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Best Sushi in NOLA?

1 vote for Mikimoto in Mid-City

Aug 26, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans?

Anyone else vote for McHardy's on Broad Street???

Aug 23, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

Barbeque Shrimp

Mr. B's is fantastic, and Bacco (another Brennan's restaurant in the FQ) is my close second. Actually never been to Pascale's Manale (another BBQ-shrimp original) based on friends who advised me against them.

Eating BBQ Shrimp with your hands is strongly encouraged, even in the 'fancy' restaurants. And don't forget the best part of the BBQ shrimp-- dipping bread in the sauce!

You could also go up to Liuzza's By The Track (not walking distance, but a short cab-ride up Esplanade) and get a BBQ shrimp po'boy-- actually I think you could base your entire trip on the pursuit of Shrimp (BBQ Shrimp, Shrimp & Grits and Fried Shrimp Po'Boys) and leave incredibly happy.

Aug 19, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

Great Oyster Dive in New Orleans?

surprised no one's mentioned Cooter Brown's yet; our favorite Oyster bar, and definitely a dive. If there's a game on it'll be packed, but either way you'll be hard-pressed to find more beer selections or better oysters on the half-shell. Also lots of other good bar food, albeit some of the snacks are surprisingly expensive.

Cooter's is right off the St. Charles street-car line, where St. Charles meets Carrollton Ave. There's also a Daquiri stand across the street if you need help on the ride back...

Aug 17, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

BACCO Restaurant Review

Went to Brennan's Bacco last night with 7 friends to try their summer Coolinary menu.

The food was quite good, up to the standard I've come to expect from the Brennans. The service, however, was the worst of all the B's restaurants.

Food Highlights:
-Lobster/Shrimp Ravioli topped with caviar and lump crab-meat. Ok so this was really my wife's dish but I couldn't stop stealing bites.

-BBQ Shrimp; I'd put it up against any other BBQ shrimp in the city; better than Pascal's Manale and on-par with Mr. B's; didn't taste like the same recipe exactly, but it's been about 6 months since my last trip there, so not quite sure. Either way, my friends made sure each crust of bread and drip of sauce were gone

-A vegetarian friend ordered linguine with shaved black summer truffles. The portion was huge and the earthy taste of the truffles lingered on.

Service Lowlights:
-Forgotten cocktails, which still appeared on our bill (they did take them off tho)
-Forgotten dessert; they comped us this one.
-Wine ordered with dinner came about 10 mins. after entrees
-Didn't ask us if we wanted coffee or drinks after dinner, and even after being asked, couldn't get a second cup of coffee.

We were wondering if the fact that our large party already had the tip included, and also that more than half of our party got the fixe menu, meant that they didn't feel the need to provide good service? The place wasn't all that full, and plenty of floor staff seemed to be hanging around in the front of the house. Anyone had similar experiences at Bacco or other places with the Summer specials?

Aug 09, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

The Question: Which Liuzzas is the Greatest Bienville or the Track?

The time-honored question!

I've got to vote for LBTT for their BBQ shrimp PoBoy, shrimp stew and neighborhood atmosphere; plus it helps that we're only blocks away. LBTT does also have fishbowl glasses.

Aug 09, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

Top 5 PoBoys

We played this game last night (while sitting at Liuzza's by the track). Pick your top 5 poboys in the city; must name both the location and the sandwich.

Here were mine:

5- Debris PoBoys at Mother's
4- BBQ Shrimp PoBoy at Liuzza's BTT
3- Softshell Crab PoBoy at JazzFest
2- Peacemaker at Mahoney's
1- Thanksgiving PoBoy at Parkway Bakery

Runners up:
-Fried Green Tomato/Remoulade @ Crabby Jack's-
-All That Jazz @ Verti Marte
-Shrimp @ Mabile's (LaPlace)

Have Fun!

