22, 2012
mayobanex in Los Angeles Area

Secret Indonesian menu at Wok Coco in Anaheim

Due solely to knowledge obtained through my Indonesian in-laws, I ate lunch today at Wok Coco in an Anaheim strip mall. You would never know this place has Indonesian food -- the signs and menus outside mention Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes. From the street, it looks like just another Chinese fast-food joint. But the owners are Indonesian and, if you ask, they'll bring you the Indonesian menu. Only a few of the items include English translations, so you may need to ask.

The best items we had were rendang (beef), kangkung (water spinach), nasi bungkus (leaf-wrapped rice, chicken, beef and egg) and a spicy dish of potatoes, shrimp and peteh (stink beans). We were a little disappointed by the gado gado (an Indonesian salad), which was drowned in peanut sauce. But it was a great meal nevertheless.

Wok Coco
221 S. Magnolia Ave., Anaheim (although the site mentions nothing about Indonesian food)

Oct 21, 2012
mayobanex in Los Angeles Area

Graber Olives -- can I buy them in the GTA?

It's a cool tour. Ours was led by the company president (a Graber). It's an interesting operation...very small and labor-intensive. And they still use a lot of old equipment. There's a nice gift shop where you can fill all your Graber needs.

Graber Olives -- can I buy them in the GTA?

Funny...I just toured the Graber factory last week. Worth doing if you're ever near Ontario. Just wanted to say to anyone not familiar with these olives that they're the best. I grew up in that area and always try to bring a few cans home with me.

Dominican food in the Bay Area?

If this were New York or Florida, this wouldn't be an issue, but I'm wondering whether anyone knows where I can find Dominican food around these parts. My wife and I recently visited the DR and we'd love to find some mofongo and chivo guisado. Any help would be much appreciated.