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Eastside Happy Hour Spots?

I searched over the last year's posts and couldn't really find much/anything related to happy hour spots on the Eastside--preferably Los Feliz and Silverlake area. I have been to Vinoteca Faralla and they are pretty good but would like a new place--particularly one with both wine and beer specials and maybe some good appetizers. Also, not a dive bar place--more of a wine bar and/or spot with good outdoor seating...oh...and a place that has happy hour on Fridays (am I asking for too much I wonder?!)


Sep 25, 2009
kmorgaine in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast/cafes in San Fernando Valley

yum. The photos and the menu look great for the Watercress Cafe. This is definitely my destination next time I have to be up early! I tried Jinky's today as I had to venture out on my own before I got some of these suggestions. It was fine but I am never fond of the all-too-familiar huge portions that are at least two meals worth of food. I would much rather spend a little less and get a reasonable sized meal!

Dec 08, 2008
kmorgaine in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast/cafes in San Fernando Valley

I work in Northridge and sometimes have various meetings in the general area (Sherman Oaks, Pacoima, Burbank to name a few) and would love some breakfast or cafe ideas. I have read through the boards a bit but often lunch/dinner is mentioned and fewer early places. I live in South Bay so what that means is if I have to be in the valley in the morning, I leave really early and want somewhere to go during the 7-9 window before meetings. Any ideas for yummy, not-too-over-the-top fattening, veggie friendly, healthy food in the morning in the valley? (And an espresso that is not from Starbucks?)

Dec 07, 2008
kmorgaine in Los Angeles Area

Sources for Gourmet Chocolate in LA/Long Beach

Sadly, not a single person answered my plea asking where I can find Pralus chocolate locally so now I will simply beg for some hints as to where I can look for a wide selection of gourmet chocolate so I can keep trying to find it. It is too fabulous to miss--as good, if not better, than Amano and not quite as spendy (normally about $7-$8.50 for a 3.5 oz bar rather than that much for a 2 oz Amano bar). Fans of good chocolate please help!

Oct 08, 2008
kmorgaine in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find Pralus Chocolate in LA?

In a bit of poking around I found a few people mention Pralus but not where to get it. I miss it and have not been able to find it since I moved. I live in Long Beach, work in Northridge and am willing to drive for it so I am not too picky about location. Thanks!

Sep 19, 2008
kmorgaine in Los Angeles Area