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Jazz restaurant in KC?

Not really a restaurant but down at the 18th and Vine district, next to, and I think a part of the American Jazz Museum, is the Blue Room which has live jazz on weekends. Not really any restaurants close by, I believe there was a soul food restaurant but it may have closed, but the location is close to a number of good restaurants downtown and in the crossroads district.

Feb 25, 2011
zeke in Great Plains

Bahn Mi now available in Columbia MO

I saw the sign, just up Broadway from China Wok, can't remember the name exactly but I know it said "vietnamese bistro". Don't think it is open yet, will certainly give it a try when it does.

Dec 10, 2010
zeke in Great Plains

Bahn Mi now available in Columbia MO

Was at my favorite restaurant in Columbia, China Wok on Broadway for my vietnamese fix when the lady invites me to try their new Banh Mi sandwich. Of course I said yeah and it was delicious. Had thin layers of mayo and pate, along with two other meats that I could not readily identify, not that I cared because it tasted great, cucumber, shredded daikon and carrots, cilantro and fresh jalapenos on a baguette.

She also indicated a new type of soup that she explained was similar to Pho but I opted out of that one and tried the Banh Mi instead.

Don't know if either new item is on the menu but they were excited to offer their new items.

Dec 08, 2010
zeke in Great Plains

The great flatlands of Kansas suggestions (1-70)?

Cozy burgers in Salina might be worth a try if you like sliders.

Jun 05, 2010
zeke in Great Plains

Best burgers in Kansas

Where are the best burgers in Kansas?

Thanks in advance.

Apr 27, 2010
zeke in Great Plains

Kansas City Tacos

Glad you liked El Camino Real. I just rediscovered a great taco place called Two Amigos it's on 75th street in Overland Park. They have every kind of taco but they have GREAT carne asada tacos, the best in the city I think, they also have a salsa bar with two really spicy green sauces and a red sauce and they have a little condiments bar with pickled onions and carrots, radishes and fresh-roasted jalapenos. It's my new favorite taco place in the city, at least for carne asada tacos.

Jan 14, 2010
zeke in Great Plains

Authentic Chinese in Kansas City MO

I agree with the above replies, never really found any outstanding authentic Chinese in KC. There are a number of really good Vietnamese places. Hieng Vuong in the River Market is my favorite, it's definitely not a fancy place, as one local food blogger said it's like eating in your Vietnamese neighbors garage' but to me it adds to the experience, as well as being in the River Market, one of the most interesting places in town for someone who loves food.

Also good is Vietname Cafe, couple of blocks East of River Market in Columbus Park neighborhood.

Another Vietnam Cafe just across the State line on 39th and in an old Roadhouse, also very, very good.

Pho 97 on Independence avenue in KC also does a great Pho.

Good luck and enjoy KC!


Hien Vuong: 417 Main St, KC MO
Vietnam Cafe: 522 Campbell Street, KC MO
The Vietnam Cafe: 2200 W. 39th Street, KC KS
Pho 97: 2605 Indepedence Ave. KC MO

Nov 08, 2009
zeke in Great Plains

Kansas City Tacos

I like El Camino Real in Kansas City, KS (one on N. 7th and one on Argentine Blvd) they have hand-made tortillas and great Tacos Al Pastor sliced right from the spit spinning in the front window.
I also really like the tacos at El Vulcan on Independence Ave. in Independence. It's kind of a little diamond in the rough-occupying a little building that used to be a donut shop I think. The carne asada tacos are great and the spicy green sauce is killer.

Good luck!

Jul 02, 2009
zeke in Great Plains

Pastrami in Kansas City? Anyone?

D'Bronx Deli has pastrami, the original is on Bell street near 39th. and there is one in Crown Center.

May 23, 2009
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Poor student in Kansas City wants decent food!

If you like Vietnamese I would suggest Hien Vuong at the river market. Don't remember the exact price but you can get a giant bowl of Pho for somewhere between five and seven bucks. I've seen some people just come in and eat spring rolls too, they are cheap and filling.
There are a number of Vietnamese joints around the city, I'm sure most of them offer about the same prices.

Town Topic has good old school burgers pretty cheap.

Another burger/gyro place with good portions and good prices is Max's Burger and Gyros:

Hope you enjoy KC.

Feb 23, 2009
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Lake of the Ozarks

I can recommend On the Rise Bakery and Bistro, it's only open for Breakfast/lunch. It's been a while since I've been down there but it was really good when i was there, the bakery makes a ham and cheese roll that I can't eat enough of and the bistro-style lunch and breakfast food is very well prepared.

