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ISO gluten free cake

I've been looking around for a gluten-free bakery that might be able to make a small cake for our wedding next June... but I can't find any gluten-free bakeries at all here in Montreal. I'm a fairly decent baker, but I can't decorate cakes at all.
Any suggestions - for both g-free bakeries generally and for cakes specifically - would be very much appreciated.
Thanks for your help!

Looking for Montreal's Best Italian Restaurant

Would anyone care to cast a vote between il mulino, via Dante and Lucca? or can anyone provide information that would help me choose between them? And how might these compare to primo and secondo?
In case it helps, I'm looking for a place to have dinner with my parents, who will be visiting for easter weekend.

Birthday girl wants to wow her guests

please don't go to Atma! The food was very, very disappointing and the service inattentive. You'd be far better off at Alep, for example. About the Tapas, you might want to look into Sala Rosa.

traditional quebecois fare in Quebec City?

Hi all,

My partner and I live in Montreal and are headed to quebec city for two nights and three days. I've checked out previous posts, and I'm most grateful for the dinner and breakfast recommendations. The dinner restos are mostly bistros and higher-end "new quebec" cuisine, which is great. But I was hoping to also sample something more traditional—tourtiere and such?— which I figured would be easier to find there than here in Montreal.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

key lime juice?

Hi All,

Could anyone tell me where I can buy key lime juice? I live in Mile End, but I'm willing to travel. I have tried a few grocery stores near me, but no luck.

Thanks for your help!

stuffed eggplant?

I've been craving Italian stuffed eggplant. Does anyone know of a place to buy it, or a restaurant that has it on the menu?
Alternatively, can anyone point me towards a recipe that won't take all day?
Thanks so much!