Aug 01, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

New Orleans May 14-May 20

We took a big group (12? 14?) to Mr. B's back in November and everyone thought it was great. Fantastic service, reasonable prices ($25 per entree was the most) and great drinks too, for the college crowd.

Apr 26, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

Favorite Food at Jazz Fest far

Headed straight for the old favorites... Crawfish Bread, Crawfish Beignets, Fried Green Tomatoes.

Next up will be soft-shell crab po'boy, Cochon de Lait po'boy and Crawfish Monica.

Did anyone notice that there isn't any seafood cornbread this year!?

Apr 25, 2009
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

K-Paul's Report: Disappointed

My wife and I are New Orleans transplants-- we're not from here, but we lived here before Katrina's, which to most people seems like enough to say we're "from" here. In any case, we're on a similar eating quest as most friends we know-- looking to try the classics while trying to find new favorites all over the city.

K-Paul's has been on our list for awhile, and after an X-mas party in the CBD only blocks away, it seemed like a perfect trip. We arrived around 8:00 without reservations, and had about a 20 minute wait-- we wandered around the quarter and they were nice enough to call a cell-phone when the table was ready.

We were sat near the back, right by the kitchen-- normally this would be a bit of an insult but with the open kitchen it's a treat to watch the chefs cook and joke while working on everyone's meals. It also meant that the kitchen was very clean and organized, since they knew people were watching. In addition to the kitchen, K-Pauls had a nice ambiance; comfortable with brick walls and foodie paintings; some formal touches but definitely casual.

We're not big into wine, but the cocktails seemed fine, albeit a little on the expensive side. While we were drinking they served us 4 kinds of bread-- a molasses muffin with a good strong flavor but a little too chewy, a passable corn-muffin, standard yeast roll and a jalepeno roll with a nice spice.

For starters, my wife ordered the Gumbo and I had a cup of Turtle Soup (on the menu as part of a special, but they were happy to serve it). She really liked the Gumbo; a very dark roux; better than we can do at home. The turtle soup was actually my first (as I said, we're not from here), and it surprised me-- tasted more like a cowboy chili: thick and heavy, with small and chewy chunks of meat. I was intrigued enough to try turtle again, but probably not at Kpaul's.

For entrees, I had the stuffed pork-chop-- the best description is "massive". The large plate was literally filled with food; the pork-chop stuffed with an overload of melted cheese and smothered in a dark wine & mushroom sauce. The pork was cooked well and I do like cheese, but as I said, this dish seemed more about the volume than flavors. The sides were an interesting roast-potatoes served on top of a potato puree (like a little present on the bottom) and a lot of broccoli, some of which was undercooked. I consider myself a serious eater, but finished less than 1/2 of the dish.

My wife ordered a paneed chicken breast with jambalaya on the side. The chicken had a decent blackened spice, and the jambalaya a good amount of andouille; though it was a red-jambalaya and we're more partial to a brown. Also had a side of grilled vegetables (mostly squash) that wasn't memorable.

Her dish came with a bread-pudding dessert which we could barely nibble-- it came with a large lump of what we thought was ice cream but turned out to be butter with sugar and a cinnamon/bourbon flavor. It was tasty but by that point we were stuffed to the point of it being more 'gross' than 'good'.

All in all we came away disappointed, and likely won't return. We were served plenty of food, but didn't feel like we encountered anything exciting or innovative. The only thing all night with enough spice (and I like spicy food) was the jalapeno roll. Could we have ordered wrong? I know Paul made blackened redfish famous, but I'd much rather burn redfish that I caught myself-- though without a boat this doesn't happen often enough.

Can anyone recommend somewhere with newer interesting twists on the classics?

Dec 14, 2008
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans

Dickie Brennans

Haven't been to Dickie-Brennan's, but I did have a fantastic Filet Mignon last week at Dick & Jenny's-- the sides made it special, and the wife was very happy with her double-cut pork chop...

Sep 20, 2008
MidCityGumbo in New Orleans