Other than that, in my limited time at the Lake I haven't had much luck, a lot of chain restaurants and such, but, I am sure there are some gems that I just have missed.

Here is the link to On the Rise

Jan 25, 2009
zeke in Great Plains

Recycled chips at Mexican restaurant

Eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant today, I got a seat where I could see behind the bar and I noticed that they were dumping the half eaten baskets of chips into the same place that they loaded up the new baskets. I always wondered if that happened and I saw it plain as day, it freaked me out a little but I love the place, I mean love it, it's authentic Mexican and they always have like three different hot salsas on rotation there.

In the end I just shrugged and ate the chips anyway, should I be more freaked out? Any other experiences like this?

Jan 09, 2009
zeke in Not About Food

vietnamese in kansas city

My favorite is Hien Vuong at the city market. Love everything they do there especially the Pho tai.

Vietnam Cafe in Columbus Park also very good as well as the one on 39th st on KS side.
Tried a couple of them on Independence Ave. (Pho 97 maybe) and they were also very good. But I like Hien Vuong's Pho the best + the atmosphere of eating in the sort of shabby garage-like storefront and the activity of the city market make it a great place for me.

Aug 26, 2008
zeke in Great Plains

Ethnic Restaurants in Kansas City

I would add Hien Vuong Vietnamese in the River Market, it's my favorite vietnamese and just about my favorite restaurant in KC.

Some others that I can think of: Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant located at the river market. There is Colombian food at Rincon Columbiano in KCK as well as the Venezuelan Cafe on Central in KCK.

For real Mexican I would suggest Laura's on Central in KCK and El Camino Real for tacos on 7th(?) and in the Argentine District, also in KCK.

Korean-Chosun Korean restaurant in O.P.

Please keep us informed on your group's outings!

Mar 13, 2008
zeke in Great Plains

Non-Legends Dining in Kansas City, KS

There are quite a few good ethnic places in KCK. For Mexican I like El Camino Real on 7th street, (there is also one in the Argentine District), they have really authentic Mexican and tacos al pastor sliced from a rotating spit in the window and handmade tortillas. Laura's Mexican restaurant on Central is also very good for authentic mexican, they have a huge menu and the English in either place is not so good but they are friendly to non-spanish speakers.

There is also a Columbian Restaurant (Rincon Colombiano) near downtown and a small Venezuelan place on Central I believe, I have yet to try either but hear good things about them.
Good luck!

Mar 06, 2008
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Restaurants near Kauffman Stadium, KC

There isn't much in the immediate area around Kauffman (unless you're a huge Taco Bell or Denny's fan). Don't get me wrong about the actual Stadium and game day experience though, because it is a nice stadium and a good place to see a game, but the sports complex is kind of out there in the middle of a big parking lot with nothing around it.
Just up the Blue Ridge Cut Off from your hotel it intersects with Highway 40 and there are some places up there that might fit the bill for you.
There is a Gates BBQ on 40 and there is an old school burger place up there can't remember the name but I think it was a Big Boy or something like that at one time. There is also Dixon's Chili Parlor on 40 which is a local favorite that serves a unique sort of of chili. Also old school Italian called V's and a really old school place called the Bamboo Hut with tiki bar lounge that supposedly serves good steaks and fried chicken and things like that.
Good luck, and I hope you enjoy KC.

Feb 08, 2008
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Mid-Mo Hounds-Cuban in Fulton??

Read with surprise and pleasure about an authentic Cuban restaurant called Vila's in Fulton of all places. Here is the link:

Wondering if anyone had tried it or heard anything about it.
Thanks in advance

Oct 02, 2007
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Great Mexican food in Columbia, MO

I agree with the El Rodeo and Carlito's recs... love 'em both. At El Rodeo I've been there a lot, but I've only tried the tacos- (I usually get two al pastor and two chorizo) and i have had the carne asada el rodeo which is really good, comes sliced thin, with fried cactus, beans, rice, guac. salad and a big fried's awesome...p.s. always ask for 'hot sauce' (sometimes they only bring the mild sauce), they are happy to bring it and it is very good, always a little different, always spicy....

Sep 09, 2007
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Kansas City bars-best bars for beer drinkers

I'm looking for the best bars in Kansas City for beer drinkers, ie. local places with lots of beer on tap, lots of micro-brews etc.

Thanks in advance.

Jun 04, 2007
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Kansas hounds: Bierocks?

Looking for places to find bierocks in Kansas. I've never had a bierock, in fact I just learned of them tonight, they sound interesting.
I hear they are similar to a Runza, which I have had. Any recs would be appreciated, thanks.

May 08, 2007
zeke in Great Plains

Need good places to eat in Sedalia Missouri

El Tapatia is good and so is La Fuente Mexican also on highway 50-I always get the chile colorado it's very good.
There are a number of places for good burgers on top of The Wheel-Inn: Eddie's Drive-in which was started by the same people who started Winstead's in KC. Griff's Drive in and Goody's Steakburgers are good too.

Mar 02, 2007
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Cafe Cuba in KC

I saw a sign for a place called Cafe Cuba in Westport in the former Relish location. Any one tried Cafe Cuba or know anything about it?
Thanks in advance

Jan 01, 2007
zeke in General Midwest Archive

new (?) Vietnamese restaurant in KC

I was driving today across the river in N.K.C. on Burlington just across the bridge. There used to be a Mexican place there called Acapulco or something like that, but I noticed it is now a vietnamese restuarant. I can't remember the name, a lot of kc hounds probably know the location.
I wasn't hungry because I had already eaten at Taqueria Mexico in Independence but I had to try it.

They had vietnamese sandwiches on the menu and I was ready to try that but they said that they weren't available. I shrugged and orderd the bun vermicelli noodles with marinated pork (which I was going to get anyway).
The bun was awesome, with very tender slices of pork all over it. I highly recomend it for anyone who likes vietnamese food or is looking to try it. The price was good too only like 5.99.
I've never had the bun at Vietnam Cafe so I can't really compare the two. I always get Pho at V.C.
I'm very excited to go back and try some pho at this new place.
Just thought I would pass on the good word about a place that i didn't even know was there.

Jan 01, 2007
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Chow in Columbia, MO

For awesomely cheap and great vietnamese go to China Wok? right on broadway. They have awesom Pho and great Bun vermicelli as well as spring rolls and a standard Chinese menu. I love this place, I ate there sometimes twice a week when i lived there.

Also good is Carlito's on the Business loop for carnitas tacos with their own homemade hot sauce and cilantro and onions-real nice owner too.

A new place that I really like is Taqueria El Rodeo on Nifong in South Columbia. Real Mexican food ie: lengua, cabeza, etc....great tacos and tortas and I like their carne asada, comes sliced up on top of a bed of nopales and whole fried jalapenos.

Enjoy Columbia.

Nov 20, 2006
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Best hamburgers in Missouri?

I'm looking for a laundry list of great burgers anywhere in the state of Missouri.

Some of the places I could think of off of the top of my head:

Booche's- Columbia
Westport Flea Market- KC
Blueberry Hill- STL

Please tell us about your favorites and any other good sides they might have.
Thanks in advance!

Nov 15, 2006
zeke in Great Plains

Kansas/ Kansas City food souvenirs

Nice list! I've heard of everything on it except for Fritz's salami. Could you fill me in on what it is, I love salami, especially volpi salami from the other side of the state in STL. Thanks in advance.

Aug 18, 2006
zeke in Great Plains

Healthy or veg food in Columbia, MO?

Main squeeze is a "natural foods cafe" on ninth street in columbia, i was there once and I thought it was very good,they have a changing daily special I believe. They have a website as well:
The International Cafe on Hitt Street does middle-eastern/meditteranean as well with lots of veg. choices.
Good luck, enjoy Columbia!

Aug 02, 2006
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Healthy or veg food in Columbia, MO?

Main squeeze is a "natural foods cafe" on ninth street in columbia, i was there once and I thought it was very good,they have a changing daily special I believe. They have a website as well:
The International Cafe on Hitt Street does middle-eastern/meditteranean as well with lots of veg. choices.
Good luck, enjoy Columbia!

Aug 02, 2006
zeke in General Midwest Archive

Kansas City Role Call

I've been away for awhile, pouting, but the hounds bring me back with all this talk of mexican food. I just tried Tienda La Casa Paloma, it was great, tacos al pastor were killer and the salsa bar with the extra hot green sauce and all the cilantro and onions you want was great. I would also recommend any of the Taqueria Mexico locations in KC, as well as El Pueblito on SW blvd, & Laura's in KCK for really authentic mexican, and I like Charritos in Independence for tacos al pastor as well.
Also tried Spin this weekend, very impressed: spinach salad with glazed pecans, goat cheese, onions, chianti vinaigrette was really good, I had the prosciutto spinach pizza mentioned above and it was good too, also had the tahitian vanilla gellato, my wife had the rapsberry white chocolate gellato and it was awesome, with little chunks of white chocolate.

Jul 31, 2006
zeke in General Midwest Archive